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In Detail: Chipperfield’s Nobel Centre for Stockholm

As we announced earlier, David Chipperfield Architects’ modest proposal for the Nobel Center’s new home in Stockholm has been announced as the winning submission of the Nobel Foundation’s prestigious international competition. Lauded by the jury for its “lightness and openness,” Chipperfield envisioned the glass and stone proposal to “convey dignity” and embody the ideals of the Nobel Prize so it may serve as inspiration for generations to come. 

Detailed drawings, images and quotes from the architect, after the break... 

Summer House M / M.B.A.

  • Architects: M.B.A.
  • Location: Bohusläns Museum, Museigatan 1, 451 50 Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Architect In Charge: Mikael Bergquist
  • Landscape: Per Axelsson
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Mikael Olsson

© Mikael Olsson © Mikael Olsson © Mikael Olsson © Mikael Olsson

Venice Biennale 2014: Nordic Pavilion to Study Architecture’s Role in East African Independence

The National Museum in Norway has been chosen to curate the Nordic Pavilion for the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, in collaboration with the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm, and architectural firm Space Group. The exhibition, “FORMS OF FREEDOM: African Independence and Nordic Models” will study modern Nordic architecture’s role in the liberation of East Africa during the 1960s and 70s. 

Holiday House Vindö / Max Holst

© Hannes Söderlund © Hannes Söderlund © Hannes Söderlund © Hannes Söderlund

Architects to Relocate Entire City Two Miles Over

UPDATE: The BBC reports that construction on the Kiruna re-location is scheduled to begin next month. For more on this extraordinary project, read the article below. 

Everyone is familiar with the stresses of moving to a new house, but the residents of Kiruna, a small town of 18,000 in Sweden, face a more daunting task: moving their entire city.

For more than 100 years, residents of Kiruna have developed their city center around the world's largest iron mine, operated by the state-controlled company, Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB (LKAB). In 2004, LKAB determined that to continue extracting iron would mean digging deeper, unsettling the ground beneath 3,000 homes as well as the city hall, train station, and century-old church.

A Place to Chill: Sweden's Ice Hotel

Before the Big Bang Suite by artists Rob Harding & Timsam Harding. Image © Christopher Hauser
Before the Big Bang Suite by artists Rob Harding & Timsam Harding. Image © Christopher Hauser

The IceHotel, a hotel in Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden that melts back into the Torne River and is rebuilt each year, is currently in the design phase for next winter. But there's a new twist: next year guests are able to collaborate with artists to design a suite that is bespoke to their individual tastes. The price tag is admittedly rather steep, and those going for this option can expect "one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world", according to the press release.

Is it worth it? Why don't you decide for yourself - images from this winter's hotel are after the break!

The It's Alive Suite by artists Karl-Johan Ekeroth & Christian Strömqvist. Image © Christopher Hauser The Bedtime Story Suite by artists Wilfred Stijge & Edith van de Wetering. Image © Paulina Holmgren The Blue Marine Suite, by artists William Blomstrand & Andrew Winch. Image © Paulina Holmgren The Dragon Residence Suite by artists Dorjsuren Lkhagvadorj & Bazarsad Bayarsaikhan. Image © Paulina Holmgren

Stupet, refugium by a staircase / Petra Gipp Arkitektur

© Åke E:son Lindman © Åke E:son Lindman © Åke E:son Lindman © Åke E:son Lindman

Visiondivision Proposes Pedestrian Promenade Beneath Stockholm Bridge

With minimal intervention, Swedish architecture firm visiondivision claims that the underused structure beneath Stockholm’s Tranebergsbron bridge could be transformed into a pedestrian walkway and informal cinema. If built, this proposal would not only remove pedestrians from the dismal walking space provided alongside the bridge’s bustling car lanes, but it would also dramatically shorten the walking distance between the city island of Kungsholmen and western suburb of Bromma.

Sauna / General Architecture

  • Architects: General Architecture
  • Location: Stockholm archipelago, Sweden
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Mikael Olsson

© Mikael Olsson © Mikael Olsson © Mikael Olsson © Mikael Olsson

Chameleon Cabin / White Arkitekter

  • Architects: White Arkitekter
  • Location: Sweden
  • Architect In Charge: Mattias Lind
  • Brand Agency: Happy F + B
  • Printer: Göteborgstryckeriet
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Rasmus Norlander

© Rasmus Norlander © Rasmus Norlander © Rasmus Norlander © Rasmus Norlander

C.F. Møller and DinnellJohansson's Wooden Skyscraper Wins International Competition

Scandinavian practice C.F. Møller Architects, in collaboration with DinellJohanssonhas been announced as winner of the HSB Stockholm architectural competition. The winning scheme includes three "ultra-modern residential high-rises" planned for Stockholm's city center. Only one of these proposals will actually be built, including the world's tallest wooden skyscraperCompletion of the chosen tower is set for 2023, the 100th anniversary of the competition organizer and Sweden's largest housing association, HSB. View the three project proposals after the break. 

Subterranean Concrete Orgy / Toki Drobnjakovic and Per Sundberg

The Subterranean Concrete Orgy by Toki Drobnjakovic and Per Sundberg (Per & Toki) is a reinvention of the "infamous" Blue Star building in Stockholm. The designers, looking for a new studio and office space for Studioverket, have collaborated with concrete producer Butong to realize a space of "homogenous diversity" by using a new type of concrete sealed air bubble casting. By incorporating new design features and in reinventing some of the existing, the basement space has been transformed from pornography shop to elegant studio defined by a series of unique interventions. See the changes after the break...

Villa Överby / John Robert Nilsson Arkitektkontor

  • Architects: John Robert Nilsson Arkitektkontor
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Design Team: Robert Nilsson, Maria Århammar, Niklas Singstedt, Martin Zetherström, Vincenzo Cassotta
  • Landscaping: Mikado Mark & Trädgård, Robert Forsberg
  • Contractors: Geo Markservice AB, Eva Holmqvist (water/sewage), CSE Projekt, Henrik Nilsson (construction), Itecon AB, Eskil Stenstrand (water), Jan Fransson Elkonsult AB, Håkan Ackland (electricity)
  • Glass Contractors/Suppliers: JB Glaskonsult AB, Johan Backlund, JONI Metall & glasprojektering/ CL Specialglas, Claes Lundén
  • Building Contractor: Liljestrand Entreprenad LE AB
  • Area: 250.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Åke Eson Lindman, John Robert Nilsson

© Åke Eson Lindman © Åke Eson Lindman © Åke Eson Lindman © Åke Eson Lindman

Cliff Hanger / Björn Gross & Josef Wideström

  • Architects: Arctic Studio
  • Location: Lerum, Sweden
  • Architects: Björn Gross, Josef Wideström
  • Area: 300.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Krister Engström

© Krister Engström © Krister Engström © Krister Engström © Krister Engström

Wiklands Backe / Sandell Sandberg

© Skeppsholmen Sotheby's International Realty © Skeppsholmen Sotheby's International Realty © Skeppsholmen Sotheby's International Realty © Skeppsholmen Sotheby's International Realty

"Marievik 15" Competition Entry / Louis Paillard Architects

Louis Paillard Architects' proposal for Marievik, a site south west of Sweden's capital, is an attempt to condense 65,000 square metres of housing, retail, restaurants and a school into just 12,000 square metres of available space through "six iconic objects." According to the architects, Stockholm is a city built "by public spaces, shared spaces, [and] parks and gardens", which led to their design "twisting itself around the void."