Danish Design Interview / Jan Gehl


Check out this interview we spotted over on DutchDesign - a research program from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology  at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, .  This interview with Jan Gehl, a Danish architect and urban consultant for Copenhagen, is part of the program’s research to understand how cities function on a larger scale.  Within just the first few minutes of the interview – when Gehl explains the importance of the “people scale” of the city and studying human behavior – we were interested and wanted hear more of his thoughts on planning.   Further into the interview, Gehl notes that a successful piece of architecture is not merely creating a form, but rather a project that encourages some kind of interaction with the form.  As Gehl explains, “[At architecture schools] Form is center of attention, and life has been almost forgotten, and the interaction is something we don’t talk about much….”   This interview touches upon large issues of planning such as redefining the streetscape to widen the sidewalks for pedestrian and cyclists access, and the notion of “parachuting the little scale into the big scale” to infuse small structures in bigger spaces to make them more relatable…all within the underlying concept of making the city for the people.



ChonGae Canal Restoration Project / Mikyoung Kim Design

© Taeoh Kim

The ChonGae Canal Restoration Project is an ambitious redevelopment initiative that transformed the urban fabric of , Korea. This design was the winning project in an international competition and celebrates the source point of cleansed surficial and sub grade runoff from the city at the start of this seven mile green corridor. The main competition requirement was to highlight the future reunification of North and . The project symbolizes this political effort through the use of donated local stone from each of the eight provinces of North and . The individual stones act to frame the urban plaza and the eight source points where runoff is daylighted and represents the unified effort in the transformation of this urban center.

Landscape Architect: Mikyoung Kim Design
Location: Central Seoul, Korea
Owner/Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government
Project Area: 91,000 sqm [2.25 acres]
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Taeoh Kim, Robert Such

Courtesy of Ying chee Chui

1K House – Pinwheel House / Ying chee Chui

’1K house’ was a design studio in the Department of Architecture, MIT in 2009 co-taught by Professor Yung Ho Chang, Chairman of Department of Architecture, MIT, Professor Tony Ciochetti, Chairman of Center for Real Estate, MIT, and Professor Dennis Shelden,…

Courtesy of Storefront for Art and Architecture

Architecture for Free?!

Architecture, in its most idealistic sense, is always geared towards the construction of the public good. Thus, the notion of architecture pro bono appears as a redundant affirmation. However, the real meaning lying behind the beautiful latinism of pro bono,…

Multidisciplinary Design Studio / Josep Ferrando + Román Ortega

© Adriá Goula

Architects: Josep Ferrando + Román Ortega
Location: Mallorca 172 baixos, ,
Photographs: Adriá Goula

Highlight Gallery: Filip Dujardin & Renato Nicolodi

Courtesy of

Highlight Gallery recently announced that they will be featuring two artists whose bodies of work are influenced by architecture, Filip Dujardin and Renato Nicolodi. Their work, which will be up from November 3rd to December 12th, reflects the passion and interest which Highlight Gallery founder and curator Amir Mortazavi cultivates for architecture. With these two artists, the answer to the eternal question, ‘Is architecture art?’ is easy to find. More information on the event and their work after the break.

Penhaligons Flagship Boutique / Jenner Studio

© Michael Franke

Architects: Jenner Studio
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Michael Franke

University of Miami Life Science & Technology Park / ZGF Architects

Courtesy of

Architect: ZGF Architects LLP
Location: Miami, , USA
Developer: Wexford Equities
Landscape Architect: Arquitectonicageo
M/E/P Engineer: Ballinger
Structural Engineer: DDA Engineers
Civil Engineer: PBSJ
Construction Manager: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of ZGF Architects

Mishima House / Keiji Ashizawa Design

© Daici Ano

Architects: Keiji Ashizawa Design
Location: Tokyo,
Project Architects: Keiji Ashizawa, Chino YamaguchiÅ
Structural Engineer: ÅFASA Akira Suzuki
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Daici Ano

Theory: Chapter 5

Now he is sitting in his hotel room in Beijing and the world seems far away. He flew coach and there is a pain in his neck that won’t go away. The room is small and smells a little mildewy despite being new and relatively upscale. The window is not operable. The air-conditioner purrs. The TV is on constantly. He leaves it on. The bed is the desk. Laptop and papers spread out. He doesn’t move them when he sleeps. He hasn’t changed his clothes. He has one small bag.

Every few hours he takes the elevator down, walks past the lobby fountains, the bar, the tired tourists in their shorts and caps, fanning themselves, young women standing around, pouting, waiting, looking bored, men in dark suits on cell phones. Lots of black leather shoes with metal buckles.

Casa M / Plan B Arquitectos

© Sergio Gomez

Architect: Plan B Arquitectos
Location: Medellín, El Poblado Quarter,
Project Manager: Felipe Mesa + Federico Mesa
Project Team: Daniel Tobón, Carlos Blanco, Sebastián Serna, Ivanovha Benedetto
Project Year: 2011
Area: 360 sqm
Photographs: Sergio Gomez

A tribute to Steve Jobs, by Lord Norman Foster

Apple Campus ©

Today Lord Norman Foster issued a tribute to Steve Jobs (1955-2011), who passed away yesterday at the age of 56. Foster + Partners is working on the new Apple Campus in Cupertino, scheduled to be completed in 2015.

With my colleagues I would like to pay tribute to Steve Jobs. Like so many millions our lives have been profoundly and positively influenced by the innovations pioneered by Steve and Apple, names which are inseparable.

We were greatly privileged to know Steve as a person, as a friend and in every way so much more than a client. Steve was an inspiration and a role model. He encouraged us to develop new ways of looking at design to reflect his unique ability to weave backwards and forwards between grand strategy and the minutiae of the tiniest of internal fittings. For him no detail was small in its significance and he would be simultaneously questioning the headlines of our project together whilst he delved into its fine print.

He was the ultimate perfectionist and demanded of himself as he demanded of others. We are better as individuals and certainly wiser as architects through the experience of the last two years and more of working for him. His participation was so intense and creative that our memory will be that of working with one of the truly great designers and mentors.

- Norman Foster Architect Chairman + Founder of Foster + Partners

Video: Interview with Winy Maas

Our friends from Studio Banana TV shared with us their interview with MVRDV‘s . Founded in 1993 by Maas along with Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries the firm has produced impressive works among them the well known Balancing Barn and WoZoCo.  In recent news (featured just this week on ArchDaily) MVRDV along with COBE were chosen as the winners of an international competition for their design scheme to transform a former concrete factory into a multifunctional creative hub.

In the video Maas discusses a number of MVRDV’s projects including their Market Hall project in Rotterdam and The Why Factory (T?F) which was established at Delft University of Technology  in 2008 as a thinktank for future cities.  Earlier this year Maas was recognized for his design contributions in France by receiving the French Legion of Honor.

Happy Birthday Le Corbusier!

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Today marks the Swiss-born French architect ’s birthday. Noted as one of the pioneers of modern architecture, ’s architecture career spanned some five decades.  Born in 1887, which would make him 124 today, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret adopted the pseudonym in the 1920s. Known for both his architecture and furniture design you can visit the Galerie Anton Meier where some of Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret furniture is currently on a special exhibit.   More of ArchDaily’s coverage on Le Corbusier, books, buildings, and articles can be found here.

AD Interviews: Steven Holl

A few months ago I had the chance to meet Steven Holl, whose work I admire. I think that he has been able to innovate and challenge programs as we used to know them, and experiment with materials and structures, while sticking to what really matters in architecture: space, context and light.

When I attended his “Disobedience” lecture in Columbia (during Kenneth Frampton’s 80th birthday) I  understood how this disobedience is tied to his constant investigations, and then reflected on his buildings (like the competition for the Nelson Atkins museum as he tells on the video). I also really liked the fact that he’s very down to earth, and how he started his career and moved to the east coast. If you ever had the chance to attend one of his lectures, don’t miss it!

Steven Holl along with partner Chris McVoy lead Steven Holl Architects, one of the more innovative architecture and urban design offices in the world. A graduate of the University of Washington, Holl also studied in Rome and London before heading to to establish an architecture practice.

Holl has also contributed to the profession as an educator; the architect and watercolorist has taught at Columbia University since 1981, where he is a tenured faculty member. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the recipient of the New York American Institute of Architects Medal of Honor and the prestigious Alvar Aalto Medal.

’ has been recognized internationally by some of architecture’s most prestigious awards. Recent recognition for SHA work includes 2010 P/A Award for LM Harbor Gateway and the 2009 CTBUH Best Tall Building Overall for Linked Hybrid. Their numerous AIA awards include the AIA 2008 Institute Honor Award as well as a Leaf New Built Award 2007 for the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City; the AIA 2007 Institute Honor Award, AIA New York Chapter 2007 Merit Architecture Award, and a RIBA International Award for the School of Art & Art History at the University of Iowa. And the New Residence at the Swiss Embassy in Washington, D.C was awarded an AIA New York Chapter 2007 Honor Architecture Award and the RIBA International Award.

Steven Holl is also present in the social web via their Facebook page and @stevenhollarch on Twitter.

SHA’s completed works featured on ArchDaily:

In Progress:

Video credits: J.P. Barrera Faus (Editing), J.C. Labarca (Camera).

O-STRIP Pavilion / Tongji University Team

Courtesy of Team

O-STRIP Pavilion is one of the projects in Tongji University’s Fabrication workshop that aims to bring back the liveliness of the place. The site is located at a sinking space of the teaching building, which connected with an indoor hall. In non- time, there is few people using this space, and the space itself becomes negative. How to energize this place? The key is the strong representational power of the new structure, which can attract passers-by. Computational technology made complex-structure clear and speed up fabrication process. At the same time, the pavilion will be available for all kinds of campus activities. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Okanagan College Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation / CEI

© Ed White Photographics

Architect: CEI Architecture Planning Interiors
Location: , , Canada
Landscape Architect: Site 360 Consulting Ltd.
Text: CEI Architecture Planning Interiors
Project Cost: $27,600,000
Project Area: 6,780 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photography: Ed White Photographics

Update: BOFFO Building Fashion / Irene Neuwirth + Marc Fornes / TheVeryMany

Irene Neuwirth + THEVERYMANY. Photograher: Evan Joseph.

We introduced BOFFO’s fashion + architecture collaborative project, and began the week with the first installment by Nicola Formichetti + Gage/Clemenceau Architects.  As each pair of fashion designer and architect shows their project for  two short weeks, the second team of Irene Neuwrith and Marc Fornes is now in place.  Neuwirth, a leading US jewelry designer, has transformed the 1800 sqf space at 57 Walker Street into a crazy biomorphic playground to display her designs with the hep of  Marc Fornes, one of the leading figures in the development of computational protocols applied to the field of design and fabrication.

More about the temporary gallery after the break.