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© Hiroyuki Hirai
© Bartosz Makowski
© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
© Ilya Ivanov
Burj Khahifa (2717'), Tokyo Sky Tree (2080'), Shanghai Tower (2074'), KVLY TV Tower (2063' centered), One World Trade Center (1794'), Empire State Building (1454'), Eiffel Tower (1063'). Image © Flickr user Raymond Cunningham; Graphics courtesy of Medium.com
Kumbh Mela, January 2013: Mapping the Ephemeral Mega City. A project by Harvard University. Published by Hatje Cantz. Image © Felipe Vera
Part of Acciavatti's diagram "Triveni Sangam: Celestial-Terrestrial Microcosm, 2006". Image © Anthony Acciavatti
© Christian Lindgren
© C.F. Møller
© Anthony Acciavatti
© João Soares
Boston's bicycle infrastructure grid: includes bike lanes, protected lanes, shared roads, and off-road trails. Image Courtesy of Washington Post
© John Linden
© Miran Kambič
© Jeroen Musch Photography
© Ema Peter
© Xurxo Lobato
© Jan Bitter