Daniel Libeskind, interviewed at Livestream

Livestream + Live4Space are co-hosting a live interview with Daniel Libeskind today at 2:00PM ET (GMT -5). Thanks to the Livestream platfom, Libeskind will not only discuss his role on the WTC master plan, but will also answer questions by the audience. All you have to do is go to the streaming website here and send your questions during the interview.

The live event has concluded, and you can now watch a replay on the above video.

Joshua Prince Ramus on the Wyly Theatre at TEDx

is one of the best architects I’ve meet, and also a very good speaker. I think most of you have already seen his presentation at TED back in 2006, where he presented the Seattle Central Library, a powerful talk on which he talked about the role of the architects in the process, as an editing/team approach rather than authorship. We interviewed Joshua back in 2008, where we first heard about his position regarding the separation of conception and execution on architecture, as architects became the “artists” leaving the execution to engineers, which can be seen on the first minutes of his talk at TEDx Dallas posted above, before explaining how the Wyly Theatre re interpreted the typical theatre programatic configuration.

I like the story about his silver hat, for decorative purposes only… same as architects (here’s a photo of us while visiting his office, reflected on the mentioned hat).

After our interview, we talked a lot about the role of the architect on the production of buildings, the importance of BIM and more… sadly we didn´t record that but I hope we can have a chance to talk to him again soon, and bring you more on that.

Happy Birthday Oscar Niemeyer!

YouTube Preview Image

turned 102 today… and as you can see he is still rocking.

You can see the second part of this interview on our previous article.

Architectural Fashion: Frank Gehry for Lady Gaga

© GagaDaily.com
© GagaDaily.com

This morning I was watching MTV and there was a video for Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. Even if you like or don´t her music, the aesthetic/art direction of the video was incredible. After that I went went to my computer to Google more info about the video, and found a tweet by @tomatoejane, one of our readers, pointing to an article on Curbed NY: Designs Hat For Lady Gaga.

The result? You can see it on the above photo. Personally, I didn´t like it. Before seeing the photos of the hat I thought Gehry would come up with something totally different…

What do you think?

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Facebook Fan Page: Send us your best render

© Juan Altieri / Uruguay

Yesterday, through our Facebook Fan Page we launched a new contest for you to participate. We are looking for the best that you can send us. Only one per person/office is allowed. The best ones will be featured next week on ArchDaily.com.

Also, there will be a special winners category for the renders that get more “likes”. To vote, just go to our Facebook Fan Page, look for your favorite ones and “like” them. To submit yours, “upload your photo” through the Fan Page, and tell us which software you used to make it.

We have received many great ones, so don’t miss this great chance to show us your work! The deadline is next Monday at noon. Become ArchDaily’s fan right here and start participating right now!

Facebook Fan Page: Top 10 websites of architecture offices


A great part of our day is spent browsing architects websites looking for new works to share with our readers, and we have noticed that some are very good, while others were such a pain to navigate…  So we decided to go and ask our community about this.

Last week, we asked our Facebook Fans for the best architecture office website they knew. We checked them out and decided the top 10, with no particular order. We looked for the best ones in terms of looks, navigation (is is easy to navigate? Is it fast? Can you go back without reloading the menu? Can you link directly to a specific project?), presentation quality, does it look up to date?, projects (can you sort them by location? by year?).

Also, you will notice that no flash website made the list. That’s because we think flash websites have some dificulties. For example, you can’t link a specific project and Google can´t index most of the contents. So we decided to create a ‘honorable mention’ list with all the flash websites we thought deserve it.

Remember to keep participating through our Facebook Fan Page! The complete list, after the break. (more…)

Fictional Architects in Movies

1251392698-adamsandlerVia mirage.studio.7 we ran into this list of fictional architects in . There are some classic ones, like Henry Fonda. Some new ones like Adam Sandler. And there’s even an actual architect who made it to The Simpsons.

Which one do you like the most? The least? Is there anyone missing in this list? Some actor/actress you would really like as an architect in a movie? Tell us what you think. Full list after the break.

Update: Images and sources were taken from mirage.studio.7. They did this article with different sources like DanStewart, Ajolote Boletin, Archinect, ArchitExploitation, and more. (more…)

From our Facebook Page: Emergent architects according to the architects


A week ago, through our Facebook Fan Page we asked which emergent local architect would you recommend us. We received 60 comments in which architects all over the world recommended great offices, many of who we had never heard before.

We decided to put together some of them so you can check them out as well. And in case you are still not a fan, go to our Facebook Fan Page and become one today! We have many more surprises coming. The full list after the break. (more…)

Wallpaper* Architects Directory 2009


Each year, Wallpaper* Magazine bring us a list of 30 emerging practices around the world. This year, they decided to ask each of the 30 practices to create their ideal model home.

You can find the complete list with their model homes after the break. For more details on each project and office profile, click here. (more…)

Top 250 US Architectural Firms

Architectural Record recently published their Top 250 architecture firms. Companies are ranked according to revenue for architectural services performed in 2008 in $ millions.

Firms engaged in the business of architectural design that responded to Engineering News-Record’s annual Top 500 Design Firms survey submitted these revenue figures. Number 1 was for AECOM Technology Corporation (in the picture), an engineer-architect firm from Los Angeles, California.

The firms classify themselves by:

You can see the top 25, after the break. (more…)

Rem Koolhaas on CNN, the end of the star architect?

CNN’s Talk Asia just featured an interesting interview with . At the beginning of the video we see the Prada Transformer in action.

Highlights of this interview are Dubai, which lead to Koolhaas talking about the public sector and the stimulus, and his views on the Generic City.

When talking about influence (Rem was on the 100 most influential people list by Time magazine in 2008) and “star architects”, Koolhaas sentences the term to death:

“I think it’s a name that is actually degrading to the vast majority of people it is applied to. And it really is a kind of political term that for certain clients is important because they use star architects. My hope is that through the current complexity that title will exit discretely and disappear”.

Crossing NOW Exhibition in Beijing by Pasi Aalto

Architectural photographer Pasi Aalto sent us a good photo report on the Crossing Now “Dialogues for Emergency” Exhibition. This exhibition was organized after the Sichuan earthquake (May 12, 2008), which devastated the Chinese nation, with over 69,000 lives lost and over 15 million people affected, needing temporary homes. Crossin Now looks to help these people through architecture, on an exhibition that will bring talented architects from around the world to discuss the issues of environment and emergency architecture from a global perspective.

This exhibition featured works by architects such as: Sou Fujimoto, Rintala Eggertsson, Teddy Cruz, OBRA, PRODUCTORA, Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter, CAFA, Song Xiewei+Han Tao+Xi Xiaojing, Smiljan Radic + Gonzalo Puga, A4设计组, CAL-Earth, ECAL_Martino d‘Esposito, EH+GS, IK studio, Jia Kun Architecture, KUB and ML. + SJU & leondelima

Encore Heureux + G Studio Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter Productora Sou Fujimoto


The 10 Most Creative People in Architecture

Cliff Kuang from Fast Company has ranked the 10 most creative people in architecture. That doesn’t mean they’re the best, just the most unusual and influential visions in the field.

Be sure to check the architect’s works published on ArchDaily!

The complete list after the break. (more…)

Top 100 US Architecture Firms according to Architect Magazine

Architect Magazine listed the Top 100 U.S. firms based not just on their size, but on three elemental and critical aspects of each one: profitability (revenue per employee, based on 2008 gross revenue), sustainability (with variables such as percentage of LEED projects in 2008 and green policies) and design quality (based on awards on 2008).

Some of this practice have been featured on ArchDaily like Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Perkins Eastman & SHoP Architects.

Take a look at the complete after the break.


Vice Magazine interviews Oscar Niemeyer

YouTube Preview Image
Vice Magazine went to Brazil to interview the legendary architecture master . A pioneer in reinforced concrete, played a crucial role in the modern movement, not only because of formal or material explorations, but also for designing the new capital for Brazil: Brasilia. The whole city was built in only 4 years, and was a sandbox to put in practice the ideals of the modern movement.

YouTube Preview Image

Oscar Niemeyer is now 101 years old, and he keeps working every day at his office in Rio de Janeiro, with on going projects in Brazil and Spain. I think that his secret is how passionate he is about architecture and women, and he has devoted his life to both.

mountains/waves/women = curves

It is not the right angle that attracts me. nor the straight line, tough, inflexible, created by man. what attracts me is the free, sensual curve. the curve I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuous course of its rivers, in the waves of the sea, in the clouds of the sky, in the body of the favourite woman. Of curves is made all the universe.

You can read a short version of the intervier at Vice Magazine.

ORDOS 100 by OBRA Architects

Last year there was an interesting exhibition on the ORDOS villas by 13 NY Architects, 13:100. During that time the Architectural League conducted short interviews with some architects asking them some interesting things about the project.

  • What was your initial reaction to the invitation? Did you ever consider not accepting the commission?
  • How aware were you of Ai Weiwei’s work when you accepted the commission? To what extent do you think we need to see the Ordos 100 project in the context of his work thus far?
  • Describe how you dealt with designing a private residence for an abstract client.
  • To what extent were you designing with Chinese construction technique and standards in mind? How is this reflected in your design?
  • Describe what is architecturally at stake in your project. What were you after architecturally?
  • How do you feel about your participation in the project now that the design phase is over?
  • What do you think of the site plan and the cumulative effect of the one hundred architectural interventions?
  • Can you imagine an equivalent development being built on the United States?
  • Describe how you think the sheer size of Ordos impacts the role and position of the architect.
  • Describe your dream commission.

See the answers by Pablo Castro from OBRA Architects. You can also see their villa on our following post.

The Life of an Architecture Student

A narrative slideshow that depicts a day in the life of a Berkeley architecture student (played by Chris Torres). Photography and editing by Peter Hess. Music by Nine Inch Nails.

Thanks Brian for sharing this with us!!!

Re:Work, a Workshop to help reposition careers & restore optimism

The Mohawk Group, along with Interior Design Magazine and IIDA, is hosting a number of FREE workshops designed to help displaced designers and architects get back to the drawing board and back to work.

If this is for you, register today here. If you have a friend in need, pass this along!

Industry insight from Senior Leadership of Interior Design Magazine and IIDA
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Events are from 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. and designed to host 150 participants.

Scheduled Events:

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