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Courtesy of Jimenez Lai
1. Buckminster Fuller and Chuck Byrne, Building Construction/Geodesic Dome, United States Patent Office no. 2,682,235, from the portfolio Inventions: Twelve Around One, 1981; screen print in white ink on clear polyester film; 30 in. x 40 in. (76.2 cm x 101.6 cm); Collection SFMOMA, gift of Chuck and Elizabeth Byrne; © The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller, All Rights reserved. Published by Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati.
Courtesy of Adam Reed Tucker
Courtesy of Anne Lindberg
Courtesy of Aron Losonczi
Courtesy of Innovative Imperative
1923. Ola Kolehmainen 2011, C-print, diasec.
© Patrick Bingham-Hall
main waiting room
'Migrating Landscapes'
Courtesy of SCI-Arc
© Lebbeus Woods | Courtesy of Friedman Benda Gallery
Moving Forward: Life after the Great East Japan Earthquake
gdm: courtesy NowhereGallery
Courtesy of BOFFO
© Haiko Cornelissen Architecten - axonometric