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First Place. Image Courtesy of City of Trenčín
Though the schemes are not exactly as dramatic as Foster + Partners' Skycycle (pictured), they are part of a real commitment to make London more cycle-friendly. Image © Foster + Partners
Aerial view of Shelter's Masterplan for the Hoo Valley. Image Courtesy of Wolfson Economics Prize
© Brett Boardman
London's skyline is set to be dramatically altered by tall buildings in the near future. Image Courtesy of CPAT / Hayes Davidson / Jason Hawkes
The proposed Hoboken Waterfront. Image © OMA
© Yohan Zerdoun
The new city center with the salvaged bell tower. Image Courtesy of White Arkitekter
© Jordi Puig
Entrance Plaza. Image © !melk
In Kuku Town, dwellings were rearranged to face a communal courtyard - where people can gather for activities and keep an eye on their neighbors and shared facitilies.. Image Courtesy of Future Cape Town
Footbridge in Central, Hong Kong. Image by Adam Frampton
Courtesy of Ruby Press
© Pasi Aalto
Courtesy of Fast Co-Design
© Paul Crosby
Courtesy of Cities for Tomorrow
Filip Dujardin’s ‘Fictions’ - a series of photographic plates of fictional architectural spaces. Image Courtesy of Highlight Gallery