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© Miller Hare
© Ryu, In Keun
The waterscape in the precinct is one of its distinct characteristics, where residents are able to get in close proximity with different habitants.. Image Courtesy of Norm Li for MKPL/Turenscape Team
© Verónica Carreño
Courtesy of Otherothers
© Tamara Frisch
Courtesy of BasPhoto via
West Burn Lane, St Andrews / Sutherland Hussey Architects. Image © SHA
© Frédéric Delangle
© Nico Saieh
© Miguel de Guzmán
© Craig Washburn
© A2 Studio
Hermitage Modern Contemporary. Image © Asymptote - Hani Rashid & Lise Anne Couture
© Oscar Properties
© Luc Boegly
© Hertha Hurnaus