Cultural Center and Sports Facility Proposal / PARK

northwest view

Calling for a 3.500 sqm combined community center and sports facility with an emphasis on sustainability, both in construction and use, PARK decided to go with a bold strategy they titled ‘Pulsen’. Rather than applying the traditional repertoire of green technologies to the building, after initial concept design was developed, the client called for an architecture that embodied the idea of the sustainable approach. More images and project description after the break.

Campus Commons, SUNY at New Paltz / ikon.5 architects

© Peter Mauss/Esto

Architect: ikon.5 architects
Location: New Paltz,
Project Area: 12,000sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Peter Mauss/Esto

ARTCUBE Exhibition / Brandon Shigeta

Courtesy of

The ARTCUBE exhibition contains a novel interactive sculpture comprising photographs of the artistic processes and techniques captured by Brandon Shigeta. Stacked into random arrays forming a single cubic massing, the sculpture includes hidden signed cards and custom artwork on the surface of the postcards by artists. Perhaps qualifying the exhibit as the heaviest photographic exhibit ever, the sculpture consists of approximately 65,000 postcards of approximately 80 various images to be removed by visitors as souvenirs. More images and description of the exhibition after the break.

Ordos 20+10 Office Complex / Preston Scott Cohen


Designed for the 20+10 project, this office complex by Preston Scott Cohen serves to create a whole new office building typology in its stance on site, promenade, and public space.

New Energy Tools to Assist in China’s Rapid Urbanization


A new set of tools have been developed by researchers at MIT in collaboration with ’s Tsinghua University that will evaluate the performance and consumption of large-scale projects. Led by Dennis Frenchman and Christopher Zegras from MIT’s School of Architecture + Planning, these new set of guidelines and tools are a proactive response to the rapid urbanization of China and its ever-increasing development and infrastructure projects. The main goal is to introduce sustainable methods of implementation and construction, and responsible energy patterns one neighborhood at a time.

Standless Steel / FAS(t)

© Ulia Maysova

Architects: FAS(t) / Alexander Ryabskiy, Ksenia Kharitonova, Dmitriy Bariudin
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs & Video: Ulia Maysova

Cage House / Parametr Architecture

© Sispriyadi Budiyarso

Architects: Parametr Architecture
Location: , Indonesia
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 163 sqm
Photographs: Sispriyadi Budiyarso

Thesis = Business: PROJECTiONE


Recent graduates of the Masters program at Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning, Adam Buente and Kyle Perry have spent the last couple years developing their unique interests and ideas into a business of their own. Working with fellow students Elizabeth Boone and Eric Brockmeyer, they began a collaborative graduate project focused on exploring the possibilities of design and fabrication via digital equipment as a business platform. After their first year out of school they have begun to independently manage their based company. PROJECTiONE recently produced the ACADIA competition winner HYPERLAXITY and boast other projects such as EXOtique, bitMAPS, and Radiance. Words and images from the PROJECTiONE team after the break.

OS House / Johnsen Schmaling Architects


Architect: Johnsen Schmaling Architects
Location: Racine,
Project Year: 2010
References: Johnsen Schmaling Architects
Photographs: Johnsen Schmaling Architects 

The OS House by Johnsen Schmaling Architects is located in downtown Racine, Wisconsin and attempts to redefine the urban fabric of this historic rustbelt city.  Sited on a narrow lot between a 3-story mansion and a mid-century ranch, the colorful 1,900sf residence is a welcome and dynamic intervention to the streetscape.

Video: +FARM

This summer design/build program for architecture students aims to get their hands dirty with both design and construction experience. Relocating from their Brooklyn studio home at Direct Design Institute students and professorers participated in a one week building work shop at the Five Sisters Farm in Perrysville, . Funded by Kickstarter (today is the last day to donate!) +FARM provides students with the opportunity to learn about “direct design” by observation and the physical act of making a movable Chicken Coop and restoring an old farm house to be later used as an artist colony and hunter’s house.

Pedro Point Shopping Center / Lowney Architecture

Courtesy of

Architect: Lowney Architecture
Location: Pacifica, , USA
Project Team: Ken Lowney, Tim Sloat, Tony Valadez
General Contractor: Pankow Special Projects, L.P.
Structural Engineer: Ingraham DeJesse Associates
Project Year: 2007
Project Area: 17,000 sp ft Anchor Space, 3,000 sq ft Retail Space
Photographs: Courtesy of Lowney Architecture

INDEX: Design to Improve Life Awards 2011

The Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project

INDEX dreams of a world that is designed to suit the needs and aspirations of mankind. Their ten years of experience have shown, through thousands of conversations and thousands of life-improving designs, that design is a decisive factor towards creating a better world.

The 60 finalists for INDEX: Award 2011 have been carefully selected by the international INDEX: Jury as the best of the best Design to Improve Life. As a whole, the finalist group offers unique proof of the wide reach and huge potential of Design to Improve Life in terms of challenges addressed, solutions created and people affected. More images and description after the break.

Civic Cultural Exhibition and Activity Center / inFORM Studio


The city of Korla has announced that inFORM Studio has been selected as the winner of an international design competition for the Civic Cultural Exhibition and Activity Center in Korla, . It will be a symbol of a progressive future for the region of Xinjiang. The conceptual proposal embraces the master plan vision for an axial relationship of cultural buildings and a strong east/west pedestrian linkage through the site; it also responds intelligently to the climate, geological heritage, ecology, and contextual views and relationships. More about the Civic Cultural Exhibition and Activity Center after the break.

Cultural Center UFG / Fernando Simon

© Helio Sperandio

Architects: Fernando Simon
Location: Goiania,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 2,801.22 sqm
Photographs: Helio Sperandio

UP LIFT Zeppelin Hangar / OPEN Architecture

Courtesy of

OPEN Architecture was invited to participate in a competition to design a zeppelin hangar situated in the serene landscape of Maan Mountain of Auhui Province, China. The challenge is to design a single structure with a clearance of 100 meters wide by 300 meters long and 100 meters in height to house the production and storage of the zeppelin. The structure also demands a single door with a clear opening of 100 meter by 100 meter to let the zeppelin go in and out. Heavy duty cranes are to be hung off the ceiling of the structure, adding substantial loads to this super structure. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Timisoara’s Highseat / Prechteck

Courtesy of

Designing a gathering point for the city of Timisoara, Prechteck’s main focus for the pavilion was to stand out as an attractor and fit in the context at the same time. Located within the green lung of the city with direct connection to its surrounding districts and due to its vertical orientation, the highseat has a great potential to serve as a cultural, social and urban focal point to attract people back to the . More images and brief project description after the break.

The CityDeck / StossLU

© StossLU

Architect: StossLU
Location: Green Bay,
Project Team: Chris Reed, Scott Bishop, Tim Barner, Cathy Braasch, Steve Carlucci, Jill Desimini, Adrian Fehrmann, Carl Frushour, Kristin Malone, Chris Muskopf, Susan Fitzgerald, Jana Kienitz, Lisl Kotheimer, Bryan Miyahara, Graham Palmer, Megan Studer, Sarah White
Project Area: 2.5 acres
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: StossLU, Jeff Mirkes

Commercial Complex for Building Industry Proposal / Alireza Mahdizadeh Hakak, Ali Aleali, & Fatemeh Farmanfarmayee

Courtesy of Alireza Mahdizadeh Hakak, , & Fatemeh Farmanfarmayee

In an open competition, Alireza Mahdizadeh Hakak, Ali Aleali, & Fatemeh Farmanfarmayee were challenged to design a 10,000m2 commercial center for building industry in the Gilan Province, which is located in the northern part of within a moderate climate and surrounded with forests. Enough precipitation and unique landscape scenes are the main characteristics of the site. More images and architects’ description after the break.