Gethsemane Lutheran Church / Olson Kundig Architects

Courtesy of Studio 216
will be breaking ground this year for the construction of the Gethsemane Lutherane Church in Seatle.  The $20 million project includes the remodeling of the church’s main sanctuary, design of a garden, chapel and a new parish life center that includes offices, a library, fellowship hall, kitchen and social services.  Above the parish life center, a five-story, fifty-unit complex of affordable housing, designed by SMR Architects, will provide the final addition to the Church.
More about the remodeling of Gethsemane Lutherane Church after the break.

AD Round Up: Restaurants Part VI

© Isabel Ourique

We have now over 200 Round Up! And with amazing project featured months and even years ago, there’s still a lot to come. Check our sixth selection of previously featured restaurants after the break.

Paladares da Quinta Restaurant / [N2X] Arquitectos
The restaurant and bakery is located in a farm composed of different arborean species of a certain age. Its main purpose was for the visitors to enjoy nature’s changeable and irreverent environment during their stay. For this reason, the area’s history and the existing species’ location was respected and a building was drawn so that it coexists and dialogs with its surroundings, allowing for the present and human experience’s concept and language evolution to be revealed (read more…)

Vilhelmsro Skole / BIG

Courtesy of BIG

Danish architects BIG shared with us their 7,000 sqm school project for the city of in . More images and architect’s description after the break.

MiNO, Migliarino Hostel / Antonio Ravalli Architetti

© Antonio Ravalli Architetti

Architects: Antonio Ravalli Architetti / Antonio Ravalli, Simone Pelliconi, Valentina Milani, Lorenzo Masini, Giuseppe Crispino
Location: Migliarino, Ferrara,
Client: Comune di Migliarino (FE)
Project area: 510 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Antonio Ravalli Architetti

Digital Origami / LAVA

Courtesy of

LAVA has shared with us their current window installation, Digital Origami a product of parametric modeling experiments and digital fabrication methods. Additional images of this sculptural work, a brief video and a description from LAVA after the break.

Smooth Building / Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

© Paul Czitrom

The Smooth Building is located in a residential area called San Pedro Garza Garcia in Nuevo Leon, , a place of beauty with an excellent location that gives a gorgeous sight of the Sierra Madre Oriental at its South facade. The challenge of this project was to design an office and a house in the same lot taking advantage of the maximum space of every single area. For this reason it was necessary to mix the uses of house and office between the four levels, obtaining the best location for each space inside of the building.

Drawings and photographs of this project after the break.

Architects: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza
Location: Nuevo León, México
Project Team: Paula Campos Legorreta, Rodrigo Ambriz, Carlos Rubio Martinez
Contractor: GPS
Mecanical Engineering: EA Ingeniería
Project Area: 1,100 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Paul Czitrom

Hypar Pavilion / Diller Scofidio + Renfro with FXFowle

© Iwan Baan

Construction is complete on Hypar Pavilion at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, situated on the edge of Hearst Plaza and 65th Street, the new free standing structure is the home of a new public lawn and restaurant.

The dual requirements of a destination restaurant and a public green space located within the confines of the Plaza are satisfied with a single architectural gesture sited between the reflecting pool and the plaza’s north edge. Elizabeth Diller comments, “Hypar Pavilion’s moment of invention came when we discovered how to design a destination restaurant without consuming public space on the Lincoln Center campus. The roof became a new kind of interface between public and private, with an occupiable twisting grass canopy over a glass pavilion restaurant.”

Follow the break for more photographs of the new Hypar Pavilion.

Architects: Diller Scofidio + Renfro with FXFOWLE
Location: New York City, New York,
Design Team Principals: Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio and Charles Renfro
Design Senior Associate: Kevin Rice
Architecture Team: Zoe Small, Haruka Saito, Ann-Rachel Schiffman, Stefan Roeschert, Michael Hundsnurcher, Roman Loretan, Dan Sakai, Chris Andreacola, Anthony Saby, Mateo Antonio de Cardenas, Toshikatsu Kiuchi, Felipe Ferrer, Hallie Terzopolos
Core and Shell Design: with FXFOWLE
Kitchen Design: Yui Design
Lighting: Tillotson Design Associates
SMEP: Ove Arup & Partners
Acoustical: Jaffe Holden
Telephone and Data Consulting: Shen Milsom & Wilke
Construction: Turner Construction
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Iwan Baan

Bamboo Structure Project / Pouya Khazaeli Parsa

© Pouya Khazaeli Parsa

Design: Pouya Khazaeli Parsa
Location: Ramsar, Mazandaran,
Collaborators: Kaveh Akef, Milad Haghnejad
Construction: Javad Abbasi
Client: Manouchehr Mirdamad
Total Cost: €850
Materials: Gas pip, , Rice stream
Maximum diameter: 8 sqm
Minimum diameter: 6 sqm
Maximum height: 3,30 sqm
Project area: 40 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Pouya Khazaeli Parsa

Vallecas 48 / Auriens Arquitectura

© Chirstine Barbs

Vallecas 48 was the winner of a contest organized by the EMVS of . It contains 41 residential units, 41 commercial and storage space, and 42 parking spaces. The study decided to group homes in a single building with an L-shaped plan. The result is two bodies that are joined, one flies over the other and the road below, while the other volume falls behind forming what the architects called a “game of volumes.”

Follow the break for renderings, drawings and more photographs of this project.

Architects: Auriens Arquitectura
Location: Madrid,
Medical Direction: Pablo Iglesias Maldonado
Associates: Enrique Pérez Romero, Cristóbal Díez Sánchez, Daniel Matías González
Collaborators: Álvaro Martínez Casado, Cristina Barbero Castillo, Darío Arévalo Torres, Diana Caballero Obregón, Edurne Armenteros Arza, Macarena Fontán Sánchez
Promoter: Municipal Company for Housing and land in Madrid (EMVS)
Construction: Oca
Project Area: 6,223.66 sqm
Renderings: Courtesy of Auriens Arquitectura
Photographs: Chirstine Barbs

Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial Competition proposal / David Neustein and Adi Atic

Courtesy of David Neustein and

Australian architects David Neustein and Adi Atic shared with us their proposal for the Holocaust Memorial Competition. See more images and architect’s description after the break.

The Floating States of Maldives / FLaT

Courtesy of

The design think tank FLaT has shared with us their submission for the 2010 eVolo Skyscraper Competition, The Floating States of . This hypothetical project was undertaken with the aspiration of what can be without constraints, as an experiment of imagination. Continue after the break for additional images and an architects description.

Museum Ter Aar / Drost + van Veen architecten

© Jan de Vries

Architects: Drost + van Veen architecten & Mars Interieurarchitecten
Location: Ter Aar,
Principal in Charge: Gemeente Nieuwkoop
Collaborators: Marcel van der Veer, Martijn Potters, Sabrina Roodenburg
Project Area: 340 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Jan de Vries

Waku Ghin Restaurant / JZA+D


Architects: JZA+D
Location: Marina Bay Sands,
Contractor: Marina Bay Sands Construction
Client: Tetsuya Wakuda
Project area: 8,000 sq. ft.
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of JZA+D

Jewel Box In Bangalore / SDeG

© SDeG

Architects: SDeG
Location: ,
Project team : Sujit, Kim, Balaji, Malavika, Thangabaskar
Project area: 1350 sqm
Project year:  2008 – 2010
Photographs: SDeG

Renovation Of A Village House / L’Autre Fabrique Architectures

© Luc Boegly

Architects: L’Autre Fabrique Architectures
Location: Saint-Hilaire-du-rosier,
Cost: 231 800 € HT
Project area: 210 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Luc Boegly

Newark Visitors Center ORIGA[MIX] / Influx_Studio

Courtesy of

INFLUX_STUDIO shared with us their new project for ’s Visitors Center. See more images and architect’s description after the break.

Roof Top Office Dudelange / dagli + atélier d’architecture

© Jörg Hempel Photodesign

Architects: dagli + atélier d’architecture
Location: ,
Client: Sanichaufer sci
Project area: 250 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Jörg Hempel Photodesign

Bubble Skyscraper / M&A Architects


M&A Architects has shared with us their Bubble Skyscraper, a study on new typologies for futuristic architecture by the young international studio. A description of the process that lead them to the bubble solution and additional images after the break.