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UR architects


Neighbourhood Sports Centre Kiel / UR architects

© Harry Gruyaert © Dries Luyten for City of Antwerp © Dries Luyten for City of Antwerp © Dries Luyten for City of Antwerp

House VVK / UR architects

© Luc Roymans © Luc Roymans © Luc Roymans Courtesy of UR architects

Sports Centre Zuidrand / UR Architects

UR Architects were awarded first prize for their design of a sports center in Antwerp.  The center, which is intended for non-competition sports, is aligned with the existing sports hall along the main street of the new master plan development.  The building attempts “to communicate” on all sides as the sports hall, dance hall and rental depot are positioned on the edge, interconnected by a T-shaped service area.  This extroverted model opens the building to the community and the architecture reflects the modernism of the surrounding buildings.  The roof is designed as a fifth facade to relate to the nearby housing blocks of Renaat Braem while the facades of the halls are made of multi-layered polycarbonate. Partly translucent, partly transparent, this material combines the dynamic spectacle of changing light and shade, with diffuse daylight admission and a high insulation value, resulting in a low energy building.

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