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Unslumming Kibera. Courtesy of AECOM
© Studio Gang Architects
Mayuri Sisodia and Kalpit Ashir - Professional Category; Image Courtesy of BMW Guggenheim Lab
UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium, Athletic Center and Plaza; Photograph © Tim Grifftih
© Ch. Gregoriou, G. Artopoulos, N. Metoxis and N. Skantzouris
Courtesy of archohm
Industrialisation (1840)
© Jeroen Musch
shop type diagram
© Hufton + Crow
resource management schemes diagram
URBAN FABRIC: Building New York's Garment District; Courtesy of the Skyscraper Museum © 2012
Courtesy of Margaux Leycuras, Marion Ottmann, Anne-Hina Mallette
site section
© EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
Courtesy of Brandon Martella