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Hotel particulier (5e) by Perrot & Richard Architects. Image Courtesy of ré
Courtesy of 99 Pallets
Timur Bashkayev Architectural Bureau. Image Courtesy of Strelka KB
Courtesy of The Miami Design District
Courtesy of RIBA
Beauty of Wood—Innovation: China Pavilion Milan Expo 2015; Milan, Italy / Studio Link-Arc, LLC. Image © Sergio Grazia
SE / Norrland. Image Courtesy of Anastasia Savinova
via Nike
Courtesy of Bee Breeders
Courtesy of Kohn Pederson Fox Associates
Mahmoud Hariri building a model of Palmyra using clay and wooden kebab skewers. Image Courtesy of UNHCR Tracks
Render by Luxigon. Image Courtesy of Stewart Hollenstein
Skyline. Image Courtesy of Pelli Clarke Pelli/CBT Architects
432 Park Avenue, New York City. Image © DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
2015 Winning Entry by Jacques Gaffigan. Image Courtesy of The Knight Foundation
© Rich McCor
Aerial View of Spaceport America. Image © Nigel Young
Proposals such as Vincent Callebaut's "Hydrogenase" have always been science fiction as much as they are architecture - but with Arx Pax's MFA technology, is it time to think more carefully about how to design levitating buildings?. Image Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures