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© Luc Boegly
© Hertha Hurnaus
Walk the Talk—A talk and tour about “missing middle” housing in Austin
© Wiel Arets Architects
Courtesy of 2by4-architects
© Álvaro Viera
Courtesy of Ronald Janssen Architects + Donald Osborne Architect
© Edmon Leong
Innovation License by Baca Architects. Image Courtesy of New London Architecture
© Hufton+Crow
Axonometric view of the Elysian Valley
© Gerardo Custance
CRG Architects' proposal for a shipping container skyscraper in Mumbai. Image © EAFIE
© Hiroyuki Oki
View from LACMA. Image Courtesy of PAR
© Sarah Blee
Living Anatomy installation detail, with a photograph from Lacaton & Vassal's "Mulhouse Social Housing" in the background.