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Footbridge in Central, Hong Kong. Image by Adam Frampton
Courtesy of Ruby Press
© Pasi Aalto
Courtesy of Fast Co-Design
Courtesy of Cities for Tomorrow
Filip Dujardin’s ‘Fictions’ - a series of photographic plates of fictional architectural spaces. Image Courtesy of Highlight Gallery
© Pedro Kok
Burswood Peninsula Master Plan. Image Courtesy of Government of Western Australia
Route 60 in Phoenix, AZ. Image © Wikimedia CC user Greg O'Beirne
Courtesy of amphibianArc
© Flickr CC User Michael Kötter
© Brooks + Scarpa
Kresge Auditorium at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts © Jorge Salcedo / Shutterstock
Design concept for Eko Atlantic City. Image Courtesy of
Masterplan. Image Courtesy of North West Cambridge
Courtesy of Labor4plus
Sight lines to St Paul's Cathedral are the most fervently protected views in London. Image © Make Architects
Phase One Visualisation © VH. Image Courtesy of Hudson Yards