Courtesy of Architects + Artisans

The Core Project: A Study to Vitalize the City of Sebastopol Competiton

The City of Sebastopol, California, together with the Redwood Empire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a group of local business sponsors, is hosting an international design competition to generate innovative ideas for renewing the city center.…

Float Home / Designs Northwest Architects

© Ben Benschneider

Architects: Designs Northwest Architects
Location: Seattle, , USA
Interior Designer: Susan Broll
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 2,100 sqf
Photographs: Ben Benschneider

Courtesy of Masters of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture

Rebuilding Japan: Lessons in Architectural Response Conference

The Masters of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture at the ESARQ-UIC in Barcelona is excited to present this year’s open conference on December 12th titled, Rebuilding Japan: Lessons in architectural response, featuring talks and a roundtable discussion with Japanese architects…

Offices for County Council in Zamora / G+F Arquitectos

© Miguel de Guzmán

Location: Viriato Square,
Promoter: Exma. Diputación de Zamora
Authors: Pilar Peña Tarancón, María Antonia Fernández Nieto
Competition co-author: Gonzalo Bárcenas Medina
Collaborators: Jesús García Herrero (architect), Rafael Valín Alcocer, Jesús Hernández Alonso, Francisco Martín Gil
Consultants: José María García del Monte, Proyectos MYC, Jorge Gallego Sánchez-Torija
Photographer: Miguel de Guzmán

Green Forest Middle School / Modus Studio

© Rett Peek

Architect: Modus Studio
Location: Green Forest, Arkansas,
Project Area: 2010
Owner: Green Forest Public Schools, Jeff Williams, Superintendent, John Calaway, Superintendent
Project Team: Josh Siebert, Assoc. AIA; Chris M. Baribeau, AIA; Chris M. Lankford; Austin L. Chatelain, Assoc. AIA; Julie K. Chambers, AIA; Leanne R. Baribeau, AIA
Photographs: Rett Peek


Video: 100 Social Housing Units in Caen / OLGGA Architects

Along with ArtefactoryLab, OLGGA Architects put together this creative video presentation for a social housing competition in , France. The mixed-use building includes 100 affordable housing units, ground floor retail units and community spaces. The residential units gradually stack up to six stories, maximizing the potential of the site while remaining sensitive to the surrounding context. Stepped terraces provide private outdoor spaces for each dwelling unit while simultaneously allowing for optimal daylighting and natural ventilation.

Continue reading for more information and images. 

Rue du Nord / Charles-Henri Tachon

© Kristen Pelou

Architects: Charles-Henri Tachon
Location: ,
Client: SIEMP
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 997 sqm
Photographs: Kristen Pelou

Haack House / 4D-Arquitetura

Courtesy of

Architecture: 4d-Arquitetura
Location: Guaíba, RS,
Execution: 4d-Arquitetura
Engeniaring: André Kreamer e LP engenharia
Area: 442 sqm
Project year: 2009-2010
Execution: 2010 -2011
Photograph: Courtesy of 4d-Arquitetura

Genesis / David Adjaye

Courtesy of Adjaye Associates

London-based architect David Adjaye was selected for the 2011 Designer of the Year Award by Design Miami – a global forum for design that highlights influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world, presenting annual fairs in , USA and Basel, Switzerland. Design praised Adjaye for his “ingenious use of materials and unique ability to showcase light coupled with his democratized approach to the architectural process.”

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Berta Viana Office / 100 Planos Arquitectura

© Bruno Aguiar

Architects: 100 Planos Arquitectura
Location: Esposende,
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Bruno Aguiar

HUD Grants assist Communities towards Sustainability

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded $97 million dollars to 27 regions and 29 communities across 32 states with the 2011 Sustainable Communities Grants. HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan stated, “These grants will be leveraged with local funds more than doubling the investment and, helping to create new visions for how communities and regions plan for housing, transportation, workforce development and the quality of life of their residents for generations to come. When more than half of the average working family’s income is devoted to housing and transportation costs alone, we know that we have a responsibility to fix that and to provide housing and transportation options that can improve their quality of life and economic stability.”

The grants intend to “reform and reduce barriers to achieving affordable, economically vital and sustainable communities” with a focus on integrating transportation and housing. For example, HUD is awarding the City of Boston $1,865,160 to aid mixed-income, mixed-use development along with the construction of four new transit stations that will be strategically placed along the Boston Fairmount / Indigo corridor, an area that contains two-thirds of the Boston region’s foreclosures. Meanwhile, a grant for Sacramento County (CA) will enable them to evaluate opportunities for a new food distribution hub that could provide access to local fresh fruit and vegetables in urban neighborhoods without full service grocery stores.

See the full story by Kaid Benfield on the NRDC Staff Blog, SWiTCHBOARD and review the HUD press release for the complete list of recipients.

House H / Sou Fujimoto

© Iwan Baan

Architects: Sou Fujimoto Architects
Location: Tokyo,
Principal in charge: Sou Fujimoto
Project Team: Hiroshi Kato
Site area: 72.28 sqm
Building area: 50.52 sqm
Total floor area: 124.87 sqm
Completion: 2008
Photographs: Iwan Baan

Thank you Public Plaza

Thank you public plaza, for being so unnecessarily spacious, and for allowing me to park so far away from the entrance. I probably needed to walk that extra 30 minutes during my lunch hour on my way to the DMV.

Thank you public plaza, for changing levels occasionally, just to keep me alert.

Thank you public plaza, for your simple paving pattern articulated by oily puddles, and the homeless. It makes passing through SO whimsical, like an obstacle course, designed for the lonely.

Thank you public plaza, for obscuring your entrances. It’s like a treasure hunt. Is this my bank here? nope, that’s a dumpster enclosure. Fun! Signage is for losers anyway.

Wuxi Xidong Park Bridge / L&A Design Group

Courtesy of L&A Design Group

L&A Design Group has developed an exciting contemporary bridge design as an architectural highlight of Xidong Park, located in Jiangsu province, . The bridge is planned to be the main connection between the north and south foreshores of the parks lake and allows visitors access to a small island destination that commands views over the water as well as café facilities and pocket gardens. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Airhole House / Masahiro Kinoshita – KINO Architects

© Daici Ano

Architect: Masahiro Kinoshita – KINO Architects
Location: ,
Principal use: Private residence
Structure: Wooden
Scale of building: 2 stories
Site area: 98.49 sqm
Building area: 58.97 sqm
Total floor area: 98.74 sqm
Completion: 2010
Photographs: Daici Ano

min2max International Architecture Symposium

Fernando García-Huidobro, ELEMENTAL, Santiago de Chile

The min2max international architecture symposium, curated by Ilka & Andreas Ruby of textbild, is a two-day event where architects, artists, and activists will discuss design solutions to the pressing issue of keeping housing affordable and livable.

The event, which will take place on the weekend of the 10th -11th of December, will bring together some of the leading practitioners and theoreticians devoted to housing and architecture, including Anne Lacaton (Lacaton & Vassal Architects), Alfredo Brillembourg (Urban Think Tank), ELEMENTAL from Chile, Pier Vittorio Aureli (AA, London), Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV) and Diébédo Francis Kéré (Kéré Architecture), among many others. Panel discussions will be moderated by Carson Chan (PROGRAM), Michael Kimmelman (New York Times), and Joseph Grima (DOMUS). More information on the event after the break.

Kurilpa Bridge / Cox Rayner Architects with Arup

© Christopher Frederick Jones

Architect: Cox Rayner Architects
Location: Tank Street, Brisbane,Queensland 4000 Australia
Project Year: 2009
Cost at completion of construction: $63M
Gross floor area (m2): Span 130 metres
Project Team:Michael Rayner, Antony Scott Pegum, Hang Ling, Casey Vallance, Philip Cox, TristramCarfrae ,Ian Ainsworth, Tom James
Consultant Team:
Photographs: Christopher Frederick JonesRoger D’Souza


Sunshine House, London

Call for Papers: Open House International Journal Special Issue

Magda Mostafa, guest editor for the Open House International Journal and associate professor at the American University in Cairo announced a call for papers for their special issue on the topic of built environments for special populations. More information on…