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Special Mention for Performative Landscape: Hydrophytic Urban Topography / Dustin Piercy, Xiomara Martinez (USA). Image © d3 Natural Systems
© Musacchio Ianniello, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI
FIRST PRIZE: Sankofa House / M.A.M.O.T.H (France). Image Courtesy of Nka Foundation
First Prize: The Solar Hourglass / Santiago Muros Cortés . Image Courtesy of LAGI
Courtesy of Studio Ricatti
Courtesy of Mecanoo
© Groundlab, WOWHAUS and Urbanica, courtesy of Moscow Culture Department
© Team Moscow: ASTOC / HPP
To the East, a fusion of sky and gardens. Image © Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Courtesy of Shigeru Ban Architects
© Alex Balchin Courtesy of CTBUH
Courtesy of AATU
Winning entry "Circus for Construction" by Ann Lui, Ashley Mendelsohn, Larisa Ovalles, Craig Reschke, and Benjamin Widger. Image Courtesy of Storefront for Art and Architecture
Winner of the competition, Dacha in a Dvor by Megabudka. Image Courtesy of The Morton Group
Courtesy of Sekiz Artı
Participatory design and community construction of a microregional center for technological innovation. Image Courtesy of PID Mexico
Courtesy of Özer/Ürger Architects