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Footbridge in Central, Hong Kong. Image by Adam Frampton
Courtesy of Ruby Press
© Pasi Aalto
Courtesy of Fast Co-Design
© Paul Crosby
Courtesy of Cities for Tomorrow
Filip Dujardin’s ‘Fictions’ - a series of photographic plates of fictional architectural spaces. Image Courtesy of Highlight Gallery
© Pedro Kok
Burswood Peninsula Master Plan. Image Courtesy of Government of Western Australia
Route 60 in Phoenix, AZ. Image © Wikimedia CC user Greg O'Beirne
Courtesy of amphibianArc
Courtesy of ELEMENTAL
© Flickr CC User Michael Kötter
© Brooks + Scarpa
Kresge Auditorium at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts © Jorge Salcedo / Shutterstock
Design concept for Eko Atlantic City. Image Courtesy of
Masterplan. Image Courtesy of North West Cambridge
Courtesy of Labor4plus