Complexity Via Simplicity: Urbana's Parking Structure Facade

00:00 - 3 September, 2014

Asked to design an interactive facade for an existing parking structure at the new Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Urbana principle Rob Ley had a conundrum to deal with: "With Indianapolis’ really extreme weather patterns, we gave a lot of thought to: how can we make something that’s interactive but won’t be broken in a year?” he told the Architect's Newspaper. “Unfortunately, the history of kinetic facades teaches us that that they can become a maintenance nightmare."

His solution came from turning the question on its head - how could they design and fabricate a static facade that appears to change when the viewer moves? The resulting design appears highly complex, while in fact using aluminum fins bent at just three different angles. Find out more about the challenges of fabricating this facade, and inserting it into an existing structure, through the video above or at the Architect's Newspaper Fabrikator blog.

AirMaster Gallery / Urbana

01:00 - 12 December, 2010
AirMaster Gallery / Urbana, Courtesy of Urbana
Courtesy of Urbana
  • Architects

  • Location

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Architects

    Urbana, CSP
  • Design Team

    José Fernando Vázquez Pérez, AIA, Rafael Castro Montes de Oca, AIA, Yalmary Tirado López, Carlos Cruz Ortiz, Luis Cruz de la Paz, Carol Lora
  • Structure

    José Miguel Ortiz
  • Ilumination

    Gianluca Picardi
  • Signage

    Sign Engineering
  • Electrical

    Carlos Requena, PE
  • Graphic Design

    Sofía Saéz
  • Contractor

    Hambleton Group
  • Photographs

    Courtesy of Urbana

Courtesy of Urbana Courtesy of Urbana Courtesy of Urbana Courtesy of Urbana +45