Automobile Museum in Nanjing / 3Gatti Architecture Studio


“The house is a machine for living in.”

- Le Corbusier

With this statement, Le Corbusier acknowledges the relation between technology/mass production and the new ways of living that the modern movement tried to materialize. For him the house was a static car, a designed functional object that could be mass produced. When the Villa Savoye was completed in 1929, 5.3 million cars were produced in Detroit.

Car designed by Le Corbusier (1929)

From this point forward, architecture and car started a long lasting relation, with examples such as Albert Kahn’s buildings for Ford, Giacomo Matte-Trucco’s FIat Factory in Turin, Archigram’s Drive-In House concept, the Mecedes Benz Museum by UN Studio and the recent Lincoln Rd 1111 parking by Herzog & de Meuron.

Along this line we find the new Nanjing Automobile Museum by 3Gatti Architecture Studio, which was awarded with the first prize on an international invited competition. The project not only shows the car in an unusual way, but it also lets you to experience the museum by car:


The Cornerstone / JAJA Architects ApS


In our latest AD Futures, we introduced JAJA Architects, an up-and-coming Danish firm.  The backgrounds of the firm’s three principals (Norwegian, Danish, Japanese, Thai and Swiss) form an interesting design aesthetic, as their influences fuse together to make a strong statement.  The young firm recently won a competition  for a mix-use building in Denmark with their proposal entitled the – an office building that gives Vanløse a new visual anchor point and a place where people can meet to see the urban life unfold.

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Update: Pole Dance / SO-IL, by Iwan Baan


We are sure that SO-IL‘s PS1 installation, Pole Dance, will be a hit this summer.  On Friday we had a preview by Alan R Tansey and today, we found at Iwan Baan’s website another view on the installation.  We hope you’ll be able to visit the project in person sometime.

Complete photoset at Iwan’s website, some photos after the break:




Rotterdam-based firm BOARD (Bureau of Architecture, Research, and Design) has been selected as one of the finalists of the European Competition of Architecture, Design, Realisations in Eco and Agro-Materials for their proposal ‘ATREE?’.  “Imagine a project that does not need to be constructed, because – being a tree – it grows by itself. Such a project only needs to be planted,” explained the designer.

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Botswana Innovation Hub / SHoP Architects

SHoP Architects

Ousting 17 other companies from Europe, USA and , SHoP Architects was awarded first prize for their design of the Innovation Hub.  The 270,000 sqf office and research building will be a testament to ’s support of research, as well as her promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Military Base / A-lab

A-lab just won a competition to design a military base in which will be situated on the northern border with Russia.  The design challenge was to create a cohesive complex where work and private life coexist, and where military services meet the civil community.

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Kulturcenter Mariehøj / WE Architecture + Sophus Søbye Architects


WE ARCHITECTURE and Sophus Søbye Architects, both young Danish firms, have been awarded first prize for their competition entry for a cultural center in Denmark’s Rudersdahl municipality. “The future Mariehøj cultural center draws a clear profile in the landscape. With a new foyer, the culture center will get a new face that invites in all people in Ruderdahl’s municipality and also a heart that can bring together and highlight the many users and activities in the house,” explained the architects.

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Paysages en Exil / Nicolas Dorval-Bory + Raphaël Bétillon

The national cultural event, Imaginez Maintenant, features work of young multidisciplinary designers (all under the age of 30) in nine French cities.   Finding inspiration in Gilles Clément’s description of “wandering plants phenomenon,” Nicolas Dorval-Bory and Raphaël Bétillon’s selected project creates an experimental journey, inviting visitors to explore an unlikely landscape. Open from July 1st through the 4th, the project consists of an artificial cloud, a long greenhouse and thousand of seedlings which will rest on the banks of the Garonne, next to the Hospital of La Grave.

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Norwegian Mountaineering Center / Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, whose National Tourist Route was a finalist for the 2009 Building of the Year Awards, has recently been awarded first prize for an invited competition to design a .  Situated in , the center possesses an expressive geometry that is an artificial interpretation of the site’s mountainous backdrop.   Covered in a uniform surface, the angularity of the form breaks the large mass into a more contextual and scalable entity.   The design intends to give the “existing house a special character that conveys the content with a unique and existing expression” giving the center of Åndalsnes a “one of a kind building.”

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CAC’s Mine the Gap Competition Winners Announced

First Place / The Second Sun

MINE THE GAP, a single-stage international design ideas competition dedicated to examining one of the most visible scars left after the collapse of the real estate market in : the massive hole along the Lake Michigan remaining from the cancellation of Calatrava’s Spiral Tower, have recently announced it’s winners. See them after the break. (more…)

Heathrow Contest / Marc Drewes

A few weeks ago, we featured an open ideas competition that asked participants to fortify the Airplot.  ArchDaily reader Marc Drewes shared his proposal with us that placed in the top 5.  The simplistic design, constructed of recycled concrete, proposes a “resistant piece of protest architecture” that will allow Greenpeace and the local residents to show their determination in fighting against the construction of a third runway at Heathrow airport which will lead to the destruction of many residences.

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On vous raconte des salades / Atelier Altern

Last week, we introduced Atelier Altern and their landscapping vision for the historic French town of Toulouse.  Today, we bring you their second chosen work for which is for the islands of the Hortillonnages.  The project, ‘On vous raconte des salades’, which translates to mean ‘to spin a yard’ is about the installation telling a story of forgotten varieties of salad.

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Trangtien Street / Studio 8

main gathering zone

, a group of young Hanoian architects, designed a competition proposal to transform a street in Hanoi, .  The project earned third prize and focuses on finding a contemporary solution to bring the street life of Trangtien “to its gracefulness in the near future.”

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Contemplating the Void: Bad Architects Group

bad architects group winning collage

A few months ago, the exhibited Contemplating the Void in honor of the museum’s 50th anniversary.  After receiving 200 submissions, curators from the museum selected five winners.  We’ve shared different proposals with you previously on AD, and today, we bring you Bad Architects Group’s winning Void Codition[ed].  In German, void or “Luftraum“, literally translates to “air-space“. By conditioning the given air, which is already present in the void, the architects create the possibility to access the space as is without interrupting how it currently exists.  The proposal “adds another dimension or layer to the existing experience in form of a vertical wind tunnel.”

Barrio de los Paracaidistas / Metous Studio

Metous Studio, a young mock firm of 10 undergraduate architecture students from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo working under the guidance of the head partners David Lee and Anthony Stahl, have designed a fresh and dynamic housing tower for Mexio City. Placing above 30 international entries, Lee and Stahl’s tower has been awarded first prize in the 2010 Mock Firms International Skyscraper Challenge: Collegiate Division.  Their approach reconfigures the traditional Mexican street as an open-air high-rise to provide unlimited potential for a new type of urban environment.  ”The meaning of the tower is a living being that breathes in the city and is truly defined by Mexican culture and people,” explained Lee and Stahl.

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2010 Restaurant Design / AIA Los Angeles

The Varnish

AIA Los Angeles just announced the finalists for the 2010 Restaurant Design Awards.  Now, it is your turn to  vote for the winner!  Voting closes on June 21st at 12 noon (PST) and the winners of the Jury and People’s Choice Awards will be announced on Friday June 25th.

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AD Round Up: Awarded Competitions Part III

It’s been a long time since our last Round Up on Awarded Competitions. So to finish this week, here’s our third selection. Check them all after the break.

Schmidt hammer lassen architects to design largest public library in Scandinavia
Our friends from SHL architects just sent us their new project. They won an international competition to design “Urban Mediaspace”, the largest public library in Scandinavia. The € 228 million scheme, located in Aarhus, , will become a new visual and cultural focal point for the city whilst pioneering the next generation of library design. SHL Architects’ innovative, 30.000 m2 scheme reassesses traditional concepts of library design (read more…) (more…)

Instant Kiez / Felix Yaparsidi + Valentin Ott

The proposal created by German duo Felix Yaparsidi + Valentin Ott was awarded first by the cultural department of the Federation of German Industry.  Entitled , the idea is an instant neighborhood that would create a kind of ‘sociocultural social’ to support the new urban base.

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