KAT-Ohno / Cheungvogl

A few days ago, we featured Cheungvogl‘s Nunnmps project, and today we bring you their master plan, recently awarded first prize.  The plan includes a development site with 4 office buildings and an extension of a new forum to provide flexible spaces for training seminars, lectures, exhibitions, film screening.  The project focuses on an architecture that is less about mass and structure, “so more can happen.”  The architecture becomes less visible and less defined so in a symposium setting, speakers and audience can have spontaneous intellectual dialogue in one space.

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Eisenhower Memorial / Frank Gehry

© Gehry & Partners

Last year Frank Gehry won the design competition for the Eisenhower Memorial, which included six other firms (Perkins & Will, Krueck & Sexton, Rogers Marvel Architects, Moshe Safdie & Associates, Natoma Architects and PWP Landscape Architecture). After that, the firm was asked to produce three options for the members of the Eisenhower Memorial Commision to choose from, from which the final design was chosen a few days ago.

LA Time’s Culture Monster has more info about the project:

The design, which Gehry and his colleagues will flesh out in the months to come, combines a grove of oak trees, two parallel colonnades of limestone pillars and loosely piled limestone walls carved with sculptural reliefs — elements common to all three proposals — with a series of woven steel-mesh tapestries that will feature images of Eisenhower and his presidency. There is a gap in the colonnade as it runs along Independence, creating an opening framing views of the Capitol and also marking an informal pedestrian entry into the memorial site.

While the oak trees should provide plenty of shade — along with pockets of contemplative space — the tapestries will give much of the memorial the feeling of an expansive outdoor stage set. Gehry came up with the idea for the steel-mesh panels while exploring the tapestry collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where his firm has been working on an expansion.

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Graz Architecture Diploma Award 2009 Winners

The Graz Architecture Diploma Award choose the best diploma projects from Graz University of Technology. The jury, Robert Hösl (Herzog & de Meuron), Kathrin Aste (Aste Architecture), Florian Fischer (Fischer Architekten) and journalist/curator/designer Lilli Hollein spent nearly nine hours of intense discussion to select the four winning entries out of the 31 nominees.

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Return of Ritual / MCM Partnership

MCM Partnership, shared with us their design for the Surrey Townshift Competition, for which they received the first overall prize. See more images and architect’s description after the break. (more…)

Viamala Raststätte Service Station / Iseppi-Kurath

Iseppi-Kurath‘s winning competition for a highway service area intends to act as a “window towards the region”.  Located next to the exit Thusis-Nord at the highway A13 in Grisons, , this service area boasts an expressive roof that “combines the architectural prelude of the building and brings together the entrance and exit of it.”

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Town hall of Gembloux / demogo

Italy-based demogo studio di architettura was one of the winners of the Europan 10 Architecture Competition. Their project, Town Hall of Gembloux is located in (Between Bruxelles and Namur), in a city of 22,600 inhabitants.

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ELEMENTAL wins Brit Insurance Design Award

ELEMENTAL’s Monterrey housing development has won the architecture category in the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards.

The Chile-based practice was nominated by Catherine Ince, new curator of the Barbican Art Gallery, for its social housing scheme in .

The Monterrey housing takes on the “half house” concept that ELEMENTAL pioneered in the Chilean city of Iquique. The idea is that the basic house is provided for residents who then expand and adapt their property themselves.

Also shortlisted in the architecture category were Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI centre in Rome, Tony Fretton’s British in Warsaw, David Chipperfield’s Neues Museum in Berlin, 6a Architects’ Raven Row exhibition centre in east London and Herzog & de Meuron’s TEA cultural centre in Tenerife.

Seen at bd online.

eVolo Magazine 2010 Skyscraper Competition winners announced

First Place

eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Competition. Established in 2006, the annual Competition recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine design through the use of new technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organization. The award seeks to discover young talents whose ideas will change the way we understand architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments.

The Jury of the 2010 edition was formed by leaders of the architecture and design fields including: Mario Cipresso, Kyu Ho Chun, Kenta Fukunishi, Elie Gamburg, Mitchell Joachim, JaeYoung Lee, Adelaïde Marchi, Nicola Marchi and Eric Vergne. The Jury selected 3 winners and 27 special mentions among 430 entries from 42 countries.

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Cannes-Mandelieu Airport / Comte Vollenweider Architects

Comte Vollenweider Architects shared their winning design for the extension of Cannes airport with us.  The airport’s elegant construction focused on the functional side of improving the services offers concerning business aircraft, for both welcoming the crews and performances concerning plane’s maintenance.  The structure is an open volume, allowing the space to be maximized, which offers complete freedom to the planes and their to maneuver.

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Whelton Architecture wins Portland Firefighters Memorial Competition

Portland Fire and Rescue in partnership with Portland State University’s School of Architecture today announced the winner of a competition to design the Firefighters Memorial. After an eight month, two-stage competition with input from firefighters and the general public, the selection committee members unanimously selected the design by Aaron Whelton / Whelton Architecture as the competition winner.

The Portland Firefighters Memorial will be located on the east bank of the Willamette River adjacent to Fire Station no. 21 and directly across from downtown Portland. ’s design establishes two discernable experiential zones: at the ground level, low horizontal stone benches and walls are rooted into the earth; and in the sky, tall vertical lanterns gently sway overhead. These elements are organized across the memorial field in a series of parallel lines whose overall figure is greater than any one individual mark.

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Townshift Competition proposal / Paisajes Emergentes

Colombian architects Paisajes Emergentes received second prize for their proposal for the Townshift International Competition in .

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King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art / Zaha Hadid Architects

© Zaha Hadid Architects

The new King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art in designed by Zaha Hadid Architects has been announced this week.

The project comes after a competition awarded in June 2008, which included Snøhetta (Norway), Atelier Christian de Portzamparc (France), Delugan Meissl (), Henning Larsens Tegnestue (Denmark) and Kerry Hill Architects (Singapore).

The project consists in a performing arts and cultural centre that includes a 1600-seat concert theatre, 400-seat theatre, educational centre, rehearsal rooms, and galleries.

As you can see on the renderings, the building is mainly a carved volume, with voids crossing it creating several visual relations.

On the outside, the volume looks very simple, contrasting with the carved spaces that express themselves on the facade.

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US Embassy in London / KieranTimberlake Architects

View from Consular Plaza
View from Consular plaza (rendering by Studio amd)

KieranTimberlake has been announced as the winner of the design competition for the new US in .

According to a statement by the US Embassador in the UK, KieranTimberlake´s design “meets the goal of creating a modern, welcoming, timeless, safe and energy efficient embassy for the 21st century.”

Regarding the “safety” issues, KT’s design shows an interesting solution away from embassies from the early 90s surrounded by large walls with no urban considerations, using a park with a pond instead. The Embassy is no only an icon, but an urban piece “honoring the English tradition of urban parks and gardens as the context for many civic buildings”, connecting the Thames embankment to the new pedestrian way to the south.

view from Embassy park (rendering by Studio amd)

“Viewed from the north at the proposed plaza, the embassy grounds will provide the prospect of an open park, a landscape of grasses rising gracefully to the new embassy colonnade, with the required secure boundaries incised into the hillside and out of view. Instead of a perimeter-walled precinct, the site to the north and south is a welcoming urban amenity, a park for the city that fuses the new embassy to the city of London. Alternatives to perimeter walls and fences are achieved through landscape design.”

The pure geometry of the cube is fragmented by a highly specialized ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluroethylene, used in several recent buildings) facade optimized to shade interiors from east, west and south sun while admitting daylight and framing large open view portals to the outside. If you take a closer look to the renderings from the inside you will notice that the ETFE foils include thin photovoltaic film that intercepts unwanted solar gain in certain angles. The scrim also renders the largely transparent façades visible to migratory birds to discourage bird-strikes.

More information and renderings about the Embassy after the break. I also recommend to read our interview with Stephan Kieran.


2012 Yeosu World Exposition Big-O International Idea Competition Winner

, a department of Gansam Architects &Partners in Seoul, Korea won the International Ideas Competition for the 2012 Yeosu World Exposition Big-O.

The project’s theme is “Green Ocean, Blue Forest” and it’s expected to be complete this year.

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City Hall / Frédéric Haesevoets

Frédéric Haesevoets, a Beligan architect, recently won a competition for his design of a new for Herstal.    The international competition asked participants to design a new to accommodate office spaces for central administration, archives and mixed use areas.   The project is divided into two major forms that bookend a public open courtyard.  Connected by a bright red bridge, the two arms house the major program areas and open to a landscaped area for the public to enjoy.   The geometric form offers a break from the surrounding structures, emphasizing the importance of this communal structure.   The faceted facade fuses the natural and the synthetic as sections of greenery are scattered among sections of glass.  Inside, bright warm colors greet workers, a drastic change from the typical office color palette.

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Taiyuan Museum / Preston Scott Cohen


We recently featured Preston Scott Cohen‘s Nanjing Performing Arts Center and, now, we share his winning competition proposal for the .   Currently under construction, the building’s strong dynamic form is a geometric spin on the agricultural landscapes native to the Shanxi Province.   The tessellated surfaces respond to contemporary technologies for controlling natural and artificial light, in addition to producing unexpected spatial conditions as the user circulates through and around the building.

© Preston Scott Cohen

More images and more about the project after the break.

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Re-Development of the southern terrace of Amman Citadel

Redevelopment of the Southern Terrace of Jabal al-Qal’a, designed by Dina Hadi, Mousa Shahin, and Hazim Samawi and supervised by Leen Fakhoury from the School of Architecture, University of Jordan recieved the award of The Omrania | CSBE Student Award for Excellence in Architectural Design.

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1st Prize at Taipei Pop Music Center Competition / Reiser + Umemoto

Reiser + Umemoto RUR Architecture PC along with joind tenderer received first prize at the Taipei Pop Music Center Competition.

With the Taipei Pop Music Center, and ARUP have fundamentally rethought the live music and entertainment venue to meet the challenges and opportunities of pop music and digital media in the 21st century.

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