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Les Marais / Alain Carle Architecte

© Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams

Fichman Residence / regionalArchitects

  • Architects: regionalArchitects
  • Location: 375 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1K1, Canada
  • Principal: Drew Sinclair
  • Area: 1200.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Terry Tourangeau

© Terry Tourangeau © Terry Tourangeau © Terry Tourangeau © Terry Tourangeau

Collège Saint-Louis / Marosi Troy Architectes + Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes

© Stephane Groleau © Stephane Groleau © Stephane Groleau © Stephane Groleau

Dunrobin Shores / Christopher Simmonds Architect

© Doublespace Photography © Doublespace Photography © Doublespace Photography © Doublespace Photography

Move Over, Green Walls: Living Canopy Comes to West Vancouver

Courtesy of Matthew Soules Architecture
Courtesy of Matthew Soules Architecture

Imagine walking beneath an illuminated canopy of lush greenery, in the form of inverted pyramids sculpted to perfection. In early August 2014 visitors were welcomed by this succulent living roof to the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Guests were guided through the fairgrounds beneath the 90-foot long canopy, creating an immersive sensory experience befitting the interdisciplinary creative arts festival. Designed by Matthew Soules Architecture and curated by the Museum of West VancouverVermilion Sands was created as a temporary installation for the ten day festival.  

Submerge yourself in Vermilion Sands with photos and more info after the break.

Saint Roch-de-l’Achigan City Hall / Affleck de la Riva architects

  • Architects: Affleck de la Riva architects
  • Location: 7 Rue Doctor Wilfrid Locat North, Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan, Quebec, QC J0K 3H0, Canada
  • Area: 1560.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Marc Cramer

© Marc Cramer © Marc Cramer © Marc Cramer © Marc Cramer

Au Pain Doré / NatureHumaine

  • Architects: NatureHumaine
  • Location: Côte-des-Neiges Road, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Area: 1500.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Adrien Williams

© Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams

Jiminez Lai and Bureau Spectacular Present: Flipping Properties

Designed for a laneway inside the Little Portugal neighborhood of Toronto, Flipping Properties tests the boundaries between architecture and furniture. The exhibition, created by Jiminez Lai and his team, Bureau Spectacular, unravels the traditional pentagonal shape of a house to create ‘super-furniture.’ Super-furniture is defined by Lai as “too big to be furniture and too small to be architecture.” The large installation pieces are meant to encourage dialogue on unused urban spaces in Toronto, while creating a novel way to interact with those spaces. Despite their size, the pieces can be rearranged within the laneway, allowing for a variety of assemblages to be created.  Flipping Properties opened July 11th, and will be in place until September 14th in the laneway between Sheridan Avenue and Gordon Street in Toronto. Admission is free to the public. See the full gallery of exhibition photos, after the break.

© Kevin Pazik © Kevin Pazik © Kevin Pazik © Kevin Pazik

Images Leaked of Major Development at Toronto's Union Station

Details have been leaked of a major new development on the Southern edge of downtown Toronto, just East of Union Station. The scheme, uncovered by UrbanToronto and its inquisitive users, involves the connection of sites on both sides of the railway tracks, and will include three towers and a pedestrian bridge featuring a park and retail space. It is understood that Wilkinson Eyre are the architects, after BD confirmed last week that they have recently won a major competition in Toronto.

Read on for more details of the project

Folklore Meets Design, Architecture and Light Deep in the Canadian Forest

Imagine yourself standing at a glowing threshold between reality and make believe, watching as mythical creatures dash across trees and into other dimensions. Imagine a world where the glimmer of fairies is reflected on a forest floor illuminated by trees of all colours; a world where a sea of stars transforms into an imaginary wolf, standing sentinel over its fairy tale universe. This enchanted world exists, thanks to the creatives at Moment Factory. In their Foresta Lumina video mapping project, they create a narrative installation set in the mysterious backwoods of Quebec, Canada. Find out how they add a little fantasy to ordinary reality after the break.

Inside "Arctic Adaptations" - Special Mention Winner at the Venice Biennale 2014

UPDATE: Our interview with Lateral Office is now up!

For this year's Venice Biennale, the Canadian Pavilion explored the ways modernity was absorbed in the extreme environment of Nunavut, Canada. As Nunavut is the newest, northernmost, and largest territory (with an area of over 2 million square kilometers) in Canada, Lateral Office hoped to shed on light on what Mason White called "modernity at an edge." Wowing the jury with their research and design, Arctic Adaptaptions: Nunavut at 15 garnered Mason White, Lola Sheppard, Matthew Spremulli, and their team a Special Mention during Saturday's awards ceremony. 

The geographic and cultural "edgeness" of Nunavut is examined over different parts of the exhibition in three mediums: a recent past, a current present and a near future. Matthew Spremulli explained that Arctic Adaptions sought to "look beyond standards" to see how the fundamentals of architecture are impacted in an area like Nunavut. Given the specific and acutely unique challenges to building and designing in an environment that, understandably, resists being colonized by southern models, the curators presented a case for adaptation.

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh

Russet Residence / Splyce Design

  • Architects: Splyce Design
  • Location: West Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Build: Powers Construction
  • Area: 4600.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Ivan Hunter

© Ivan Hunter © Ivan Hunter © Ivan Hunter © Ivan Hunter

South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre / Taylor Kurtz Architecture+Design

© Ema Peter © Ema Peter © Ema Peter © Ema Peter

Ocean Park House / Campos Leckie Studio

  • Architects: Campos Leckie Studio
  • Location: South Surrey, Surrey, BC V4A, Canada
  • Area: 3200.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Ema Peter

© Ema Peter © Ema Peter © Ema Peter © Ema Peter