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Courtesy of The World War I Centennial Commission
Weaving the Courtyard, 2015. Image © Escobedo Soliz Studio
Hyperloop pod concept provided by SpaceX. Image © AP
Courtesy of Bee Breeders
Hanger Barn. Image Courtesy of FIGMENT
Courtesy of The World War I Centennial Commission
The St. James’ House in Fredericksburg, Virginia, by Teresa Boegler. Image via The Library of Congress
© M.O.N.O.M.O., Courtesy of MOBO Architects
© Luxigon for Heneghan Peng Architects
Courtesy of Mossessian Architecture
2015 Winning Entry by Jacques Gaffigan. Image Courtesy of The Knight Foundation
© Aysu Aysoy
Courtesy of Winter Stations
© Flickr CC User Robert S. Donovan
Sketch showing overlapping activities within the Members’ Room. Image © Carmody Groarke
© AECOM and Pininfarina; Courtesy of iGA
Exterior Rendered View. Image Courtesy of Tommaso Bernabò Silorata