Block 51-C / Dick van Gameren architecten

© Christian Richters

Architect: Dick van Gameren architecten
Location: IJburg, ,
Project Team: Dick van Gameren; Maarten de Geus; Mirjam van Hasselt; Thomas van Bekhoven
Contractor: Giesbers-Eemland Bouw, Bussum
Structural Engineer: Adviesbureau Buizer, Wijk bij Duurstede
Client: De Alliantie Ontwikkeling, Huizen
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Christian Richters

CHIP / SCI-Arch + CalTech / Solar Decathlon 2011


19 university teams from across the world are gearing up to make their way to Washington D.C. for the Solar Decathlon. Last week,we previewed the 19 designs and, by popular demand, today we’ll be sharing more info about + ’s design. Entitled CHIP (short for Compacted Hyper-Insulated Prototype) the residence’s geometry is designed to respond to the sun’s orientation while wrapped in a sun performative envelope.
More about CHIP, including a video walk-through, after the break. 

Francis Parker School / Lake|Flato Architects

© Hester + Hardaway Photographers

Architect: Lake|Flato Architects
Location: San Diego, ,
Project Team: Greg Papay, FAIA, Brandi Rickels, Betsy Johnson, AIA, Kristin Wiese, AIA, Matt Burton, Brantley Hightower, AIA, LEED AP, Vicki Yuan, LEED AP, Laura Kaupp, AIA, Lewis McNeel, Joe Farren and Jeremy Fields
Project Area: 36,271 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Hester + Hardaway Photographers, Frank Ooms


Barret 001 Hotel Proposal / Comac

Courtesy of

Should the Bohemian hotel be a vertical tower of 100 meter high? Or 100 meters long? Given the nature of the site, located in the gothic area, Comac proposed a horizontal design in the Plaza del Angels in front of the MACBA. Barret 001 is based on two fundamental principles: Firstly, to offer quality of life, enjoying the richness of the site by creating a public space and a sky floor over the Gothic area. The second objective is to create a shadow on the Plaza del Angels known for its burning heat. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Dispersed Memorial

© Dispersed Memorial

Through technology, light pixels and paper cards, Dispersed Memorial creates a country-wide collective remembrance of 9/11.

One month before the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Dispersed Memorial is distributing memory cards ten at a time across the country to honor the date. Each laser cut card reveals the project name through delicate voids in the paper which create an ephemeral image only visible when the card is held to the light or casts a shadow. With each exchange of the card, a moment of remembrance is initiated and prompts a dispersed, collective conversation about the memory of loved ones lost or affected by the events of 9-11.

Highline, New York / Courtesy of IABR

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR): ‘Making CIty’ Lectures

In partnership with AIR, the architecture centre in Rotterdam, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) is organizing five lectures on the theme ‘Making City’ which will run from September 13th to November 8th.
We are currently witnessing one of the…

Genussregal Exhibition / BWM Architekten & Partner

© BWM Architekten & Partner

Architects: BWM Architekten & Partner
Location: ,
Project Officer: Johann Moser
Project Leader: Pete Foschi
Project Assistants: Sanja Utech, Christoph Panzer, Gerhard Girsch, Elena Romagnoli, Maik Perfahl
Photographs: BWM Architekten & Partner

Terrace View Cafe / Studio | Durham Architects

© Steve Hall at Heidrich Blessing

Terrace View Café has a special location within downtown , ’s newest urban park, Citygarden. Studio | Durham Architects was invited into the Citygarden project to design a café building and a maintenance building on the site. The café by Studio | Durham appears equally as notable and successful as the pieces of art within the sculpture park, but distinguishes itself as a building among art.

© 2011 Navy Pier, Inc.

Pierscape at Navy Pier Competition

Navy Pier is the most popular attraction in Chicago, drawing nearly nine million visitors annually. Navy Pier, Inc., the newly formed not-for-profit entrusted with the redevelopment and operation of the Pier is conducting an international search for a Design Team…

AD Classics: Royal Hotel / Arkady Mordvinov

Photo by -

Originally completed in 1953 as the Hotel Ukraina, the Royal Hotel was designed by and Vyacheslav Oltarzhevsky and stands as one of the “Seven Sisters” of (Mordvinov was acting as the Chairman of the Committee of Construction and Architecture at the time).  This five-star hotel complex was the tallest hotel in the world at its completion at 34 stories (650ft) and is sited on the banks of the Moskva River.  This unique site required considerable structural innovation during early construction, which will be discussed later in the feature.

Theory: Chapter 1


It might seem strange, but it started with a death. The death of the father precipitated the decision. The death was not unexpected but the outcomes were. Dean would sit in the hospital room with his leg next to his father’s dangling bag of piss. The tubes with fluids going in and out. The nurse periodically coming to vacuum the solid bits of phlegm to keep the ventilator clear. His father was in a hospital of no particular reputation in a sunny part of Los Angeles. IT was the wrong sort of hospital. The sort you come to die in rather than miraculously emerge from. Dean would sit in the room with the beeps and gurgling sounds. The family was there too. Not always at the same time. They had come from around the country. Stopping their lives momentarily, the last time they would visit this town they had visited many times.

A Room for London Public Bookings

A Room for London

Public bookings to spend a night above the Thames in A Room for London, opened today (for nights January to June 2012) more information about a second stage of bookings (for nights July to December 2012) can be found here.  The one-bedroom installation perched on the roof of Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall was designed by David Kohn Architects and artist Fiona Banner. The design competition for A Room for London initiated by , and Artangel, in association with Southbank Center attracted 500 architects and artists entries from across the world.

ArchDaily has previously showcased David Kohn Architects and Fiona Banner‘s winning entry as well as selected entries from the design competition.

MOD Office / Ministry of Design

© CI&A Photography

Architects: Ministry of Design (MOD)
Location: ,
Contractor: Interior Composite
Photographs: CI&A Photography

National Park of Mali / Kere Architecture

© Iwan Baan

Architect: Kere ArchitectureDiébédo Francis Kéré
Location: , Mali
Client: AKDN /AKTC
Project Team: Diébédo Francis Kéré, Isabelle McKinnon, Claudia Buhmann, Olivier Gondouin, Emanuela Smiglak, Ines Bergdolt
Landscape Design: Planning Partners, SA
Structural Engineer: Birad SARL (concrete), SAMKO Turkey (roofing)
Construction Supervision: AKTC (Roberto Fabbro, Souleymane Diallo, Manuel Mora Sánchez, Hamed el Biblawy) in coordination with 
Plant Engineering: AKTC (Sylvain Fovet)
Project Area: 3000 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Iwan Baan

AD Round Up: Sports Architecture Part VIII

© John Lewis Marshall


Round Ups are back! And for today, we have our 8th selection of previously featured sports architecture projects, including a stadium used for South Africa’s World Cup last year. Check them all after the break.

The 4th Gymnasium / HVDN
Until recently, the area in the Houthavens was an open, undefined space with scattered placed industrial buildings. Meanwhile, due to problems with the development-zoning plan, the area is temporarily in use. By now it has changed into a lively spot, a “place to be” for the city with several restaurants, artist studios and student housing (read more…)


© Gino Santa Maria -

Like anything that works well in life, chemistry is one of those things we can’t explain but is often the key ingredient that ensures that something ”works”. What is chemistry? Is it shared passion? Is it mutual trust? Who knows, but you know when you have it and you know it when you don’t. Having it is magical.

My team recently tore down an old beach house and we are beginning to build a new home for a couple where the chemistry was spot on. From the very beginning, we had a client-builder relationship that both parties committed to, nurtured and developed. Now that the project is underway, managing expectations while achieving maximum quality are just a few of the main ingredients in nurturing this chemistry. Building quality relationships with city officials and inspectors is not only mandatory for a successful job, but it also enhances my client’s trust in me. Then there are the neighbors. My clients need to co-exist with these people long after we are gone, so keeping them happy is vital to my client’s satisfaction with me. Chemistry is bumped up another notch when my clients see us working harmoniously with the neighbors and minimizing disruptions.

City Cottage / Verstas Architects

© Andreas Meichsner

Architects: Verstas Architects
Location: , Finland
Project Area: 14 sqm
Photographs: Andreas Meichsner

Jung-hyun’s Apartment / Moohoi Architecture

© Park Young-chae

Location: DaeLim Appartment, SeoDaemoon-Koo, , Korea
Lead Architect: Kim Jae-kwan
Construction: Kim Jae-kwan
Written Material: Kim Jae-kwan
Project Area: 152 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Park Young-chae