AD Round Up: Stadiums Part I

Today, the draw for South Africa’s World Cup 2010 took place. So for today’s special Round Up we’ll show you our selection of previously featured stadiums, including Soccer City Stadium, where the final game in South Africa will be played.

1Inside Herzog & de Meuron Bird’s Nest
We´ve seen tons of pictures of both the exterior and the inner court of Herzog & de Meuron’s bird nest in Beijing during the Olympics. But what we haven’t seen is the intermediate space inside the nest fibers, a space which looked amazing on the early renderings. But thanks to Edgar Gonzalez, we can see the colorful inners (read more…)

2Taiwan Solar Powered Stadium / Toyo Ito
Construction is finished for Japanese architect Toyo Ito’s Solar Powered Stadium in Taiwan. The stadium’s roof is covered by 8,844 solar panels. The stadium is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and it was built to coincide with the opening of the World Games, to be held this July. The “World Games Stadium” holds 55,000 spectators (read more…)

3South Africa World Cup 2010: Soccer City Stadium
The 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa is less than one year away. Being perhaps the most important international competition in sports in the world, we would like to start featuring some of the stadiums that will host this magnificient competition. Soccer City Stadium is located in Johannesburg (read more…)

4London 2012 Olympic Stadium / Populous
The Beijing 2008 Olympics happened less than a year ago, but the preparations for the next games in London already started. Beijing’s Bird’s Nest made quite an impression for everyone who enjoyed the 2008 Olympics so Populous faced a difficult challenge in designing the Olympic Stadium for London 2012 (read more…)

5New Dalian Shide FC Stadium / UNStudio
After winning a limited competition, UNStudio will move forward with their design of a 38,500 m2 stadium for the Dalian Shide FC, China’s most successful club in the Chinese Super League. The new stadium will be located in the Shide’s hometown of Dalian, on the southern tip of Liaodong peninsula (read more…)

Residental Building 7-4 / Arhipolis


Architects: Arhipolis
Location: Split,
Architects in Charge: Neno Kezić, Nora Roje
Project Team: Neno Kezić, Nora Roje, Josip Katalinić, Matea Marinović
Structure: Grading-Projekt
Electrical: Elektro-klima projekt
Client: Elanija
Project Area: 9,000 sqm
Budget: 7,000,000 Euro
Project Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007-2008

Žnjan_5-04 Žnjan_5-05 Žnjan_5-10 Žnjan_5-11

Eric Owen Moss Construction Manual, 1988-2008

The Southern California Institute of Architecture is pleased to present Eric Owen Moss, director of , in conversation with Frances Anderton, host of DnA: Design and Architecture on 89.9 KCRW and Los Angeles editor of Dwell Magazine. We interviewed Eric last April, a very interesting conversation. You can check his interview here. A book signing and reception will follow the discussion.

The book features 40 projects from Architects, the Culver City-based firm Moss founded in 1973. The nearly 1,600-page manual includes first sketches, models, preliminary drawings, fabrications, and construction photos. Twenty-one of the featured projects have been built and several more are in the pipeline. Moss has taught, lectured and exhibited internationally; he has been the director of SCI-Arc since 2002.

The event will take place next Wednesday, December 9, 7pm at W. M. Keck Lecture Hall, SCI-Arc.

‘tij49 School / HVDN

© Luuk Kramer
© Luuk Kramer

Architects: HVDN
Location: Amsterdam,
Design Team: Albert Herder, Arie Van der Neut, Monika Pieroth, Sabine Heine
Project Team: Albert Herder, Tom Jonker, Nils Van Ipenburg
Structural Engineering: Jean-Marc Saurer
Client: Stadsdeel Zeeburg Amsterdam
Contractor: Ursem Bouwgroep bv, Wognum
Project Year: 2006
Budget: € 2,900,000
Photographs: Luuk Kramer, Jan Derwig &

© Luuk Kramer © Luuk Kramer © HVDN © Jan Derwig

KBcenter and Qubik bar / Waltritsch a+u

© Marco Covi. Trieste
© Marco Covi. Trieste

Architects: Waltritsch a+u
Location: Gorizia,
Project Architect: Dimitri Waltritsch
Main Contractor: Pasalic, Monfalcone
Project Area: 1,800 sqm
Project Year: 2005-2009
Construction Year: 2006-2009
Photographs: Marco Covi. Trieste

© Marco Covi. Trieste © Marco Covi. Trieste © Marco Covi. Trieste © Marco Covi. Trieste

Soms Atoll / Radical Craft


Radical  Craft was awarded third for their proposal for the World Sustainability Center (one of the winning proposals by KOW was previously featured on AD).  For the project, the architects questioned the possibility of the World Sustainability Centre in creating a new interpretation of the relationship between the man-made and the natural.

More about the proposal after the break.

BanQ / Office dA

© John Horner
© John Horner

Architects: Office dA
Location: , MA, USA
Project Design: Nader Tehrani, Monica Ponce de Leon
Principal in Charge: Nader Tehrani
Project Architect: Dan Gallagher
Project Coordinators: Catie Newell, Brandon Clifford
Project Team: Harry Lowd, Richard Lee, Lisa Huang, Remon Alberts, Janghwan Cheon, Jumanah Jamal, Aishah Al Sager
Contractor: Homeland Builders
Structural Consulting Engineer: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.
MEP Consulting Engineer: Wozny/Barbar & Associates, Inc.
Lighting Consultant: Collaborative Lighting
Acoustical Consultant: Acentech
Kitchen Consultant: TriMark USA, Inc.
Building Code Consultant: Hal Cutler
Project Area: 446 sqm
Proyect Year: 2006-2008
Photographs: John Horner

Pie Plan


Why hasn’t this been drawn before? Very shrewd Pie Plan diagram from designer Abi Huynh which is “divided by utilization”. Nice.

Seen at It’s Nice That.

Cruz del Sur Building / Izquierdo Lehmann

© Cristobal Palma

Architects: Izquierdo Lehmann / Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Location: Santiago, Chile
Structural engineering: Santolaya y Asoc.
Main contractor: Echeverría Izquierdo
Site Area: 3,987 sqm
Project Area: 43,129 sqm
Project Year: 2006-2007
Construction Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Cristobal Palma & Luis Izquierdo

© Cristobal Palma © Cristobal Palma © Luis Izquierdo © Luis Izquierdo

Zagreb Dance Center / 3LHD

© Sandro Lendler
© Sandro Lendler

Architects: 3LHD
Location: , Croatia
Project team: Sasa Begovic, Marko Dabrovic, Tatjana Grozdanic Begovic, Silvije Novak, Jasminka Jug, Zorislav Petric, Zeljko Mohorovic, Dijana Vandekar, Marin Mikelic
Client: City of Zagreb
Site Area: 1,360 sqm
Project Area: 1,438 sqm
Project year: 2003-2008
Construction year: 2005-2009
Photographs: Sandro Lendler

© Sandro Lendler © Sandro Lendler © Sandro Lendler © Sandro Lendler

Aqua Tower / Studio Gang Architects

© gshowman via flickr:
© gshowman via flickr:

The skyline of can be seen as the timeline of skyscraper history, which started in 1885 with the Home Insurance Building.

The new Aqua Tower by Studio Gang is a highlight along this timeline, not just because of its height (250m tall) but also because of its sculptural condition.

The design was inspired by the striated limestone outcroppings common in the Great Lakes area (see photo below). But this sinuous shape is not just a mere formal gesture, but it is also a strategy to extend the views and maximize solar shading. And by looking at the plans we see a rational structure, true to the Mies legacy in the city.

I discovered Studio Gang in a lecture by Jeanne Gang at the 2009 AIA Convention, and I was impressed by her work. You can see our previous coverage of Studio Gang projects in ArchDaily, such as the Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre.

More facts about the Aqua tower:

Cisnera Community Centre / gpy arquitectos

© Joaquín Ponce de León

Architects: gpy arquitectos
Location: Tenerife,
Project Team: Juan Antonio González Pérez & Urbano Yanes Tuña
Technical Architect: José Ángel Yanes Tuña
Engineering: Gpi Ingenieros
Client: Cabildo Insular de Tenerife
Contractor: JOCA Ingeniería y Construcciones S.A
Project Area: 497.55 sqm
Budget: 417,982 €
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Joaquín Ponce de León

© Joaquín Ponce de León © Joaquín Ponce de León © Joaquín Ponce de León © Joaquín Ponce de León

Open call for projects for digital facades by Medialab-Prado

550_0Open Up is a workshop focused on the development of projects for the digital façade in Medialab-Prado’s building. This call is meant for project proposals to be collaboratively developed during the workshop-seminar taking place in from February 9 through 23, 2010.

The goals of the workshop are to explore the relationship between the urban screen and public space, to experiment with the screen’s communicative, narrative and visual capacities, and to investigate its potential to offer new forms of participation. Selected projects will be developed under the supervision of teachers, technical assistants and an extensive group of collaborators.

Projects submitted to this call should take the following ideas into consideration: the development of strategies for public participation, activation of urban space through the screen, fostering public visibility of agents that normally have none, visualization of public collectives; interaction with portable devices, etc. All those interested in collaborating in one of the selected projects can sign in from January 5 through February 8, 2010. Check the call guidelines and submit your project before December 10, 2009. No entry fees. More information, call guidelines and submission form, click here.

Climate Design: Design and Planning for the Age of Climate Change

Climate change and dwindling global resources bring with them a set of complex challenges, demanding new design and planning approaches that achieve more with less. Climate: Design, written for designers, architects, planners, policymakers, and academics alike, explores the current paradigm shift and illustrates how new thinking can convert investments in urban infrastructure, land use, and development into resilient and enduring support systems for human and environmental prosperity.

Author , an acknowledged expert in the field of renewable, sustainable design, joins forces with pioneering design firm EDAW, to focus on radical solutions and planning measures for combating climate change, and for attempting to adjust to life on a warming planet. The book explores both the current paradigm shift and design and planning practice — and how to apply professional expertise to mitigate the human causes of climate change, and adapt to its already inevitable impacts.

Author: Peter Droege
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: ORO editions
Language: English
Pages: 280


Design and planning for the age of climate change: context and assumptions

The emerging direction
Revolution of practice
Principles, concepts, and visions

Productive places
Reconnecting living and consumption
The story of apples and fish: designing for urban productivity
Energy: creating an energy efficient landscape with green roofs
Food: integrating agriculture into landscapes
Water: urban landscapes and water management

Design and natural systems: design with nature
Design and urban systems: the low-carbon commune
Land: climate change and terrestrial environments
Changing climate and the world’s rivers and wetlands
Coastal design and planning: areas of transition
Urban regeneration and climate change
Creating environments that engage
Urban form and low-carbon buildings
Measuring carbon performance and climate stable practice
Water sensitive cities: a road map for cities’ adaptation to climate and population pressures on urban water
Transit-oriented development: land use and transportation planning in the context of climate change
Economic and planning responses to climate change

Climate: designing a new future
The era of the ecological metropolis

Working on the future now

Contributors and sources
Photography and references

Buy this book

Paul Valery High School / N+B Architectes

© Paul Kozlowski
© Paul Kozlowski

Architects: N+B Architectes / Elodie Nourrigat & Jacques Brion
Location: Menton,
Associated architect: Romain JAMOT
Client: Région Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur
Floor area: 900 sqm restructured / 2,800 sqm of extension
Budget: 5,9 M EUR
Design Year: 2004
Construction Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Paul Kozlowski

© Paul Kozlowski © Paul Kozlowski © Paul Kozlowski © Paul Kozlowski

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia / M-Ofis Architecture

mia 69 completed building 11

Architects: M-Ofis / aMDL / F&P
Location: Tbilisi,
Architects in Charge: Sinan Timoçin & Serkan İğdelipınar
Project Team: Burcu Ersan, Erkan Tural, Sümeyra Mezik, Simin Ghalichi, Pelin Özdemir, Fırat Çoban, Fatma Aliosman, Abidder İnci, Buse Albay
Conceptual Design: Michele De Lucchi – aMDL(), Freyrie-Pestalozza – F&P()
Project Management: M-Ofis Architects CO.
Structural: ASM Engineering (Turkey)
Mechanical: Elmaksan Engineering (Turkey)
Electrical: HB Engineering (Turkey)
Main Contractor: Nurol Construction
Site Area: 49,652 sqm
Construction Area: 11,660 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2008
Construction Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: M-Ofis

mia 59 completed building 01 mia 62 completed building 04 mia 66 completed building 08 construction process

Adris Group Building / Randić & Turato


Randić & Turato shared their competition entry for the new Adris Group headquarters in .   The architects investigated corporate office typology and its ability to generate public space when designing the proposal.  ”Instead of building a structure on the perimeter of the block, that creates a characteristic configuration with public street on the outside and enclosed private court on the inside,  the concept raises the program in a structure that hovers over the existing block,” explained the architects.  In this way, the ground floor is completely accessible to the public creating a covered square below the new office building.   The structure is supported by our sets of large columns that hold the building’s independent geometries. Each of these “legs” are programmed with ground level activities while the offices are organized within a horizontal framing structure.

More about the design after the break.

AD Round Up: Interviews Part III

Since we started, we’ve interviewed many great architects worlwide. Check our third part of our previously featured interviews Round Up, and don’t forget to see our first part and second part also!

1Phil Bernstein
We had the chance to talk with Phil Bernstein, faculty at Yale and currently the Vice President of AEC Industry and Relations for Autodesk. Given his background and current position, I immediately scheduled an interview with him as I wanted an architect on the industry to tell us more on how BIM is helping out architects (read more…)

2Craig Hartman / SOM
Anyone who has taken an Architecture History class already knows SOM: Skidmore & Owings & Merrill. This practice played a key role during the so-called “International Style”, in a time where the modernism was being consolidated around the world. The practice, which opened in 1936, is behind the centers (read more…)

3Whitney Sander
During Postopolis! LA we invited a group of architects from Los Angeles to be interviewed by us, in front of a live audience. This turned out to be very interesting, as the attendants got the chance to do their own questions. One of these architects was Whitney Sander, principal at Sander Architects (read more…)

4Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee
We invited Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee (principals at Johnston MarkLee), mostly because I wanted to know more about the practice behind some interesting projects we featured prior to the event: The Hill House, the Sale House, the Mameg + Maison Martin Margiela store and their Ordos 100 villa, along with the View House (read more…)

5Alexis Rocha, I/O Platform
At the beginning of the summer we visited SYNTHe, a urban rooftop garden designed and built by professor Alexis Rocha (I/O Platform founder) with students. The SYNTHe project is a 3,000sqf structure located on the top of The Flat, a mid rise residential building in downtown Los Angeles, and its the first green garden (read more…)