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Ruins of an Alternate Future (Jinhua Architecture Park)

Courtesy of Chakroff
Courtesy of Chakroff

Originally published on the author’s website and blog on Archinect, 'Ruins of an Alternate Future (Jinhua Architecture Park)' was written by Shanghai-based architectural designer and theorist Evan Chakroff

One of the great, if seldom realized, promises of architecture is its capacity to affect change. The best architects seem to have this potential in mind constantly as they structure career-length narratives around the social impact that good design can achieve. While this is often hyperbole, and most projects are driven by functional or economic considerations, there is the occasional opportunity for artists and architects to create purely speculative work, where radical departures from established typologies suggest alternatives to the status quo. In these rare cases, novelty is embraced not for its own sake, but for its potential to generate new archetypes, to provide a glimpse into a parallel world where architecture truly has agency: where design can change society for the better. 

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Huis Van Droo / Johan De Wachter Architects


Restaurant 13 / Johan De Wachter Architects

  • Architects: Johan De Wachter Architects
  • Location: Jinhua City, China
  • Architect: Johan De Wachter Architects
  • Principal Designer/S: Johan De Wachter
  • Design Team: Pei Liu
  • Collaboration: Fundc, ABT Velp
  • Organizer: Ai Weiwei, Herzog&DeMeuron
  • Client: Government of Jindong New District, Jinhua City
  • Area: 1500.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2007
  • Photographs: Iwan Baan

© Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan