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Jan Gehl: "Civic Culture Needs Cultivating and Curating"

Danish architect and urban planning expert Jan Gehl has weighed in on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's threat to remove Times Square as a"kneejerk reaction" to aggressive panhandling. Recounting beloved square's evolution, Gehl argues that public spaces need more than just to exist: "Civic culture needs cultivating and curating... Public spaces like Times Square are the great equalizer in cities: Improvements in the public realm benefit everyone. The city should view the challenge of Times Square’s pedestrian plaza not as a reason for retreat, but as a call to create a diverse, dense, intense experience of public life that we can all enjoy." Read Gehl's remarks, here.

Eastside Uprising: The Architects Shaping the Big, New Burnside Bridgehead

Design Week Portland and the University of Oregon John Yeon Center for Architecture and the Landscape with Portland Monthly present an October 12, 2015 evening of discussion about architecture and the east side’s future with architects and principal designers of the Burnside Bridgehead.

It’s been decades since Portland has seen such an architecturally dramatic reshaping of three contiguous, more visible city blocks as what is taking place at E. Burnside and NE Grand Avenue—the Burnside Bridgehead. Designed by Skylab Architecture, Works Partnership, and Guerilla Development, the three buildings—Block 67, Block 75, and the “Fair-Haired Dumbbell”—may not be large (21, 9, and

Breaking Ground Workshop

A workshop on the gradual urban development of Geneva will take place from September 21st to September 25th, 2015 at the Fonderie Kugler. Registration to the workshop is open to all independent and creative minds and motivated people within the limits of the available places.

Event: Blind Date “Urban Realities” in Ljubljana

Blind date is a special type of event, when young architects, urban planners and other experts meet for the first time and try to find answers to the pressing issues of the city. Blind date “Urban Realities” will focus on the problem of abandoned construction pits in Ljubljana. A proposal of future uses of these sites will be developed within a discussion of the international teams and local experts. The visions for new urban realities will be presented to and discussed with the audience in a public event at 20.00 in Museum of Architecture and Design (Ljubljana).

Lecture: Out of Shadows: Darkness in a New Light

Juxtaposing lightness and darkness, architectural lighting design draws powerful, personal spaces out of the shadows.

During his lecture "Out of Shadows: darkness in a new light," Abhay Wadhwa of AWA Lighting Designers will explore our psychological, philosophical, and cultural relationship to light.

Lecture: Sergei Tchoban: Drawing a Museum of Drawings at the Cornell University

Sergei Tchoban was invited by the Architecture Art Planing at the Cornell University to give a talk about his passion for drawing, what is architectural drawing today and about his beautiful historical drawings that he has collected for his museum in Berlin. He will also discuss the development of the Museum for Architectural Drawing, its realization as a building and his choice in the collection.

Architours 2015: Guided Journeys to Architectural Gems in Singapore

A signature programme of Archifest, an annual architecture festival in Singapore, Architours is a series of guided tours to explore and learn about local design and architecture. Participants will get exclusive introduction to unique architecture in our city. Learn about the design strategies that were employed in the projects as told by the architects and architecture associates as they take participants on an experiential journey through the creation. The highly anticipated Architours returns in 2015 with newly curated journeys featuring award-winning as well as hidden gems in Singapore.

Symposium: Extreme Heat: Hot Cities - Adapting to a Hotter World

“Extreme Heat: Hot Cities – Adapting to a Hotter World” is a unique, day-long symposium. A broad constituency involved in building and urban design, science, research, policy, innovation, mitigation, and adaptation will come together to discuss how to address this growing risk through planning, design, and construction.

“Extreme Heat” invites architects and landscape architects, planners, engineers, and allied professionals, government, foundations, scientists, researchers, and students – in fact, all interested stakeholders – to discuss essential information and insights. The symposium will cover topics ranging from urban climatology to building materials, case studies, and recommendations for the future. It will revisit prior extreme heat events such as the 1995 Chicago and 2003 Paris category-defining heat waves, and what has changed since then.

British Architect Jonathan Woolf Dies Aged 54

According to the Architects' Journal Jonathan Woolf, "the much-respected architect and academic" born and based in London, has died aged 54. His practice, Jonathan Woolf Architects, was established in 1990 and has completed more than thirty-five projects in Europe and Africa. Woolf was also a prolific educator, having taught at the British universities of Bath, Kingston (from which he received an honorary doctorate earlier this year), the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, and the Architectural Association.

Liquid Happening: A Living Architecture Ball

Aboard a private yacht, this event will break traditional molds of evening public lectures that promote excellence, diversity, as well as engaging the public about the impact and relevance of architecture, good design including providing continuing education. Attendees and guests will come out reenergized, as they mingle, tour Chicago through Lake Michigan and Chicago River in a private yacht, and engage in dialogue with Keynote Speaker, Dr Rachel Armstrong. The evening's topic centers on an ecological age of design and construction that seeks to develop new ways of choreographing space by working along with natural systems. The black-tie and tie-dyed evening cruise will culminate at the rooftop of a secret high rise building location (to be revealed on the day of the event) for a viewing of the Living Ball installation of the Leapfrog Project.

Spotlight: Andrés Duany

Andrés Duany (born September 7, 1949) is a founding partner of Miami firms Arquitectonica and Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, and a co-founder of the Congress for New Urbanism. As an advocate of New Urbanism, since the 1980s Duany has been instrumental creating renewed focus on walkable, mixed use neighborhoods, in reaction against the sprawling, car-centric modernist urbanism of the previous decades.

Event: "Japanese Design Today: Unique, Evolving, Borderless - with Hiroshi Kashiwagi and Yoshifumi Nakamura"

The Japan Foundation, New York and The New School’s Parsons School of Design, Design Studies and Industrial Design programs present “Japanese Design Today: Unique, Evolving, Borderless ‐ with Hiroshi Kashiwagi and Yoshifumi Nakamura.” Hiroshi Kashiwagi, professor at Musashino Art University and architect/ furniture designer Yoshifumi Nakamura will each discuss the evolution, distinguishing characteristics, and current state of Japanese design today.

NewSchool Architectural Symposium

Architecture academics and professionals are invited to a free conference. The focus will be on computational processes in the modern practice of architecture and design and how digital technologies are shaping the practice of architecture and its allied disciplines. The conference will feature an exciting speakers list and discussion sessions.

Spotlight: Fumihiko Maki

Pritzker Prize laureate and 67th AIA Gold Medalist Fumihiko Maki (born September 6, 1928) is widely considered to be one of Japan's most distinguished living architects, practicing a unique style of Modernism that reflects his Japanese origin. Toshiko Mori has praised Maki's ability to create "ineffable atmospheres" using a simple palette of various types of metal, concrete, and glass. His consistent integration and adoption of new methods of construction as part of his design language contribute to his personal quest to create "unforgettable scenes."

Event: The Restaurant Design Show

The Restaurant Design Show is the UK’s largest event specifically aimed at restaurant, bar and café interior designers. This brand new show will attract food and drink establishment owners, architects, designers, and other industry professionals from across the country, and caters for individuals either looking for start-up inspiration, to reinvent their establishment, or interior design professionals. We are looking for the best-known names, thought leaders and industry experts, to offer advice on contemporary design trends, customer service secrets, design tips and techniques, and much more.

gta exhibitions: Book for Architects

Architects write books, read books, love books and collect books. Books loom large for architects – books that endeavor to talk about architecture, books that are a source of inspiration, a forum for polemics, an expression of dreams, wishful thinking and so much more. This exhibition showcases a historical selection of special “books for architects” as well as commentary on books by contemporary architects, historians and theorists, who, in various forms, conceptually and concretely explore a great many aspects of books for architects. Selected items are spatially arranged within the exhibition, moreover, for a mise en scène of reading, writing and collecting books.

Chicago Architecture Club Announces 2015 Burnham Prize Competition: Currencies of Architecture

UPDATE: The deadline for submissions for the Burnham Prize has been extended to September 7th, 2015 with the announcement of the winning entries to occur on September 30th, 2015. In addition, student entry fees have been reduced to $25.00.

Affiliated with this year’s Chicago Architecture Biennial, the Chicago Architectural Club has announced the 2015 Burnham Prize Competition: Currencies of Architecture. This year’s Burnham Prize was inspired by the Chicago Architecture Biennial’s title, “The State of the Art of Architecture,” and explores the question: what is the state of the art of architecture today? Entrants are challenged to create a single image that exemplifies a point of view on the current state of architecture – whether it is a celebration, a challenge, a statement or anything else.

Spotlight: Kenzō Tange

As one of the eldest in a long line of architects that have made Japan one of the most revered countries in architecture, Pritzker-Prize Winning architect Kenzō Tange (4 September 1913 - 22 March 2005) helped define Japan’s post-WWII emergence into Modernism. Though he was trained as an architect, Tange was equally as influential as an urban planner giving him significant influence in Japan and around the world at both large and small scales.