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Burkhardt Leitner constructiv exhibition / Ippolito Fleitz Group

© Zooey Braun © Zooey Braun © Zooey Braun © Zooey Braun

Parking Garage / Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten

© Christian Richters © Christian Richters © Christian Richters Courtesy of Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten

Lentpark / Schulitz Architekten

  • Architects: Schulitz Architekten
  • Location: Lentstraße 30, 50668 Cologne, Germany
  • Building Services: Ingenieurbüro Möller, Meyer GmbH
  • Owner: KölnBäder GmbH
  • Desing Team: Philipp Heitger, Gustavo Oettinger, Rafael Wiglenda, Sebastian Moll, Jasmine Behzadi, Matthias Rätzel, Christian Laviola, Stefanie Blume, Roland Pabel
  • Area: 12900.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Schulitz Architects

Courtesy of Schulitz Architects Courtesy of Schulitz Architects Courtesy of Schulitz Architects Courtesy of Schulitz Architects

Cafeteria at the University Aalen / MGF Architekten

  • Architects: MGF Architekten
  • Location: Aalen, Germany
  • Project Leadership: Josef Hämmerl
  • Design Team: Maria Knott, Karin Schmid-Arnoldt
  • Area: 550.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Michael Schnell

© Michael Schnell © Michael Schnell © Michael Schnell © Michael Schnell

Winners of the Berlin Natural Science Museum Competition Revealed

The winners of the international competition to design Berlin's new Natural Science Museum have been announced. The brief, which called for a large scale iconic building in the heart of the German capital, offered the opportunity for architects and students to design in a city founded in the 13th century.

Understanding that natural science museums are often simply seen as places for public spectacle, the organization behind the competition wanted to ensure that the "importance of the museum's specimen collections for documenting historical and present-day patterns of biological diversity cannot be overstated."

See the winning entry, along with the runners up, after the break.

SU House / Alexander Brenner Architects

© Zooey Braun
© Zooey Braun

© Zooey Braun © Zooey Braun © Zooey Braun © Zooey Braun

Chemiepraktikum Aachen / Ksg Architekten

  • Architects: Ksg Architekten
  • Location: Turmstraße, Aachen, Germany
  • Architect in Charge: kister scheithauer gross architekten, stadtplaner GmbH, Köln
  • Responsible Partner: Johannes Kister
  • Project Managers: Klaus Küppers, Gabriel Mörsch
  • Occupant Architects: RWTH Aachen
  • Area: 3720.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Yohan Zerdoun

© Yohan Zerdoun © Yohan Zerdoun © Yohan Zerdoun © Yohan Zerdoun

Farmhouse Renovation / Buero Philipp Moeller

  • Architects: Buero Philipp Moeller
  • Location: Moorenweis, Germany
  • Architects in Charge: Philipp Moeller, Spandri / Wiedemann, Elia Spandri
  • Area: 388.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Benjamin A. Monn

© Benjamin A. Monn © Benjamin A. Monn © Benjamin A. Monn © Benjamin A. Monn

Exhibition: 2D:3D Barkow Leibinger

Only 5 more days on the exhibition 2D:3D, an installation by Barkow Leibinger at the BDA Berlin Gallery. Covering the wall surfaces of the small gallery space with “tapete” or wallpaper the façade of the storefront gallery frames what Leon Battista Alberti described as a fenestra aperta. In this configuration the space of the gallery is a projection/ extension of the streetscape in the bourgeois residential historical Mommsenstrasse neighborhood.

VIDEO: Light Installation Transforms Cylindrical Tower

The bowels of a Gasometer may be an unlikely place to stage a light installation, however, URBANSCREEN, a German projection company, has done just that. 320 Licht is a spectacle of light and sound within a cylindrical volume over 300 feet high. With the help of Epson Germany, URBANSCREEN was able to sync 21 separate projectors for a 22 minute loop, documenting the process in the amazing high-definition video above. Enjoy!

House A / Bernd Zimmermann Architekten

© Valentin Wormbs © Valentin Wormbs © Valentin Wormbs © Valentin Wormbs

Exhibition: New Moscow - Новая Москва, Urban Development by International Competitions 2012-2014

A new series of international architecture competitions are characterizing a clear change in the current urban planning strategy of Moscow. The initiator of these developments is the incumbent chief architect of the Russian capital, Sergey Kuznetsov. Together with his team, he has breathed new life into Moscow’s urban development since taking office in mid 2012. The exhibition New Moscow – Новая Москва presents two international competitions – from the fields of landscape planning (1st prize Diller Scofidio + Renfro, New York) and cultural building (1st prize Heneghan Peng, Dublin) – and through these demonstrates the great gains for the city’s urban planning that are being drawn from this open, global approach.

Youth-Club Extension / Bernd Zimmermann Architekten

© Prof. Valentin Wormbs, Stuttgart © Prof. Valentin Wormbs, Stuttgart © Prof. Valentin Wormbs, Stuttgart © Prof. Valentin Wormbs, Stuttgart

Infographic: The Bauhaus, Where Form Follows Function

UPDATE: In honor of the 81st anniversary of the day the Bauhaus closed in 1933, we’re re-publishing this popular infographic, which was originally published April 16th, 2012.

From the “starchitect” to “architecture for the 99%,” we are witnessing a shift of focus in the field of architecture. However, it’s in the education system where these ideas really take root and grow. This sea change inspired us to explore past movements, influenced by economic shifts, war and the introduction of new technologies, and take a closer look at the bauhaus movement.

Often associated with being anti-industrial, the Arts and Crafts Movement had dominated the field before the start of the Bauhaus in 1919. The Bauhaus’ focus was to merge design with industry, providing well designed products for the many.

The Bauhaus not only impacted design and architecture on an international level, but also revolutionized the way design schools conceptualize education as a means of imparting an integrated design approach where form follows function.

Treehouse Solling / baumraum

  • Architects: baumraum
  • Location: Uslar, Germany
  • Area: 37.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Markus Bollen

© Markus Bollen © Markus Bollen © Markus Bollen © Markus Bollen

Lecture Series: Japanese Architecture at at Cologne University

The Faculty of Architecture at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences will host a lecture series on Japanese architecture. The program will start April 8 with Junya Ishigami and will continue until June 24 with lectures by Shin Takamatsu & Takeshi Katagiri, recent Pritzker Prize winner Shigeru Ban, Ryusuke Kojio, Sou Fujimoto, Hitoshi Abe and Hiroaki Kimura. 

House P+G / Architekten Wannenmacher+ Möller GmbH

© Jose Campos © Jose Campos © Jose Campos © Jose Campos