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Old Mill Hotel Belgrade / GRAFT Architects

04:00 - 14 April, 2015
© Tobias Hein
© Tobias Hein
  • Architects

  • Location

    Bulevar vojvode Mišića, Beograd, Serbia
  • Managing Directors

    Lars Krueckeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
  • Project Manager

    Konstantin Buhr
  • Project Team

    Andrea Göldel, Sascha Krückeberg, Sebastian Gernhardt, Stephen Molloy, Denis Leo Hegic, Sonja Wedemeyer, Alice Mayer, Antonio Luque, Tade Godbersen
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

    Tobias Hein

© Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein +34

GRAFT Reveals Final Design for Munich's APASSIONATA Park

14:00 - 31 March, 2015
© GRAFT - Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH. Design by GRAFT
© GRAFT - Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH. Design by GRAFT

GRAFT Architects has released the final designs for the APASSIONATA adventure park. The competition-winning proposal aims to become a hub for leisure and entertainment in Munich, Germany, featuring a year-round venue for relaxation, discovery, and interaction with horses.

Check out the design and watch a virtual tour of the park, after the break.

© GRAFT - Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH. Design by GRAFT © GRAFT - Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH. Design by GRAFT © GRAFT - Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH. Design by GRAFT © GRAFT - Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH. Design by GRAFT +10

Make It Right Unveils 5 New Designs for Housing in Fort Peck Reservation

00:00 - 21 June, 2014
LivingHomes' Design. Image Courtesy of Living Homes
LivingHomes' Design. Image Courtesy of Living Homes

Make It Right, the organization founded by Brad Pitt to provide housing to those in need, has unveiled 5 designs for their new initiative in the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. The designs - by GRAFT, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative, Architecture for Humanity, Method Homes and Living Homes - are inspired by cradle-to-cradle principles, will be LEED Platinum rated and have been developed alongside community consultation with the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes of Fort Peck.

The organization is planning to build 20 new homes on the reservation, as well as developing a sustainable masterplan for the entire 3,300 square mile reservation, with construction planned to start later this year.

More on the development of Make It Right's Fort Peck initiative after the break.

Method Homes' Design. Image Courtesy of Method Homes Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative's Design. Image Courtesy of Make It Right Architecture For Humanity's design. Image Courtesy of Make It Right GRAFT's Design. Image Courtesy of GRAFT +5

GRAFT + Kleihues+Kleihues Design Work/Live Housing in Berlin

01:00 - 18 May, 2014
Courtesy of GRAFT
Courtesy of GRAFT

GRAFT and Kleihues+Kleihues has teamed up with Genossenschaft für urbane Kreativität (Cooperative for urban Creativity) to realize a complex of five towers centered around working and living in Berlin, Germany. Titled “Eckwerk,” the new complex is set to rise within the confines of an existing viaduct, whose shape and materiality served as the project’s main source of inspiration. 

GRAFT + penda to Break Ground on Myrtle Garden Hotel

01:00 - 5 March, 2014
© GRAFT + penda
© GRAFT + penda

GRAFT Architects and penda are preparing to break ground on Myrtle Garden Hotel in the outskirts of Xiangyang, China. Nestled on a hillside site within the largest Myrtle Flower Garden in Asia, the wooden annular structure is designed to provide a “soothing harmony between the architecture and its natural environment.” 

GRAFT Wins Competition to Design Resort in Lofer

01:00 - 16 October, 2013
Hotel. Image Courtesy of GRAFT
Hotel. Image Courtesy of GRAFT

GRAFT Architects has won first place in a competition to design a “premium common good resort” in Lofer, Austria. Located in the Pinzgau region of Salzburg, the resort will include a hotel complex, staff building, workshop based on “the economy for the common good,” “café villa” and a premium residence area. GRAFT’s design was highly lauded by both the client and locals, all of whom were fully involved in the decision process. 

Autostadt Roof and Service Pavilion / Graft Architects

00:00 - 28 August, 2013
© Tobias Hein
© Tobias Hein

© Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein +21

TOR 149 / Graft Architects

01:00 - 21 June, 2013
© Tobias Hein
© Tobias Hein

© Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein © Tobias Hein +31

Duplex House for Make It Right / GRAFT

00:07 - 8 July, 2009

GRAFT was one of the first practices that started working with Make It Right to redevelop the Lower 9th Ward area in New Orleans. Their single family home design has been picked by 3 homeowners so far, with 2 already finished and 1 in construction phase.

GRAFT’s proposal for the new set of duplex homes we featured yesterday, has LEED Platinum certification and in my opinion proposes an interesting strategy to connect with the street level, mandatory to all MIR projects.

Architect’s description and more images after the break:

Platoon Kunsthalle / Platoon + Graft Architects

01:00 - 2 July, 2009
  • Architects

  • Location

  • Concept Design

    Platoon Cultural Development
  • Executive Architect

    U-il Architects & Engineers
  • Interior Design

  • Architectural Consultancy

    Graft Architects + Baik Jiwon
  • Prefab Engineering

    Ace special container, Korea
  • Structural Engineering

    MIDAS IT, Korea
  • Structure

    M. Cabestany
  • Main Contractor

    Hyojung construction & development, Korea
  • Program

    Exhibitions, Bar & Restaurant, Event Hall, Artist Studios, Library Lounge, Office Studios, Workshop Room, Roof Top Bar
  • Main hall Area

    272 sqm
  • Area

    415.0 sqm
  • Project Year


Platoon Kunsthalle / Platoon + Graft Architects Platoon Kunsthalle / Platoon + Graft Architects Platoon Kunsthalle / Platoon + Graft Architects Platoon Kunsthalle / Platoon + Graft Architects +30

New Russian-Jewish Museum of Tolerance / Graft Architects

21:00 - 9 June, 2009

The committee for the Russian-Jewish Museum of Tolerance finalized the German-based Graft Architects‘ design for the new museum.  Grafts’ renovation and expansion of the 1927 Konstantin Melnikov’s bus depot will transform the space into the world’s largest Jewish museum.

More about the project after the break.

Art Cloud / Graft Architects

12:30 - 16 April, 2009

The Royal Palace at Scholssplatz, located in the german city of Berlin,  was destroyed by the German Democratic Republic in 1962 and in its place, they built the Palace of the Republic which was also demolished in 2005.

Since then many proposals have come, till in 2007, the Bundestag (German Parliament), decided on a reconstruction plan. Three façades of the palace will be rebuilt, and the interior will be renewed. One of the proposals came from Graft Architects who designed an art heaven in the form of a kunsthall for the young and vital international art scene in Berlin. The design is envisioned as an art cloud a temporary light structure of exhibition space, seemingly floating and resting for a moment above the topography of soft mounds.

Seen at designboom. More images after the break.

Chicago Union Station / Graft Architects

12:30 - 12 April, 2009

Chicago Union Station, by Germany-based Graft Architects will treat the user group as two: the traveler and the inhabitant.

The traveler has a destination, a purpose, a need to get through the process as efficiently as possible. The penetration into the site will be minimal; the tickets purchased en route, the space and time between the city and the outbound areas are optimized. The inhabitant seeks an extended stay; the coffee shop, the sunday morning market, life anchored to the city. The station becomes a rock jutting out of a raging river. The place of the inhabitant is at the center of the chaos, a place to better experience the city, a place to relax, a place to watch the chaos unfold.

The station serves as infrastructure for the city. It’s not a singular building, a place confined by boundaries. The interface with the city is blurred, inside and outside undefined.

Seen at designboom. More images after the break.