Multi-functional Pavilions / Aleksander Wadas

Courtesy of

The main idea of the Multi-functional Pavilions by Aleksander Wadas is to create public spaces with social functions like culture, recreation, sports.  They would be built with temporary pavilions of minor scale that can be easily fitted in the existing urban tissue, would have light components and could be mobile . They could be places where people could take some fitness exercises, take part in workshops or expositions or just rest. More images and project description after the break.

Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE) / Diamond Schmitt Architects & Edward J. Cuhaci And Associates Architects Inc.

© Tom Arban

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects & Edward J. Cuhaci And Associates Architects Inc.
Location: ,
Project Area: 194,000 sqf
Project Year: 2011
Photos: Tom Arban

‘La Fabrique Sonore’ Exhibition / Hyoung-Gul Kook, Ali Momeni and Robin Meier

Courtesy of Hyoung-Gul Kook, and Robin Meier

Taking place at the Vranken Pommery Monopole in , France, La Fabrique Sonore combines ancient paper folding techniques with contemporary computer-aided-design and manufacturing processes. Curated by Charles Carcopino and Claire Staebler and designed by Hyoung-Gul Kook, Ali Momeni and Robin Meier, the form is inspired by mathematician and origami expert Taketoshi Nojima, especially his work reproducing organic forms from folded paper. More images and information on the exhibition after the break.

Park Shops Adaptive Reuse / Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee

© JWest Productions

Architect: Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee
Location: Raleigh,
Client: North Carolina State University
Project Team: Donna Francis, Don Kranbuehl, Clymer Cease, Irvin Pearce, Rob Harkey
Size: 51,000 SF
Completion: 2009
Photographs: JWest Productions

Courtesy of Vulmaro Zoffi

Disaster Prevention and Education Center / Vulmaro Zoffi

Vulmaro Zoffi… shared with us a proposal for the Disaster Prevention and Education Center in Istanbul. The design shows the events which involve earth, air and water in a friendly manner, enclosed by a public ETFE greenhouse, where all the

112 Reus / ACXT Arquitectos

© Adrià Goula

Architects: ACXT Arquitectos
Location: , Spain
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 14.985 sqm
Photographs: Adrià Goula

The new 112 Building in Reus is the model for the new emergencies management and service system in Catalonia, and the first public facility in the country to have a LEED certification. It is a new architectonic typology that brings together all the bodies in charge of managing emergencies in Catalonia.

School 4 Burma Design Winning Proposal / Amadeo Bennetta and Daniel LaRossa

Courtesy of and

Building Trust International recently announced that designers Amadeo Bennetta and Daniel LaRossa, of Berkeley, California have won the School 4 Burma Design Competition. The winning design, for a modular school for migrant and refugee children in the Thai-Burma border town of Mae Sot, beat entries from all over the world as the competition generated progressive, contemporary design solutions. Over 800 designers and academic institutions expressed interest. More images and description on the winning proposal after the break.

Flashback: B 018 / Bernard Khoury Architects


B 018 is a music club designed by Bernard Khoury Architects, a place of nocturnal survival. In the early months of 1998, the B 018 moved to the “Quarantaine”, on a site that was better known for its macabre aura. The “Quarantaine” is located at the proximity of the port of . During the French protectorate, it was a place of quarantine for arriving crews. In the recent war it became the abode of Palestinian, Kurdish and South Lebanese refugees (20,000 in 1975). In January 1976, local militia men launched a radical attack that completely wiped out the area. The slums were demolished along with the kilometer long bordering wall that isolated the zone from the city. Over twenty years later, the scars of war are still perceptible through the disparity between the scarce urban fabric of the area and the densely populated neighborhoods located across the highway that borders the zone.

Prodigy MSN / Space

© Paul Czitrom

Architects: Space
Location: Santa Fe, , Mexico
Project Architects: Juan Carlos Baumgartner LEED AP, Fabiola Troyo del Valle LEED AP
Design Team: Marcos Aguilar, Francisco Montoya
Area: 800 sqm
Completion: August 2010
Photographs: Paul Czitrom


AIA selects George Baird recipient of 2012 Topaz Medallion

Cornell Plantations Welcome Center © Tom Arban

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Board of Directors and the Association of Collegiate Schools for Architecture (ACSA) has selected George Baird, Intl. Assoc. AIA recipient of the 2012 AIA/ACSA Topaz Award for excellence in architectural education. Baird is known for his extensive association with the University of Toronto’s architecture school and for being one of ’s most celebrated architects. His award-winning firm Baird Sampson Neuert was founded in Toronto in 1972.

Lyneham Performing Arts Centre / HBO+EMTB

© Ben Wrigley - Photohub

Architects: HBO+EMTB
Location: Lyneham,
Project Completed: 2011
Photographer: Ben Wrigley – Photohub


Aloft London Excel / Jestico + Whiles

© Tim Crocker

Architects: Jestico + Whiles
Location: London,
Project Manager: GVA Second London Wall
Client: Excel London (part of Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company)
Photographs: Tim Crocker

This Foyer is going to be Epic

I don’t think you understand what I’m telling you. I’m not trying to open the door here. I’m trying to open your mind.

It’s a simple problem really. Just keep the rain off of them as they enter the building. That’s all you really need to do, right?. Hardly… This is the first impression this building will make. I’m not going to waste it. You’re not going to open the doors and just walk inside. You’re going cross this threshold into the rest of your life.

Kas Di Coral / Bahama-Architecten

© Richard Zomerdijk

Architect: Bahama-Architecten,
Location: , Netherlands
Design Team: Tanja Isbarn in collaboration with Sipke Kingma en Arnold ten Brink
Completion Date: 2011
GFA: 291 sqm
Photographs: Richard Zomerdijk

BIG unveils a Ski Resort in Lapland

Courtesy of

BIG wins an invited competition for a 47,000 sqm ski resort and recreational area in Levi, . The future Ski Village will transform the existing Levi ski resort into a world class destination, offering top quality accommodation and leisure services for skiers of all levels and demands. More images and complete press release after the break.

ArchDaily Architect’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Part Two

Lets be honest, being an architect results in a whole lot of sitting. Whether we are sitting down with a client or sitting in front of the computer, the chairs we surround ourselves with are an important detail in the everyday routine of an architect. ArchDaily has created a list of a few favorite chairs we wouldn’t mind spending our life with. We feel it is important that every architect has a well designed chair that keeps the legs from falling asleep as well as some designer eye-candy for the office. There are many fantastic chairs in this world, so please, share with us your favorite!

Floating / MAIO

In this edition of Construmat 2011, the Glass Foundation of Barcelona stresses new potentials and future challenges of glass, researching and trialing new possibilities, both for its integration into the architectural field as for the development of new ways in order to move towards a more sustainable architecture.

U.S. Community Design Trends highlight Infill Development


As the depressed economic state of the U.S. continues, home trends shift from large residential subdivisions towards small scale infill development projects. The 2011 American Institute of Architects (AIA) third quarter Home Design Trends Survey reflects the current desires of today’s buyer towards affordability, access to public transportation, commercial opportunities and job centers.