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ArchDaily was founded in March 2008, as the online source of continuous information for a growing community of thousands of architects searching for the latest architectural news: projects, products, events, interviews and competitions among others.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the next 3 billion people that will move into cities in the next 40 years, by providing inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who will have the challenge to design for them.

Our editorial staff works with the most prestigious and influential architectural practices around the world in order to deliver specific and valuable content to a premium readership of architects, designers, consumers and influencers. ArchDaily has quickly established itself as one of the leading architectural websites in the world due to our editorial staff’s meticulous understanding of what the audience is really looking for: the best architecture around the world, as soon as possible.


  • David Basulto, Architect – Co Founder, Editor in Chief
  • David Assael, Architect, Master in Urban Development – Co Founder, CEO
  • Becky Quintal - Executive Editor
  • Diego Hernandez, Architect - Production Editor, Projects
  • Fernanda Castro, Architect - Managing Editor, Projects
  • Rory Stott - Managing Editor, Editorial
  • Karissa Rosenfield, Masters in Architecture – US News Editor
  • James Taylor-Foster - European Editor-at-Large
  • Katie Watkins - Editor

What the web says about ArchDaily

  • “The old order, symbolized by the 10-12 trade publications of record, was already brittle in the face of the global and tech-oriented profession that architecture had become. Plataforma struck hard and struck first, delivering exactly the blow that frustrated architects around the world were longing for.” Fast Company
  • “The site focuses on young, emerging architects and uses journalistic prose and interactivity to engage its readers, who are also invited to submit guest posts and comments.” Americas Quarterly
  • “ArchDaily is a GREAT Architecture Blog with recent news about projects and design trends. It also has a growing community of thousands of architects.” Aeromental.com
  • “Incredibly impressive online information community serving architects and designers.” Revision-Dallas
  • ”For those addicted to pictures of buildings, or just pictures in general, ArchDaily is the place to go.” RISD VR Blog
  • ”As a devoted dreamer myself, I’d like to share ArchDaily’s top quality content that infuses my dreams.” Allmyfaves.com

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What architects say about ArchDaily

  • “I am a total addict of ArchDaily by now, and look several times a day when I can, and forward the link to everyone I know.”
    STANLEY SAITOWITZ (Natoma Architects INC)
  • “ArchDaily is a very sophisticated and thorough site. You guys deserve a lot of applause for what you’re doing. It’s nice to see something out there that’s telling the varied story of architecture [...] I’m very impressed by it! “
    HANI RASHID (Asymptote Architecture)
  • ”ArchDaily is widely admired in our offices. Thank you for introducing this great resource to the profession.”
    PETER BOHLIN (Bohlin Cywinski Jackson)
  • ”I think ArchDaily is an incredibly important engine for communication and for elevating the conversation about architecture. The fact that ArchDaily has been able to be part of a global conversation, and in fact help shape it, is extraordinary. It is an invention that’s very very young and its impact is so powerful.”
    MARION WEISS (Weiss/Manfredi)
  • ”What you guys have been able to do is become part of a conversation and an exchange of ideas. ArchDaily has the gift to make the global conversation more intelligent, and that’s exciting. It’s nice to see that emerge.”
    MICHAEL MANFREDI (Weiss/Manfredi)
  • ”I find ArchDaily incredibly inspiring, immediate, and accessible [...] It does a tremendous service in promoting architecture from all around the world.”
    MARK SEXTON (Krueck & Sexton)
  • “ArchDaily is spurring a discussion and advancing the discipline. It is architecture pushing architecture forward. I think that’s fantastic. I hope more and more people outside the field will become knowledgeable of this website [...] What i think is wonderful is that it’s substantial and grounded in the actual buildings, and not a glossy representation. I’m really tired of that. I’m not going to name the magazines, but they really aren’t giving the same diversity of cross-sections through architecture that ArchDaily has been able to do. You’ve made that work for architecture in a really effective way.”
    PRESTON SCOTT COHEN (Chair of the Department of Architecture and the Gerald M. McCue Professor of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design)
  • “I think that the most exciting thing about ArchDaily is how you go into depth with plans and sections and one can really go deeply into a project. That’s what makes it special.”
    STEVEN HOLL (Steven Holl Architects)
  • ”ArchDaily always has interesting things on it. There’s not a time when when I’ve gone to it where I haven’t slowed down to read something or clicked on a particular project. I don’t know what it is about the way you select the work that gets put there, but somehow it always has something that I’m curious about [...] It has something new every single day, it’s refreshed. It’s like a newspaper – I read the NYTimes every day, and it’s that kind of daily ritual, whether it’s at lunch or first thing in the morning, or the last thing i do before i go to bed. These images roll around my head and I find myself to be more curious after looking at your site.”
    THOMAS PHIFER (Thomas Phifer and Partners)
  • “These guys have changed the way architecture is viewed online, and have opened an incredible venue for small offices to reach a wide audience.”
  • “ArchDaily does the best architecture blog, with the best projects and the best graphic quality on the web. It’s been the best marketing tool we have had in many years of presenting our firm.”
    WHITNEY SANDER (Sander Architects)
  • ”Not that further proof of the reach and influence of ArchDaily is necessary, but after you posted Rem’s Berlage lecture the number of loads increased 45-fold – thanks for that!“ GRAHAM BARRY