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Aerial View. Image © (designed by) Erick van Egeraat BV
© Aleš Jungmann, Jiří Jiroutek
© Guido Baselgia
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. Image © Owen Lin under a CC licence
Courtesy of Strelka Institute
Courtesy of Pablo Gallego Picard
The Great Wall Apartments, a Chinese style residential compound in Nairobi, Kenya. Image Courtesy of Go West Project
© Felipe Fontecilla
Courtesy of Urban Agency
© Adrià Goula
Courtesy of Serneke
The Norman Foster-designed London City Hall with the Shard in the background. Image © Flickr CC User alh1
First Place. Image Courtesy of City of Trenčín
Though the schemes are not exactly as dramatic as Foster + Partners' Skycycle (pictured), they are part of a real commitment to make London more cycle-friendly. Image © Foster + Partners
Aerial view of Shelter's Masterplan for the Hoo Valley. Image Courtesy of Wolfson Economics Prize
© Brett Boardman
London's skyline is set to be dramatically altered by tall buildings in the near future. Image Courtesy of CPAT / Hayes Davidson / Jason Hawkes