Architecture City Guide: Rome

This week, with the help of our readers, our Architecture City Guide is headed to . As the city that gave us the arch, the dome, and the vault, its influence on architecture is undeniable. We put together a list of 12 modern/contemporary buildings that we feel provides a good starting point. It is far from complete. There are dozens of other great buildings that are not our list, and we are looking to add to the list in the near future. Please add your favorites in the comment section below so we can add them on the second go around. Again thank you to all our readers who sent in their suggestions and photographs. The city guides would not be possible without your help.

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The Architecture City Guide: Rome list and corresponding map after the break.

House in Hatsugano / Horibe Naoko Architect Office

© Kaori Ichikawa

Architects: Horibe Naoko Architect Office / Naoko Horibe
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 86.38 sqm
Photographs: Kaori Ichikawa

HSSU Early Childhood & Parenting Education Center / LuchiniAD

© LuchiniAD

Architect: LuchiniAD
Location: St. Louis, , United States
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: LuchiniAD

The Early Childhood & Parenting Education Center at Harris Stow State University is an architectural anomaly in this area of St. Louis, Missouri. The building, by LuchiniAD, stands out among the brick buildings with its bright white roof and sloping shape. LuchiniAD designed the graceful, contemporary building in response to another condition all too present in St. Louis and other midwestern cities, the vacant lots.  More on the building after the break.

Lake House / Openbox Company

© Pruk Dejkhamheang

The site of this project was on the edge of a small, man-made lake, inside a property adjacent to Kaoyai National Park. The selected placement of the cluster was to maximize the views, ventilation and privacy. With part of the land curving around the lake, and a gentle slope towards the lake, the best lake view scenery was selected and framed to be the main view of the living and dining compound.

Architect: Openbox Company,ltd
Location: Kaoyai, ,
Project Team: Ratiwat Suwannatrai, Akeanan Janieum, Jurayu Suepattima
Structural/M&E Engineer: Openbox Co.,ltd
Lighting Designer: FOS lighting studio: Thaneeya Yuktadatta
Contractor: Tweemongkol Construction 2000
Project area: 450 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographer: Pruk Dejkhamheang

(RE) Configured-Ecologies: Recycled Shipping Container Structures to Revive Long Beach

Courtesy of WE-designs and XP& Architecture

The city of , recently asked firms WE-designs and XP& Architecture to design a landmark project to revitalize its downtown area using a low budget. The initial ideas are represented here as a series of re-configured old shipping containers, truncated and placed upright.  The futuristic cluster of low rise buildings, called (RE) Configured-Ecologies, may eventually become multi-use space with an open playground feel.  It will comprise of an education center, a café, retail space and 13 work/live loft spaces as well as an open roof terrace.  Through proposing three types of innovatively reconstructed modular shipping containers, the overall construct leads to open courtyards, interlocking units, and playfully generated programs that introduce a new innovative topological creation that regenerates and reconnects the community.

More images after the break!

Nike Air Hangar / TVA Architects

© Rich Strode

Architect: TVA Architects, Inc.
Location: Hillsboro, , USA
Lead Design: Bob Thompson – Principal-in-charge
Project Team: Monty Hill, Eric Li, Lisa Christie, Steve Karolyi
Structural Engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers
MEP: PAE Consulting Engineers
Landscape: Percivial & Shapiro
Civil Engineer: Group Mackenzie
Interiors: Williamson McCarter + Associates
Signage: Ambrosini Design
General Contractor: Hoffman Construction Co.
Geotechnical Engineer: Hart Crowser
Project Area: 40,000 sqf
Photographs: Rich Strode, Stephen Cridland

Review: De Stoel van Rietveld: Rietveld’s Chair, book + film by Marijke Kuper & Lex Reitsma

© Jules Gianakos

“It is hard to tell what the value of something eventually will be”

, 1937.

This new insight into a classic illustrates Gerrit Rietveld’s transition from humble cabinet maker’s son to Architect and leading designer in the De Stijl movement. The book and film compliment each other nicely, covering several different furniture designs both preceding and subsequent to the famed Red Blue Chair, including alternate versions of that particular design (unpainted, arm rest panels, etc.).

Golden High School / NAC Architecture

© Frank Ooms

Architect: NAC Architecture
Location: Golden, ,
Consultants: Martin Martin Consulting Engineers, V3 Consultants, The RMH Group, M-E Engineers, David L. Adams Associates, Inc., Wenk Associates, Ricca Newmark Design
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Frank Ooms

Golden High School has been in existence in name since 1873. The current building is designed by architecture firm  NAC Architecture and is the fourth incarnation in Golden, Colorado. Completed in 2008, the new building by NAC Architecture takes advantage of the outdoors to create a positive environment for the students inside and out.

Portland State University Department of Architecture 2011-2012 Lecture Series

Courtesy of State University Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture at Portland State University proudly announces its inaugural lecture series, titled ‘Firsts.’ The series spans the 2011-2012 academic year, beginning October 6, with presentations by six notable academics, artists and professionals in architectural practice worldwide: Petra Kempf, John Ochsendorf, Gilles Saucier, Jeremy Till, Sarah Wigglesworth and Paul Pfeiffer.

The concepts of origins and beginnings, long a subject of interest among architects, will be explored throughout the series of lectures. As the Greek word Arche (meaning ‘first cause’) is at the root of the word architecture, the guest lecturers will discuss their own ‘first causes’—the spark that led them to follow their career path—as part of their presentations. The lectures in the series begin at 7pm in the Shattuck Hall Annex at (at SW Broadway and Hall Streets) and are free to the public.

More information on the lecture series after the break.

Martin Luther Church in Hainburg / Coop Himmelb(l)au

© Duccio Malagamba

Architects: Coop Himmelb(l)au
Location: ,
Design Principal: Wolf D. Prix
Project Architect: Martin Mostböck
Design Architect: Sophie-Charlotte Grell
Project Team: Steven Baites, Daniel Bolojan, Victoria Coaloa, Volker Kilian, Martin Neumann, Martin Jelinek
Site Area: 420 sqm
Project Area: 289 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Duccio Malagamba

Sonoma Barn / Michael Hennessey Architecture

© Michael Hennessey Architecture

The owners of a private vineyard sought to renovate an existing pre-engineered metal barn into a music room, mezzanine, exercise room, and restrooms. The building is located within the hills above the Sonoma Valley where temperatures during the summer can become excessive, demanding a clear passive cooling strategy to create comfortable habitable spaces.

Architect: Michael Hennessey Architecture
Location: Northern ,
General Contractor: Matarozzi/Pelsinger Builders
Structural Engineer: Yu Strandberg Engineering
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1,991 sqf
Photographs: Michael Hennessey Architecture

Update: BMW Guggenheim Lab / Atelier Bow-Wow

Exterior view from East First Street. Photo: Paul Warchol

Last Fall, we introduced the collaborative effort between the Guggenheim and BMW to create a modern day public form exploring a variety of urban issues. The Lab, designed by Atelier Bow-Wow, has just opened in the East Village on a leftover 2,000 sqf plot squished between two existing buildings. With the ground level open to passersby, the museum focuses on creating a transparent and welcoming atmosphere to house discussions, lectures and the like. “We wanted the Guggenheim Labs to be in the middle of an urban environment where people live, work and hang out,” Mr. van der Leer, a curator for the Guggenheim, told the Times.

More about the Lab, including a video courtesy Atelier Bow-Wow, after the break.

Wurth House in Wormeldange / Hermann & Valentiny and Partners

Courtesy of HVP

Architects: Hermann & Valentiny and Partners (HVP)
Location: Wormeldange,
Project Year: 2007
Project Area: 199 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of HVP

Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings: A New York Archive Exhibition

Courtesy of

Storefront for Art and Architecture will present Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings: a New York Archive, a project by Matilde Cassani opening on September 13th. The project unveils the hidden spaces within dedicated to the different beliefs of its citizens.

As part of an upcoming exhibition, they are developing a New York Archive of Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings and they need your help. This is an open call for contributions that explain either a story or the memory of a visit, a sketch of a known space, a photograph of a street sign, a location in a map, anything that might help us construct the most comprehensive guide to the sacred unknown of New York. To participate, you are encouraged to submit any material at their website.

More information on the exhibition after the break.

Ilma Grove / Andrew Maynard Architects

© Kevin Hui

Architects: Andrew Maynard Architects
Location: Northcote, Australia
Engineer: R Bliem & Associates
Building Surveyor: Building Strategies
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Kevin Hui

Gowanus Lowline Competition Winners

Courtesy of Tyler Caine, Luke Carnahan, Ryan Doyle, Brandon Specketer

Gowanus Connections is an international ideas competition hosted by Gowanus by Design, inviting speculation on the value of urban development of post-industrial urban lands, and the possibility of dynamic, pedestrian-oriented architecture that engages with the Gowanus Canal and the surrounding watershed.   The competition focuses on reusing the industrial space and orchestrating a clean-up for the canal.  This competition is a first of a series which will explore the possibilities of the future of the Gowanus Canal and its effects on the people that work and live around it.

The Gowanus Lowline: Connections competition produced 98 entries, of which six were selected.  First Prize was awarded to “Gowanus Flowlands” by Tyler Caine, Luke Carnahan, Ryan Doyle, and Brandon Specketer. Second place winners, along with four honorable mentions can be seen here after the break.

‘Clear Cut’ Land Art Installation / Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Courtesy of

In the summer of 2011, Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll, of Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, went into the deep forests of Medelpad in northern . With them they brought 15 meters of mirror coated fabric aiming to create an installation that would interpret the life cycle of this pine forest. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Water Museum / Juan Domingo Santos

© Fernando Alda

Architect: Juan Domingo Santos
Location: Lanjarón, Granada,
Project Year: 2009
Collaborators: Julien Fajardo, arquitecto, Isabel Díaz Rodríguez, Carmen Moreno Álvarez y Margarita Martínez Barbero
Technique Architect: Juan Diego Guarderas García
Industrial Engineer: Patricio Bautista Carrascosa
Project Area: 478 square meters (interior) + 32 square meters (wooden pavilion)
Photographs: Fernando Alda