Sustainable Office Buildings

In more recent times, the importance of the changing climate and its effects on the environment are being given more attention in regard to design practices. As a result, sustainable work spaces are becoming more prominent and some may even argue that a more energy efficient building correlates to a more efficient and productive work environment. With a growing demand for energy efficient buildings comes a greater responsibility of architects today and in the future.  In turn, officer owners and managers are also placed under increasing obligations to be focused on cutting down on productivity costs and to find more sustainable ways of going about their business endeavors. Companies are coming to the realization that investing in ‘green’ principles is more profitable in the long run.

In this post we are going to present to you office buildings that offer sustainable techniques through innovative architecture.

Contour Crafting / Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis

YouTube Preview Image

At first glance, Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis’ Contour Crafting (CC) seems both fascinating and unreal – a fabrication machine that has the potential to construct entire structures in a single run.   Supported by the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research, CC’s combination of conventional robotics and “age-old tools” creates a layered fabrication process where large-scale parts can be fabricated at remarkable speeds.  On his blog,  Khoshnevis, a professor in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, explains that the system is a scale-up of the rapid prototyping machines now widely used in industry to “print out” three-dimensional objects designed with CAD/CAM software, usually by building up successive layers of plastic. ”Instead of plastic, will use concrete,” explained Khoshnevis.

More about Contour Crafting after the break.

UNO Elementary School Soccer Academy / JGMA

Courtesy of JGMA

Architects: JGMA
Location: , Illinois,
Owner: United Neighborhood Organization (UNO)
Design Team: Juan Gabriel Moreno, Cosmin Vrajitoru, Jason Nuttelman, John Rausch, David Ruffing, Linda Chavez, Michael Cady
Design Builder/Structural: Ghafari
Electrical & Mechanical Consultant: Primera
Landscape Architect: Terry Guen Associates
Project Area: 63,300 sf
Photographs: Courtesy of JGMA


© Adrian Aguilar, Jaime Sol

Hotel Liesma Proposal / BNKR Arquitectura

The hotel proposal by BNKR Arquitectura… aims to reproduce in material form the ephemeral process of the diffusion of sound. This is a process of vibrant outward expression and subsequent decay. It is a narrative of the loss of integrity

Secondary School Miranda de Ebro / Virai Arquitectos

© Jose Manuel Cutillas

Architects: Virai Arquitectos
Location: Calle de Francia, , Spain.
Design Team: Marta Parra, Juan Manuel Herranz
Assistants: Jorge Garrudo Álamo, Christian Álvarez Gómez, Zina Petrikova, Florian
Gibis (architects) Structure: GV408. Installations: LFV y asociados

Quantity Surveyor: Jesús Armendáriz Recalde
Client: Consejeria de Educación de Castilla León
Area: 2,500 sqm
Cost: 1,910,000 euros
Completion: 2009
Photographer: Jose Manuel Cutillas


“Janko Gredelj” Area Mixed Use Design / Hrvoje Sedlić

Courtesy of Hrvoje Sedlić

Hrvoje Sedlić shared with us a proposal for a mixed use design in an industrial area in .The project site is on the east part of `s horizontal axis. It`s located next to an industrial area of “Janko Gredelj”, but due to a ghetto type organization of that still active industry (a big wall surrounding it), these two spaces were never perceived as one. But like any other industry infrastructure being so close to the city center, it will be dislocated . At that moment, a huge amount of space (20 ha) is opened to be integrated to the city, with a size potential to house any activity and content. More images and project description after the break.

PlugMinas – Digital Training and Experimentation Center / Rafael Yanni and Luciana Miglio Cajado

© Gustavo Xavier

Architects: , Luciana Miglio Cajado
Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais,
Landscape Design: Rafael Yanni, Martha Abdo
Completion: 2010
Builder: Sengel Construções Ltda.
Photographs: Gustavo Xavier , Rafael Yanni


Bay House / LSS

© Scott Frances

Architects: Leroy Street Studio
Location: Long Island, ,
Completed: 2009
Size: 5,570 sqft
Photographs: Scott Frances

ArchDaily Architect’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Part Three

For those of you still in search for some last minute gift ideas, we present to you part three of the 2011 ArchDaily Holiday Gift Guide. We hope this provides you with that last bit of inspiration to finish your holiday shopping. In case you missed our previous guides, view Part One and Part Two for more gift ideas that is guaranteed to please any architect. 

Sant Miquel School / Pepe Gascón

© José Hevia

Architect: Pepe Gascón
Location: (Barcelona), Spain
Project Team: Josep Gascón, Jesús Gallego, Mireia Cases
Client: Municipality of Sant Feliu de Llobregat
Project year: 2010
Project area: 1,492.75 sqm
Photographer: José Hevia

Wood Old House / Tadashi Yoshimura Architects

© Hitoshi Kawamoto

Architects: Tadashi Yoshimura Architects
Location: -city, Nara, Japan
Structural Engineers: Kazuhiro Yamaguchi
General Contractor: Nakayama Komuten
Site area: 634 sq m
Total floor area: 139 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Hitoshi Kawamoto


Twelve Days of Architecture

On the first day of ,

my Architect gave to me

A study guide for the A.R.E.


On the Second day of Christmas,

my Architect gave to me

Two turtlenecks,

And a study guide for the A.R.E.


On the Third day of Christmas,

my Architect gave to me

Three French Curves,

Two turtlenecks,

And a study guide for the A.R.E.


Ubon / Rashed Alfoudari

Courtesy of

Location: Salhiya, City
Project Area: 60 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photography: Courtesy of

Snøhetta submits plans for Aberdeen Maggie’s Center

© - Via BD Online

Sitting near the southern boundary of Foresterhill at the edge of the Westburn field, Snohetta’s plans for Maggie’s Cancer Care Center at the Royal Infirmary is envisioned as a pavilion within the parkland. The facilities will be mainly on the ground floor with a mezzanine area for office functions.

The Elizabeth Montgomerie Foundation (EMF) and Maggie’s are raising £3m in an attempt to bring a Maggie’s Center to Foresterhill Hospital in Aberdeen to provide for the families of Grampian. Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest caner treatment center but is the only clinical center in Scotland not supported by Maggie’s.

The Krishna-Avanti Primary School / Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture

© Anthony Coleman

Architects: Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture
Location: , UK
Project Team: Brian Vermeulen, Richard Cottrell, Simon Tucker, SangSoo Bae
Client: I-Foundation
Temple Design: ARP Associates
Planning Consultant: DP9
Photographs: Anthony Coleman

2012 YAP MAXXI Shortlist

© Courtesy of stARTT

MAXXI, MoMA and their new Chilean partner have kicked off the 2012 edition of YAP MAXXI, following this past summer’s successful first edition named WHATAMI by stARTT. Together the U.S. and Italian jury chose five finalists, from the 43 invited designers, who may still have the opportunity to reinvent the square of MAXXI in Rome. The winners of both YAP MAXXI in Rome and MoMA PS1 in New York will be announced in February and the installations will launch simultaneously in June 2012.

The 2012 MAXXI shortlist includes 6mu6 (Turin, Italy: Valentina Toscano, Stefano Verrocchio), John A. Salvator Liotta, Matteo Belfiore with Taichi Kuma and Yuta Ito (Naples, Italy / Tokyo, ), Rural Boxx (Sacile, Italy: Alessandro Zorzetto, Francesca Modolo, Luciano Aldrighi, Jacopo Toso, Luca Vivan), Urban Movement (New York, USA / Rome, Italy: Robyne Kassen, Sarah Gluck, Simone Zbudil Bonatti), and Yellow Office Yellow Office (Milan, Italy: Francesca Benedetto, Dong Sub Bertin).

© PLY Architecture

Shadow Pavilion / PLY Architecture

Architects: PLY Architecture
Location: University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Project Team: Karl Daubmann & John Marshall assisted by Ngoc Thy Phan & Alex Timmer
Structural Advisor: Andy Greco, SDI Additional
Construction help provided by: Peggy …

Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem / Bracha Chyutin, Michael Chyutin, Jacques Dahan, Ariel Noyman

Courtesy of , Michael Chyutin, Jacques Dahan,

The Museum of Tolerance, designed by Bracha Chyutin, Michael Chyutin, Jacques Dahan, and Ariel Noyman is located at the heart of modern Jerusalem, in its rejuvenated city center, on the borderline between the spacious Independence Park, and the urban built environment. The location is a meeting site of three main streets which differ in character and function. Hillel street: a bustling commercial zone; Moshe Ben Israel street: a road crossing the park; and Moshe Salomon street- Nachalat Shiva’s pedestrian mall, a tourist hub, full of restaurants and shops. More images and architects’ description after the break.