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Lørenskog, central square / Østengen & Bergo AS

© Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS
© Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS

Landscape architect: Østengen & Bergo AS landscape architects MNLA Location: Lørenskog, Norway Architect: L2 architects AS Design: Collaboration between architect and landscape architect Budget: 1,630,000 Euro Project Area: 1,8 daa Project Year: 2011 Photographs: Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS

© Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS © Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS © Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS © Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS

Video: Oki Sato of nendo

Nendo in Japanese means free forming clay almost like Play-Doh, founder Oki Sato goes on to further describe the meaning to represent in the end ‘flexibility’.  The company, which he established in Tokyo in 2002 after graduating with an architecture degree from Waseda University, has steadily gained momentum (they now have a second office in Milan) and recognition.  Focusing on small ideas that provide a strong impact, Sato shares, “we don’t specialize in anything it is the story that is important.”  Nendo‘s designs, are able to simultaneously remain clean and minimal while remaining friendly or as Sato describes it, “he doesn’t want to make them cold, it needs a pinch of humor.”

UK Monument Preston Bus Station at Risk

The World Monuments Fund (WMF) is calling for international attention to the 1969 Preston Bus Station. Once the world’s largest bus station, the brutalist monument is scheduled for demolition as part of the city center’s redevelopment plan. The building is one of thirty UK “at risk” sites featured by WMF.

Missing: Architecture - Have you seen me?


OUTSIDE THE BOX: Low and High Technologies for the Emergencies 2011 Competition

Courtesy of Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism presS/Tfactory
Courtesy of Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism presS/Tfactory

Published by Analist Group and organized and curated by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism_presS/Tfactory, the OUTSIDE THE BOX competition is focused on identifying design ideas for resolving various problems in emergency situations. During recent years, numerous natural phenomena have upset the lives of many communities scattered across the globe. Examples include Fukushima in Japan, Haiti, L’Aquila and New Orleans. The Box is a small temporary structure capable of offering various services: a space that is simultaneously a workstation and information center open to public to allow people remain in touch with the rest of the world. A fundamental role in the elaboration of the design proposal must be entrusted to technology, whether low- or high-tech. The challenge launched by the competition is to combine sustainability and parametric design. The submission deadline is 15 January, 2012. More information on the competition after the break.

Video: Metropol Parasol / Jürgen Mayer Architects

Mehrshahr Residential Complex Proposal / ContemporARchitectURban Designers Group

general view 01
general view 01

ContemporARchitectURban Designers Group, which was created by Ali Andaji Garmaroodi, Amin Monsefi and Reza Roudneshin, shared with us their winning proposal for the Mehrshahr Residential Complex Design Competition located in Karaj which is the fifth largest city of Iran, and located near Tehran. The main purpose of the client and the organizer of this competition was to find new ways to develop and build houses for middle layer people of the society in order to have an complex suits to Iranian needs and culture, which has had missed in the recent years. More images and project description after the break.

Internship Fair at Auburn University's Architecture School

Courtesy of Auburn Unversity AIAS Chapter
Courtesy of Auburn Unversity AIAS Chapter

Auburn University’s chapter of American Institute of Architecture StudentsA invites you to join them for their annual Internship Fair on March 5th – 6th, 2012. The event allows professional firms the opportunity to meet and interview students of Auburn University and the students are eager to initiate and continue the relationship between participating firms and the students.

The Western Terp / LEVS Architecten

© Gerard van Beek © Gerard van Beek © Gerard van Beek © Gerard van Beek

Delta Dental / OPN Architects

© Wayne Johnson, Main Street Studio © Wayne Johnson, Main Street Studio © Wayne Johnson, Main Street Studio © Wayne Johnson, Main Street Studio

FIU FIU Boutique / BudCud + Marcin Kwietowicz

  • Architects: BudCud , Marcin Kwietowicz
  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Architects: BudCud and Marcin Kwietowicz
  • Client: Fiu Fiu Concept Magdalena Wołosz
  • Area: 31.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Jan Smaga

© Jan Smaga © Jan Smaga © Jan Smaga © Jan Smaga

Indiana Convention Center Expansion / RATIO Architects

  • Architects: RATIO Architects
  • Location: : Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Associate Architects:  Blackburn Architects, Inc., BSA LifeStructures, Inc., Domain Architecture, Inc.
  • Structural Engineers:  Fink Roberts & Petrie, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Structural Alliance, LLC, KIVA Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineers:  Circle Design Group, Inc., Syska Hennessy Group, Inc., AV Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Civil Engineers:  The Schneider Corporation, Infrastructure Engineering, Inc., McComas Engineering, Inc.
  • Programmer:  Conventional Wisdom
  • Signage/Graphics:  Two Twelve Associates, Inc.
  • Lighting:  Fisher Marantz Stone
  • Code Consultant:  RTM Consultants, Inc.
  • Accessibility:  Fehribach Group
  • Audio/Visual:  Bowen Technovation
  • Acoustical:  Shiner + Associates
  • Contractor/Cm:  Shiel Sexton, Powers & Sons
  • Associate Interiors: D2p
  • Interiors/FFE: Lohr Design
  • Area: 0.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 0
  • Photographs:  Bill Zbaren Photography

©  Bill Zbaren Photography ©  Bill Zbaren Photography ©  Bill Zbaren Photography ©  Bill Zbaren Photography

The Shape of Breeze / StudioGreenBlue

  • Architects: StudioGreenBlue
  • Location: Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
  • Design Team: Mitsuharu Kojima, Wataru Kobayashi
  • Structural Engineer: Kakinuma Architecture Office
  • Area: 114.27 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: StudioGreenBlue

© StudioGreenBlue © StudioGreenBlue © StudioGreenBlue © StudioGreenBlue

'From Off to On' Installation / holdUP

Courtesy of holdUP
Courtesy of holdUP

holdUP shared with us their latest installation, ‘FROM OFF TO ON’, exhibited at the international KOBE ART BIENNALE (Japan) during the ART IN A CONTAINER exhibition. Selected among 289 proposals, ‘FROM OFF TO ON’ received the honorable mention by the jury. In this interactive artwork, visitors are assimilated to explorers observing their environment, chasing marvels of unknown lands: nothing is taken for granted, everything is extra-ordinary. More images and project description after the break.

Top 10 American Downtowns

Courtesy of Flickr CC License / navets
Courtesy of Flickr CC License / navets recently released a compilation of the 10 best downtowns in the USA.  Based on a rubric analyzing entertainment, planning, architecture, and green spaces they have come up with a list atypical of the cities typically found at the top of similar lists. Each of the cities on the list has a distinct and unique aura. Starting with Franklin, Tennessee, and topping out with Indianapolis, Indiana at number one, the descriptions of each city are sure to provide ample insight into the inimitable characteristics that warranted their listing within the top 10 downtowns. Be sure to check out projects from the cities on the list here:

AD Round Up: Industrial Architecture Part VIII

Five great industrial projects we published back in January this year for our 8th selection. Check them all after the break.

Biotechnology Industry / Marlene Imirzian & Associates Phoenix, Arizona has a burgeoning Biotechnology industry and in order to help fill the demand for skilled employees the Paradise Valley Community College plans to double its Biotechnology Program. The new Life Science Building provides new instructional space, housing the college’s Anatomy, Physiology, General Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Marine Biology and Environmental Biology Programs (read more…)

Arctic Food Network / Lateral Office

© Lateral Office
© Lateral Office

Recent recipient of the 2011 Holcim Gold Award for the North American region, Lateral Office’s Arctic Food Network is a series of strategically distributed shelters addressing food security, biological and wildlife species management, and provides a safe navigation system across Baffin Island in Nunavut, Canada.

Architect: Lateral Office Location: Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada Collaborators: InfraNet Lab, Dr. Claudio Aporta Advisor: Nunavut Department of Culture, Language, Elders, and Youth Project Team: Mason White, Lola Sheppard, Nikole Bouchard, Fionn Byrne Start of Construction: May 2012 Images: Lateral Office

Continue reading for more detailed information and images.

© Lateral Office © Lateral Office © Lateral Office © Lateral Office