Symposium Metropoles du sud 2012

Symposium Metropoles du sud 2012

Taking place on January 15th, the Symposium Metropoles du sud 2012 is  a cultural event organized by a hundred students in the master’s program in ENSAM. The day will consist of discussions and meetings on a contemporary problematic issue. For…

Färgfabriken Kunsthalle / Petra Gipp Arkitektur

Åke E:son Lindman

Architect: Petra Gipp Arkitektur AB
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 2,400 sqm
Photographs: Åke E:son Lindman

Quatrier M / Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Courtesy of

Two overarching factors feed into the overarching principle of urban design: the vicinity of the terrain to a traffic-intensive street axis and the western railway line and the requirement for a high density of the resulting building. In response, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, which won the competition for this urban master plan, characterized the new interpretation of the historic district as a compact block structure, which will enter into a dialogue with their environment and be well-connected with the surrounding urban fabric and its functional characteristics. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Meditation Hut III “Victor” / Jeffery S. Poss Architect

© Jeffery S. Poss

Architect: Jeffery S. Poss Architect
Location: Champaign, ,
Design Associates: Workus Studio LLC, Crete, Illinois
General Contractor: Dreamworks Construction
Structural Consultant: PREPA.R.E. INC.
Geotechnical Consultant: Midwest Engineering Services, Inc.
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Jeffery S. Poss

Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters / Vikar & Lukacs Architect Studio

© Tamás Bujnovszky

Architects: Vikar & Lukacs Architect Studio
Location: ,
Project team: András Vikár, István Lukács, Balázs Domokos, András Klopp
Client: Magyar Autóklub
Built: 2010-11
Built area: 3,430 sqm
Photographs: Tamás Bujnovszky, Civertan, Szandra Váraljai

Ashoka: 20 challenges for 20 entrepreneurs

Ashoka is the world’s largest community of social entrepreneurs, and has supported thousands of groundbreaking social innovators over the last 30 years (read more at McKinsey).

Currently, is looking for outstanding entrepreneurs that can improve our world by focusing on 20 challenges, some of which are very related to our profession:


  • You want to meet the huge need for affordable, high quality homes – 25 million in India alone – by leveraging both business and social entrepreneurs.
  • You are passionate about low income communities gaining access to market-based affordable housing and a dignified life.
  • You want to create a complete ecosystem where housing is not just about four walls and a roof but about a place called home – where family, community life, business and sustainability originate.


  • You see the huge potential of design to shape a better world.
  • You will lead a global network of designers and creatives who will transform the development of products, services, processes, and strategies for the good of society.
  • With a designer’s toolkit, you will work at the intersection of social entrepreneurship and science, technology, sociology, philosophy, and engineering.
You can check the rest of the challenges to see if you have what it takes and if it they fit with your passion, and if you think that you have the potential apply to become part of a global change.

House Heidehof / Alexander Brenner Architects

Zooey Braun

Architects: Alexander Brenner Architects
Location: Stuttgart,
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 377 sqm
Photographs: Zooey Braun

Video: Taltal Public Library

Take a tour through the newly built Taltal Public Library, designed by Santiago based firm Murua-Valenzuela. The small town project is located opposite of the main square and close to the Alhambra Theater, which was also recently refurbished by the architects. Responding to a narrow site of 7 by 40 meters while being situated between mediators, the architects conducted a series of indoor spaces in order to “avoid the domestic condition.” The spaces of varying heights house the library activities and end with a reading room that is connected to an interior courtyard. Construction has been completed and the Taltal Public Library is already in use.

The author of the project stated, “We are delighted to see the library being used by the community. We hope that in future the building will become a meeting place.”

The video was completed by Nicolas Rupcich.

Architects: Benjamín Murúa, Rodrigo Valenzuela
Location: Taltal, – Region of Antofagasta
Development: Ximena Vallejos, Miguel Mallea
Project Year: 2008
Construction: 2009-2010

Dim Sum Bar / Hou de Sousa

© Hou de Sousa

Architects: Hou de Sousa
Location: , Ecuador
Project Team: Nancy Hou, Josh de Sousa
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 150 sqm
Photographs: Hou de Sousa

Final Design Proposals for the St. Petersburg Pier Design Competition

The Lens © Michael Maltzan Architecture

The final entries are in for the international redesign competition of the St. Petersburg Pier in Florida. The competition seeks to generate a new identity and iconic landmark that will honor the history and relevance of the Pier for the next generation. Michael Maltzan Architecture, BIG and West 8 Urbaban Design and Landscape Architecture are the three architectural firms selected from the list of nine semi finalists. Continue reading after the break to view the radically different design proposals.

The End Line / Ailtireacht

© Corsico Images

Architect: Ailtireacht
Location: Beaumont, Dublin,
Project Architect: Allister Coyne
Building Contractor: Buto Developments
Structural Engineer: Casey O Rourke Associates (CORA)
Project Area: 140 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Corsico Images

Courtesy of Dimos Moysiadis and Xaris Tsitsikas

Redesign of the Old GSP Area / Dimos Moysiadis and Xaris Tsitsikas

Young Greek architects Dimos Moysiadis and Xaris Tsitsikas…, have shared with us their latest project, an architecture competition entry for the redesign of the old GSP area in Nicosia, Cyprus. More images and brief project description after the break.

Office Y / Yamamori Architect & Associates

© Akiyoshi Fukuzawa

Architects: Yamamori Architect & Associates  / Takashi Yamamori
Location: Mie prefecture, Japan
Principal use: Office & Warehouse

Site area: 1622.18 sqm

Building area: 193.17 sqm
Total floor area: 173.66 sqm

Completion: October, 2007
Photograph: Akiyoshi Fukuzawa

Courtesy of GVNM Arquitetos

Disaster Prevention and Education Center / GVNM Arquitetos

The construction of the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center in the Bakırköy district offers the possibility of redefining the territory in this area of the city. It is the perspective of GVNM Arquitetos… that they should not extend the

Balmoral House / Ian Moore Architects

© Rocket Mattler

Architect: Ian Moore Architects
Location: Balmoral Beach, , Australia
Project Team: Ian Moore (Principal Architect), Claire Meller (Project Architect), Tina Engelen, Will Fung, Chris Mury
Structural Engineer:Rickard Hails Moretti
Hydraulic Engineer: Waterman AHW Consulting Engineers
Landscape Architect: Material
Planning Consultant: Davis Langdon Australia
Project area: 388 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Rocket Mattler

In Progress: Women’s Opportunity Center / Sharon Davis Design


Sharon Davis Design was recently awarded 2nd place among all categories of Future Projects at the World Architectural Festival; in their subcategory, Future Projects: Education, they placed first. The New York City design firm competed against over 70 shortlisted projects to achieve this international distinction for their Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayonza, . Women for Women International, a Washington, DC based non-profit which seeks to empower female survivors of war and genocide commissioned the firm to build an educational campus in rural in late 2008. Construction on the two-acre site began this summer. More images and project description after the break.

Tile and Concrete / Francesco Di Gregorio & Karin Matz

© Francesco Di Gregorio

Architects: Francesco Di Gregorio & Karin Matz
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 90 sqm
Photographs: Francesco Di Gregorio

Courtesy of Ryszard Swarabowicz, Marek Golec, Anna Liput, Milena Klecha, Dagmara Olejniczak

Disaster Prevention and Education Center / Ryszard Swarabowicz, Marek Golec, Anna Liput, Milena Klecha and Dagmara Olejniczak

The main idea of the urban and architectural plan for this proposal by Ryszard Swarabowicz, Marek Golec, Anna Liput, Milena Klecha and Dagmara Olejniczak… was to create a space that will offer visitors a huge advantage of permanent experience and