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Chicago Skyline. Image © Flickr CC User Derek Key
Accordia residential quarter, Cambridge, England. Image © Tim Crocker
Badjao children practicing rowing. Image © Mohd Khairil Majid via Shutterstock
Courtesy of Nice Architects
Part of Hardy's Green Village. Image © Agung Dwi
© 'Garbage Warrior' Documentary
© Pedro Bravo, Sofia Hernández, Francisco Martínez
© Tesla Motors
Singapore. Image © Flickr CC User Leonid Yaitskiy
Courtesy of Holcim Foundation
© Joshua White
Rending of one of 48 private houses planned to be sold on the island. Image © McLennan Design via The New York Times
Courtesy of raumspielkunst
A sample of the material. Image © Plastinova via
© Flickr - User: Jong Soo (Peter) Lee
A pre-existing ‘desire line’ that cuts through the site was retained.. Image © Martin Tessler