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One Workplace / Design Blitz. Image © Bruce Damonte
"Architects are in charge of the FORM of the built environment, not its content. We need to grasp this and run with this despite all the (ultimately conservative) moralizing political correctness that is trying to paralyse us with bad conscience and arrest our explorations..." - Patrik Schumacher. Above, the MAXXI Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects. Image © Iwan Baan
Development of new skyscrapers in Doha, Qatar. Image © Sophie James /
Zappos is one of the biggest companies to function as a ‘holocracy’ (without a fixed staff hierarchy). Their Las Vegas headquarters utilizes communal furniture to increase team-based collaboration (according to Business Insider, ‘desks are linked but can be easily disconnected or moved, the walls are movable as well. So if a team needs to work a different way, or a new product team is formed, the space can be changed, and changed again until it works’). Image Courtesy of Zappos, via
Zaha Hadid Architects' design for al-Wakrah stadium, the main stadium for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Image Courtesy of ZHA
© Greg Girard and Ian Lambot
American Folk Art Museum exterior. Image © Flickr CC User Dan Nguyen
Photograph of the Division of Classification and Cataloging, 1937. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, the National Archives and Records Administration
Courtesy of Plataforma Arquitectura
© Jaime Kowal
Interior of St. John's Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, CA. Image © Mark Anthony Wilson
Courtesy of Digital Physical
One World Trade Center as seen from the Hudson River. Image © Joe Mabel via Wikipedia
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Visitors tour the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 in Washington, D.C., Friday, Sept. 30, 2011, with Arlington, VA, left, and the Lincoln Memorial, right, in the background. Image © Stefano Paltera/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon
Studio at Virginia Tech. Image © Flickr CC User mroczknj
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