The Waving Wall of Chalkwell / holdUP & BLOO NATION


Designed by holdUP & BLOO NATION, the Waving Wall of Chalkwell is an art installation commissioned by Metal comprising of over 1200, 19L water cooler bottles, demonstrating the vast journey water takes as well as the amount of water used in the production of certain products; a few of which have been depicted in small cabinets, along with information regarding their water consumption. More images and a brief description after the break. (more…)

The Lace / Centrala

© Barbara Urban

Garden of Nations in , one of the first modern public spaces in booming Palestinian capital was meant to become a representation space, where art pieces donated by different countries would coexist. The relatively small scale of the park leads to the inevitable effect of visual overcrowding and competition of free-standing sculptures donated by different national representatives. To minimize the danger of entering into the same logic The Lace is a shadow-maker “glued” to the wall encompassing the park. It allows people to hide from the sun being a sort of tridimensional pocket. The Lace is a steel structure made out of 220 circular modules referring to a decorative Polish folk art motive used for Christmas tree decorations made out straw.

Architect: Centrala
Location: Ramallah, Palestine
Designer: Jakub Szczęsny
Collaborator: Tomasz Gancarczyk
Project Coordination: Barbara Urban, Office of the Representative of the Republic of Poland
client: Office of the Representative of the Republic of Poland to the Palestinian National Authority
Photographs: Barbara Urban and


‘Clear Cut’ Land Art Installation / Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Courtesy of

In the summer of 2011, Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll, of Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, went into the deep forests of Medelpad in northern . With them they brought 15 meters of mirror coated fabric aiming to create an installation that would interpret the life cycle of this pine forest. More images and architects’ description after the break. (more…)

André Chénier Opera on the Lake / David Fielding

© Bregenzer Festspiele / Karl Forster

André Chénier, the most famous work by the Italian composer Umberto Giordano, is brought to life for the ‘Opera on the Lake’ floating stage  of the 2011 Bregenz Opera Festival in , by stage designer David Fielding under the artistic direction of David Pountney. The brilliantly vivid historical drama and human tragedy of shattering intensity is presented on the waterproofed set built directly into lake constance. It is then mounted upon a concrete core anchored into the base of the lake, while wooden poles support accessory structures of the stage. More images and project description after the break. (more…)

Luminous Passage / Predock Frane Architects

© Ian Thomas

Hadrian Predock + John Frane’s project for the 2010 GLOW festival in titled “Luminous Passage” links the City to the Ocean as a porous and luminous land bridge. Connecting the existing Bay Street boardwalk to the ocean’s edge, the passage makes visible the connection across the sand to the edge of the Pacific. This is a physical tensile structure that supports light and connects the urban landscape of to the edge of the water, but also forms a conceptual leap that transitions from the “logics” that define the city to the those of the ocean. Taking the vertical nature of the city and merging it with the horizontal impulses of the pacific, a visceral and intense space twists and emerges. Composed of luminous lines of color (Electroluminescent wire – EL wire), the ambitious scale of the project is a relatively simple construction with only six fixed paper struts as primary support.

Architect: Predock Frane Architects
Location: Santa Monica, California,
Project Year: Fall 2010
Photographs: Ian Thomas


Land Art Generator Initiative – SOLARIS / Predock_Frane Architects

rendering main interior daytime

Critically engaging the emerging context of Masdar City, Zayed University and other tabula rasa territories, Predock_Frane Architects’ project proposes an antidote and refuge to the frenetic future-scape internationalism of the rapidly developing Arabian coast. In proposing a new abstract art space that allows for escape and contemplation Predock_Frane Architects’ project positions itself as a hybrid landscape/environmental machine that can both deliver power and engage the radical phenomenon of the desert. Along a path connecting Masdar City to Zayed University, a low-slung, energy producing sensitive field beckons public engagement.


Gateway Galaxy / Balmond Studio

© 2011

Balmond Studio has been exploring educational ideas through art installations as part of a series of research studies. The interactive art proposal, which will be installed in Casper College, a school in , USA, transforms the forgotten spaces of hallways, corridors and lobbies into thriving community and learning zones, celebrating the students’ daily experience. The designs are based on advanced geometric thinking developed by Cecil Balmond, founder of Balmond Studio.


Stretched Pavilion / Centrala

© Jakub Szczęsny

Most design and building processes relay on pre-determination and accuracy, plus an efficient coordination of data input leading to a physical realization representing previously conceived ideas as closely as possible. Parametric and generative design add an extra element of “objective” formulae playing role of legitimizations of designer’s intentional design, while the choice of data pools, algorithms or auto-generative formulae is in fact another intentional element.

Architect: Centrala
Location: Schloss Solitude, ,
Designer: Jakub Szczęsny
Assistant: Helmut Dietz
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Rolf Wohrle, Hagen Betzwieser and Jakub Szczęsny


nonLin/Lin Pavilion / Marc Fornes

© Francois Lauginie

Designed by Marc Fornes (THEVERYMANY), nonLin/Lin Pavilion is a prototype which engages in a series of architectural experiments referred to as text based morphologies. Part of the FRAC Centre permanent collection in , France the prototypes, beyond their visual perception of sculptural and formal qualities, are built forms developed through custom computational protocols. The parameters of these protocols are based on form finding (surface relaxation), form description (composition of developable linear elements), information modeling (re-assembly data), generational hierarchy (distributed networks), and digital fabrication (logistic of production).

A complete project description, photographs and drawings following the break.


Attempt 01: Space Specific Installations / Lijo Jos and Reny Lijo

© Praveen Mohandas

Lijo Jos and Reny Lijo recently displayed their exhibition of “Space Specific Installations” in the Kerla Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery of Kerala, . The architects filled the gallery with figures that intruded upon the space occupied by visitors and forced interactions between the work and the users of the space using a wide range of materials.  The exhibition ran from May4th-10th so if you missed it be sure to look through the gallery for images of and Reny Lijo’s work after the break! Photographs by Praveen Mohandas. (more…)

Mark di Suvero’s Sculptures featured on Governors Island

© Librado Romero / The Times

Just 800 yards from the tip of Lower Manhattan, is hosting Mark di Suvero’s monumental sculptures, organized by Storm King Art Center. The sculpture garden is open to all visitors to Governors Island, which will be accessible this season until September 27, 2011. More images and information after the break. (more…)

SWAY’D Interactive Public Art Installation / Daniel Lyman

Architects: Daniel Lyman
Location: Salt Lake City, , USA
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of


Institute for Contemporary Art / Holl + BCWH Architects

Courtesy Mark Heitoff

Steven Holl Architects just shared the news that the firm has won the commission for the new for Virginia Commonwealth University with BCWH Architects.  The 32,000 square-foot building will provide gallery spaces for traveling and school exhibits, classrooms, offices, art storage spaces and an auditorium, and accommodate a sculpture garden and a café.   Joseph H. Seipel, Dean of the VCU School of the Arts, exclaimed,  ”We are honored to have , internationally recognized as one the most inspired and significant architects of our time. With Holl leading this endeavor, I am confident the ICA is destined to become an iconic building for VCU and the city of Richmond and will find its place as a prominent example of ’s contributions to the history of architecture.”   As the selection process was organized to find an architect-led team, and not a specific design, we will keep you posted on the progress of the project.

London Festival of Architecture Canada House / Bing Thom Architects

© Morley von Sternberg

Inspired by interwoven twigs of birds’ nests—a form that supports and steadies itself— and Fast + Epp Structural Engineers joined forces to showcase a new and unexpected design innovation using wood from British Columbia. As part of the “Embassies Project” for the Festival of Architecture (LFA), Canada House was transformed into a demonstration of Vancouver architectural and design expertise with an undulating, 30-foot-high wooden wall wrapped around the corner of the historic embassy building.

Architect: Bing Thom Architects
Location: London, England
Structural Engineer: Paul Fast & Gerry Epp, Fast + Epp Structural Engineers
Contractor: Angus Beattie & Brian Woudstra, StructureCraft Builders
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Morley von Sternberg


Maryhill Overlook / Allied Works Architecture

Courtesy of Allied Works Architecture

The Maryhill Overlook, the only structure in the Sitings Project to be completed, lies on a bluff above the Columbia River Gorge within a vast landscape of barren grasslands marked by basalt scarps—a harsh environment exposed to extreme weather and dramatic swings of light.

Project description, images and drawings after the break.

Architect: Allied Works Architecture
Location: Goldendale, ,
Project Team: Brad Cloepfil, Corey Martin
Client: Maryhill Museum of Art
Project Year: 1998
Photographs: Courtesy of Allied Works Architecture


Shima Kitchen / Atelier Ryo Abe Works

© Daici Ano

Atelier Ryo Abe Works shared with us this project called Shima Kitchen, located in a village on . It’s a renovation project to create a venue for arts, and dinning from an old vacant house.

Further information on this project and more photos after the break.


Stay Down Champion, Stay Down / SPORTS

© Justin Harris

The Los Angeles design collaborative, SPORTS, has sent us their most recent project, a gallery installation in , California. A description of the project and additional images are after the break.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow / Claudio Nardi Architetto

© Adam Kozak

Architects: Claudio Nardi Architetto, Leonardo Maria Proli
Location: , Poland
Project team: Inga Olszanska, Adam Kozak, Anna Krezolek, Malgorzata Zbroinska
Investor: Municipality of Krakow
Project area: 5,467 sqm
Project year: 2007 – 2010
Photographs: Adam Kozak