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Kumar Kyas in his office. Image © Victoria Lautman.
Courtesy of Söhne & Partner Architects + BET Architects
Courtesy of ONZ Architects
Courtesy of Evren Başbuğ, İnanç Eray, Meriç Kara, Engin Ayaz
Maxwan Architects + Urbanists
TED Talk: Why Architects Need to Use their Ears / Julian Treasure; Courtesy of TED
© Andreas J. Focke /
Transparent Murrine, 1940 by Carlo Scarpa | via Selldorf Architects
The NYC High Line. © Iwan Baan
© Jean-François Noël / Atelier 5D / Marika Drolet-Ferguson
© Ho Kyung Lee
Dieter Rams, Braun clock radio (ABR 21 signal radio), 1978; design: Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, photo: Koichi Okuwaki
Courtesy of
Photo: Wolfgang Volz // © 2011 Christo
© Arch Group
© Boffo Building Fashion - Irene Neuwirth / TheVeryMany