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Oxford Exam Hall Archway
© Marta Vilarinho de Freitas
Courtesy of Inés Esnal
© Tristan Fewings / Getty Images for RIBA
© Michael Graves via The New York Times
© Chaunté Vaughn
Courtesy of Sejkko
Courtesy of James Gulliver Hancock
"The Architect". Image Courtesy of Erik Johansson
Favela Painting. Image © Hass&Hahn
First Prize: The Solar Hourglass / Santiago Muros Cortés . Image Courtesy of LAGI
All 8 panels of The Happiness Machine. Image © Mark Lascelles Thornton
© Katsumi Hayakawa
© André Chiote
© Axel de Stampa, 1week1project.org
© Lamadieu Thomas
Rendering by Dionisio González, for his series "Dauphin Island". Image Courtesy of The Huffington Post