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Cyclists commute on dedicated pathways in Copenhagen, Denmark. Image © Flickr user Tony Webster
© Pilosio Building Peace
Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan. Image Courtesy of Pilosio Building Peace
Queen Maud Station 066; Laboratory and Testing Pod Interior View. Image © Jennifer Ng
Courtesy of Kamvari Architects
Model. Image Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects
Courtesy of KAMJZ Architects
Courtesy of MuuM
Courtesy of Neutelings Riedijk Architects
Courtesy of Arbuckle Industries
© Rafael Barragán
Courtesy of Arbuckle Industries
Courtesy of Arbuckle Industries
Screenshot from video
Proposals such as Vincent Callebaut's "Hydrogenase" have always been science fiction as much as they are architecture - but with Arx Pax's MFA technology, is it time to think more carefully about how to design levitating buildings?. Image Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures
© Cornell University / Kilograph
© Flickr user Daniel Lobo