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The Mirador House / Víctor Gubbins Browne + Gubbins Arquitectos

© Marcos Mendizábal © Marcos Mendizábal © Marcos Mendizábal © Marcos Mendizábal

ARKxSITE Announces Winners of Portugal Art Centre Competition

ARKxSITE has announced the winners of its call for ideas for a hypothetical contemporary Art Centre to be built in the Fortress of Cresmina in Cascais, Portugal. Open to architecture students and architects under 40 years of age, entrants were challenged to preserve the significant cultural, historical and landscape elements of the Fortress of Cresmina, celebrating the existing ruins to create a unique experience for visitors. The jury comprised Alberto Mottola, (demogo studio di architettura, Italy), Felipe Grallert (Felipe Grallert Arquitectos, Chile) and Rasmus Jessing (COBE, Denmark). See the third, second and first place winners after the break.

Huinganal School / Re Arquitectos

  • Architects: Re Arquitectos
  • Location: Panorámica Sur, Lo Barnechea, Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana, Chile
  • Architects in charge : Rodrigo Errazuriz H, Felipe Carvallo W, Eduardo Labra B, Ivan Farias V, Pablo Phillips R, Giulio Di Guiseppe V.
  • Area: 4567.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photography: Estudio Ibañez

© Estudio Ibañez © Estudio Ibañez © Estudio Ibañez © Estudio Ibañez

GB House / emA Arquitectos

  • Architects: emA Arquitectos
  • Location: Quintero, Quintero, Valparaíso Region, Chile
  • Architect in charge: Orlando Etcheberrigaray P.
  • Construction: Sebastián Gandarillas V.
  • Project Area: 223.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Marcelo Cáceres

© Marcelo Cáceres © Marcelo Cáceres © Marcelo Cáceres © Marcelo Cáceres

Ennead Teams Up with Chilean Architects to Design Cape Horn Sub-Antarctic Center

As a result of a public competition, the Chilean Regional Government has commissioned Ennead Architects to collaborate with Chilean architects Cristian Sanhueza and Cristian Ostertag on the design of the Cape Horn Sub-Antarctic Center. Planned for a site within the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve in Puerto Williams, a town on Navarino Island in the Chilean Sub-Antarctic Province, the center will provide a home for the Biocultural Research and Conservation Program led by Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, Professor at the University of North Texas, the Universidad de Magallanes and the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity.

Garage Art Studio / Juan Luis Martínez Nahuel

Courtesy of Juan Luis Martínez Nahuel Courtesy of Juan Luis Martínez Nahuel Courtesy of Juan Luis Martínez Nahuel Courtesy of Juan Luis Martínez Nahuel

“Your Reflection” Selected as Winning Proposal of YAP_Constructo Chile

Chilean architects, Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa Soler, have been selected as the winners of the 2015 Young Architects Program (YAP) Constructo in Chile for their installation proposal, “Your Reflection." The installation will be inaugurated in March 2016 in Santiago, and aims “to build an uncertain experience, a situation of estrangement” so that the visitor is waiting to see “what is going to surprise them in the next place." 

Along with New York, Istanbul, Rome and Seoul, Yap Contructo (Chile) is one of five versions of the Young Architects Program (YAP), carried out by MoMA and MoMA PS1, which aims to “support research in innovative design and promote emerging talent.” 

Learn more about the proposal after the break. 

Las Trancas House / Cristian Irarrázaval Andrews

Courtesy of Cristian Irarrázaval Andrews Courtesy of Cristian Irarrázaval Andrews Courtesy of Cristian Irarrázaval Andrews Courtesy of Cristian Irarrázaval Andrews

How Chile's Bahá'í Temple Uses High Technology to Create a Spiritual Space

Now nearing completion just outside SantiagoHariri Pontarini Architects' Bahá'í Temple of South America is currently one of the most significant religious construction projects in the world. In this article, originally published by Metropolis Magazine as "Sacred Structure," Guy Horton relates how - despite being in progress for almost a decade already - the design has changed remarkably little from the initial design sketch, using the latest technology to create a spiritual and emotional space.

For the last few years, in the Andean foothills just outside Santiago, Chile, a mysterious orb-like structure has been slowly rising under construction cranes. The new Bahá’i Temple of South America will be the first of its kind on the continent when it opens in 2016. It has been a historic journey for the Bahá’i faith in this part of the world—Bahá’i first arrived in Chile in 1919—and a patient journey for the architects, engineers, and builders who have brought the temple to life through a decade-long process of innovation.

The engineering firms were key to keeping the integrity of the architectural form. Even in the final stages, Gartner Steel and Glass came up with a new approach that eliminated the sub-frame, saving over $850,000. Image Courtesy of Guy Wenborne It's been over a decade since the architects of South America's first Baha'i Temple sketched out its design. “The shape never changed from what it was on the computer in 2003,” says Doron Meinhard, project manager and associate-in-charge of Hariri Pontarini Architects. Image Courtesy of Guy Wenborne © Bahá’í Temple of South America The interior surface of the nine “sails” (above) is marble, the exterior is cast glass developed by artist Jeff Goodman. He took great care, using lab-grade borosilicate to avoid any thermal stress. SGH then put the material through rigorous testing: subjecting it to freeze and thaw cycles, and submerging it fully in water. Then, because the 2,000 panels on each of the sails are all unique, the seismic load on every single one had to be tested. Image Courtesy of Justin Ford

Palacio Las Majadas de Pirque / Teodoro Fernández Arquitectos

  • Architects: Teodoro Fernández Arquitectos
  • Location: Exequiel Fontecilla, Pirque, Pirque, Región Metropolitana, Chile
  • Architect in Charge: Teodoro Fernández Larrañaga
  • Collaborators: Christopher Dyer Vicuña
  • Area: 1922.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Felipe Lavín, Courtesy of Teodoro Fernández Arquitectos, Arturo Lyon

© Felipe Lavín Courtesy of Teodoro Fernández Arquitectos © Felipe Lavín © Felipe Lavín

Pigeon Loft / Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados

© Pia Melero © Pia Melero Courtesy of Schmidt Architects © Pia Melero

House on Todos Los Santos Lake / Apio Arquitectos

  • Architects: Apio Arquitectos
  • Location: Lago Todos Los Santos 10, Puerto Montt, Puerto Montt, X Región, Chile
  • Architect in charge: Angie Chadwick Stuardo
  • Project Area: 120.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photography: Alejandra Valenzuela

© Alejandra Valenzuela © Alejandra Valenzuela © Alejandra Valenzuela © Alejandra Valenzuela

Ismael 312 Apart Hotel / Estudio Larrain

  • Architects: Estudio Larrain
  • Location: Ismael Valdés Vergara 312, Santiago, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile
  • Project Architects: Rodrigo Larrain Galvez, Rodrigo Larrain Illanes
  • Project Area: 1502.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma, Courtesy of Estudio Larrain, Rodrigo Larrain Illanes

Courtesy of Estudio Larrain Courtesy of Estudio Larrain Courtesy of Estudio Larrain Courtesy of Estudio Larrain

H House / PAARQ Arquitectos

  • Architects: PAARQ Arquitectos
  • Location: Punta de Lobos, O'Higgins Region, Chile
  • Architect in Charge: Patricio Araya Rodriguez
  • Area: 105.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Paula Monroy

© Paula Monroy © Paula Monroy © Paula Monroy © Paula Monroy