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© Rasmus Norlander
Photograph: Marcelo Horn / GOVERJ - Source: Fotos Públicas
© Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma
© Hanspeter Schiess
© Bob Matheson Photography
© Hufton + Crow
Courtesy of Bio-architecture Formosana
Garden View. Image © Graeme Massie Architects
© Sang-Uk & Heeyun
Street View. Image © LEAD
© Pedro Mutis
Courtesy of Schwartz-Silver
© flickr user Dacian Groza
Ground View from Boulevard. Image © GSMM
© Saga Fotografia
Courtesy of Stufish Entertainment Architects
The Exaltation Room, a space where the structure of the grandstand is off the slope that supports it, puts the visitor in direct contact with the original architecture and the topography that has influenced the design of the neighborhood and the stadium itself. There, the slopes are apparent and the smell of damp earth completes the sensory experience. © Nelson Kon
Museum Shop and Cafe Entrance. Image © Kengo Kuma and Associates