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© Victor Delaqua
Nupath Schulpture Competition Poster
The Ca d'Oro from the Grand Canal. Image © Wolfgang Moroder
Proposed: a new Colossus of Rhodes. Image © Ari A. Palla / Colossus of Rhodes Project
Courtesy of Studio Tomas Saraceno
© Hervé Abbadie
Image: Canstruction 2013. Photo: Ian Yelich.
© Kyle Krieger
Courtesy of ZKM
© Filip Dujardin
“East-West/West-East” / Richard Serra. Image © Nelson Garrido
Janet Echelman / Impatient Optimist. Image © Ema Peter
Working drawing, façade detail. Image © The Henry Moore Foundation
© Höweler + Yoon Architecture
Courtesy of Warren Techentin Architecture