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© Miguel de Guzmán
Courtesy of SO/AP Architectes
View looking south to “upwardly springing” waves of light. Church of Saint-Pierre, Firminy, France. Image © Henry Plummer 2011
© Helen Schiffer
© Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc
© Aitor Ortiz
© Damjan Švarc
© Flickr CC user Aidan McRae Thomson
Courtesy of Patrimonio Copparo
Calatrava's design for the new St. Nicholas Church, Ground Zero. Image Courtesy of Tribeca Citizen
At Beauvais Cathedral, iron ties that were thought to have been added centuries after construction were instead dated to the early 13th century. Image © Flickr CC user James Mitchell
St. Gregory’s Church Agrigento, Italy Pellitteri & Associati Studio. Image © Alessia Riccobono
© Nakamura Kai
© Jin Hyo-Sook
On the left, an as-yet unrestored section of the cathedral can be compared to a restored section, right. Image © Flickr CC User Lawrence OP
© Khmeresque_photo
© Jaekyung Kim
© Hundven-Clements Photography