AD Round Up: Institutional Architecture Part II

Following the first part of institutional architecture we featured earlier this year, today’s Round Up is the second part of previously published institutional projects. Enjoy!

1KP Alazraki Corporate Building / AD11
The project for the advertising agency Alazraki KP consists of two buildings constructed at different stages. The first one was conceived as a radical intervention of an existing building by transforming its use and image, while respecting the existing structure. The building is located facing a high speed road (read more…)

2Loducca Agency / Triptyque
Located in the neighborhood of “Jardins” – which presently experiences radical changes – and in an avenue with busy traffic, the building faced north emerges as a strong and organic ‘incarnation’ of this tropical city and takes form by absorbing these aggressions. Though it is imponent, the construction isn’t autonomous (read more…)

3Basque Health Department Headquarters  / Coll-Barreu Arquitectos
The lot locates in the crossroad of the two most important streets of the Ensanche (1862) in Bilbao. The restrictive city zoning rules force to repeat the existing building typology, reducing penthousing, chamfering corners and rising a tower. The building groups together vertical communications and general services within a bone (read more…)

4Paykar Bonyan Panel Factory / ARAD
The project is a factory that contains a prefabricated building system production plant plus an office & ancillary building. The site location is an industrial city for non-pollution factories, 35 kilometer away from Tehran/ Iran. The Client Goal is to change the traditional construction system to an industrial building system (read more…)

5Los Heroes Building / Murtinho y Asociados Arquitectos
The challenge was the rehabilitation of a ‘70s building for a new purpose: The General Offices of Caja de Compensación Los Heroes. The corporation is privet, independent and non profit institution. Its role is to administrate social security funds for economic help for retired persons and workmen through small and soft loans (read more…)

AD Round Up: Mixed Use Part II

Another “Part II” Round Up to finish this week. This time, we bring back previously featured mixed use projects. And if you didn’t catch our first part, it’s never to late, check it out right here.

1Z Towers / NRJA
This project by young Latvian architects NRJA (previously featured on AD) is currently under construction. The complex, in Riga, Latvia, includes 2 towers (29 and 30 stories each), connected by a floor bridge. It also includes a 4-stories podium. Completion is expected durin 1st quarter 2010 (read more…)

2Dorobanti Tower, Bucharest / Zaha Hadid Architects
Dorobanti tower, a new project by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest moves away from the works we have been seen lately, with a very expressive structure. The 200m tall iconic tower will be located in the heart of the capital city of Romania, at junction of Calea Dorobanti and St. Mihail Eminescu (read more…)

3Sugar Cube / KPMB
This mixed-use development project introduces a new strategy for making contemporary architecture within Denver’s historic Lower Downtown Heritage District (LoDo). The design responds to the precise urban design guidelines for LoDo, while helping the local Review Board to expand its guidelines to include contemporary buildings (read more…)

4Højblokka_PULS / MAPT + DARK
We looked for a reinterpretation of the urban block typology in combination with vertical multiplication and urban density. The site is situated next to Oslo Central Station and had been formerly occupied by the postal headquarters. Due to its proximity to a variety of infrastructural layers in a dense urban and commercial area (read more…)

5Market Hall in Rotterdam / MVRDV
Dutch architects MVRDV strike another one with a new mixed use project in the new inner city heart for the Laurens Quarter, the pre-war centre of Rotterdam. The project, comissioned by Provast, includes an open air market, that due to new hygienic constraints of dutch laws has to be covered. It also includes 246 residences (read more…)

Dutch architects MVRDV strike another one with a new mixed use project in the new inner city heart for the Laurens Quarter, the pre-war centre of Rotterdam.

The project, comissioned by Provast, includes an open air market, that due to new hygienic constraints of dutch laws has to be covered. It also includes 246 residences, that form an arc that covers the open market area.

AD Round Up: Housing Part II

Today we bring you projects from all over the world. Different housing buildings from Australia, USA, Slovenia, Mexico and United Kingdom. And of course, check the first part of this Round Up right here.

1Huski Apartments / Elenberg Fraser Architecture
Built on a corner site, Huski is a five level apartment hotel, open for both the winter and summer seasons at Falls Creek, in the Victorian high lands. It comprises fourteen apartments (4 x studio, 2 x 1 bedroom, 2 x 2 bedroom, 4 x 3 bedroom and 2 x 4 bedroom, 2 level penthouse), and day spa and produce store/café (read more…)

2Metal Shutter Houses / Shigeru Ban
On West Chelsea a new 9 unit condo is under construction, designed by japanese Shigeru Ban. The project is located on the south side of West 19th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues in West Chelsea’s art gallery district, right next to the High Line, the Hudson River Park, Ghery´s IAC Building and Jean Nouvel´s 100 11th (read more…)

3Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti
The project is a winning entry for two housing blocks in a competition convoked by the Slovenia Housing Fund, a government-run programme that is providing low-cost apartments for young families. The proposal won for economic, rational and functional issues but mostly for the ratio between gross vs. saleable surface area (read more…)

4Temistocles 12 / JSª
Temistocles 12 is a building on a rectangular-shaped property, like many others in Polanco. However, the way in which it is set on the property is the result of a structural analysis which allowed us to avoid the use of intermediate columns, and gave us great freedom in the interior distribution. A cube providing lighting and ventilation (read more…)

5New building for Liverpool / Alison Brooks Architects
Alison Brooks Architects (ABA, previously featured in AD with their award winning Herringbone Houses) designed three buildings for Tribeca, a new development in Liverpool, UK. This three buildings are located on the corner of Great George Street and St James Street. This buildings will provide 93 apartments (read more…)

AD Round Up: Halloween Special

Tomorrow people from all over the world will celebrate . Children in costumes, many candies and several horror movie-marathons on TV will help create the scary mood we are used to. In ArchDaily, we didn’t want to be left behind so for todays Round Up, we bring you previously featured scary places to be tomorrow night. Enjoy!

1Tanatorio Municipal de Leon / BAAS
The building is conceived as a tomb of tombs. A completely buried construction, it eludes its volume and its signification in order to camouflage itself in the interstices of a too-close residential area. A sheet of water by way of a roof constitutes the single facade, reflecting León’s sky like an allegory of death (read more…)

2Santo Stefano Cemetery in Italy / Amoretti + Calvi + Ranalli
The purpose of the project is the amplification of a small municipals cemetery of Santo Stefano al Mare on the north-west side of Italy in front of the Mediterranean sea. The new intervention is situated on a small land strip between the old cemetery’s wall and the waterfront way. This strip is orientated from east to west (read more…)

3Estrela Cementery / Pedro Pacheco + Marie Clément
The cemetery and mortuary chapel constitute an ensemble of two enclosed spaces, built in a holm-oak field. One of the holm-oaks becomes part of the enclosure, as an element of the cemetery anchorage, transforming the chapel patio into an important shadow space. This gesture acquires a structural significance (read more…)

4Luz Cemetery / Pedro Pacheco + Marie Clément
To displace a cemetery means not only transporting it’s tombs but equally it’s memory and rituals consolidated over the times. The old cemetery’s regular and geometric figure, which follow the ground pendent is reproduced. The vicinities between tombs are maintained as place recognition elements, as well as their orientation (read more…)

5Rennes Métropole Crematorium / PLAN 01
Largely marginal in the 1970’s, cremation has experienced a slow but regular progress for the last 20 years, reaching a 29% rate today. In 2030, cremation will become the main funeral practice in France, outreaching the symbolic 50% rate. This true reversal of traditions underlines the progressive spreading of cremation (read more…)

AD Round Up: Stone Houses Part II

To start this week’s Round Up, we bring your our second part of previously featured houses. And of course, remember to check the first part right here.

1Breuillot’s house / Bernard Quirot & Olivier Vichard
Located in a small village 10 kilometers south of Besançon, the main town of the region « Franche Comté », this house was built far from the center of the village, up on the hill which dominates the river « Loue » and beneficiates of a clear and wide view . It was made for a single grandma’ who takes care of her daughter’s children every day (read more…)

2Box House / Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato
It is a small construction with an equally simple program: A caretaker’s house of a property on an island on the North coast of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. The site, at 100 meters above sea level, next to two enormous rocks, already had the old caretaker’s house, one-story house with stone walls and clay roof tiles (read more…)

3House in Scaiano / Wespi de Meuron
This house for vacations is located at the border of a small historical village, which is still quite good preserved. There is a beautiful view over the lake and towards the mountains. It’s only possible to reach the house by foot. There isn’t a street leading close to the site, what made the construction more difficult (read more…)

4Pachacamac House / Longhi Architects
A hill in Pachacamac, located 40 km south of Lima near Peru’s coast, is the site for the retirement home of a philosopher. The response to the site’s conditions was to bury the house, trying to create a balanced dialogue between architecture and landscape, where inside / outside becomes a constant interpretation of materiality (read more…)

5Valle House / Sebastian Mariscal Studio
This weekend single-family dwelling is located in the Valley of Guadalupe in Baja California, Mexico. The valley, known for its wine production, is surrounded by amber-colored mountains and pierced by dirt roads continuously winding between vineyards and olive trees. These surroundings serve as visual lines and filters (read more…)

AD Round Up: Retail Part II

Big, challenging, creative. Designing a retail store may very well define it’s success in the future. Check our first part of previously featured retail stores in ArchDaily. And to finish our week, we bring you our second part of retail. Enjoy!

1Sarugaku / Akihisa Hirata
This is a set of commercial tenant building in Daikanyama, Tokyo. From legal condition it was demanded to build several small volumes in narrow site, and we decided to make several volumes that seemed to be mountains. Thereby valley-shaped space between mountains is formed, where people and displayed things will overflow (read more…)

2Dot envelope _ low cost shopping / OFIS arhitekti
The existing site is listed as industrial historical area with buildings of an old butchery complex, which included the water-tower and old butcher hall. Demand of National heritage was to rebuild the tower as it was in original and to integrate the main façade portal of old hall in front of the planned new shopping mall (read more…)

3Showroom H / Akihisa Hirata
This is the building for a showroom exhibiting small agricultural equipments. I tried to create a place similar to natural environment in an artificial way. People are invited to go deep into the continuity without whole view, where they can find different spread of things in every minute. This architecture is made by a very simple operation (read more…)

4K:fem department store / Wingardh
Fifty years after the opening of Vällingby, Sweden’s world famous New Town from 1954, works began with its resurrection. After the glorious days when children and their mothers filled the community in the outskirts of Stockholm with life, other developments gradually drained the neighbourhood unit (read more…)

5PUMA City, Shipping Container Store / LOT-EK
Our green friends over Inhabitat just tipped us on a new project by NYC/Napoli based office LOT-EK, a practice that has been doing an interesting job by reusing containers. 24 containers are put together to create a 3 storey store with over 11,000 sqf, including a bar/lounge area and 2 decks. The store is currently at (read more…)

AD Round Up: Pool Houses Part II

A pool can certainly add some ‘coolness’ to a great house. If you don’t believe me, check our first part of pool houses Round Up, and then have a look at our second part of previously featured pool houses in ArchDaily.

1Ballandean House / Arkhefield
The form of the house was driven by respecting the aspect, framing the view, and the making of place by casting a strong shadow under the continuous overhang. By folding the roof down at both ends the ‘shed’ is referenced and the notion of shelter is celebrated. The strength and solidity of the helmet roof is a response (read more…)

2House 3 / at103
The Project consists on a restoration and addition of an existing house in the old part of the city of Acapulco, México. Acapulco in the 50’s and 60’s was a Hollywood Town, full of glamour and money, where all the rich and famous used to hang out from John Wayne to John F Kennedy, where good taste and modern architecture (read more…)

3TDA House / Cadaval & Solà-Morales
A Fresh house for extreme weather that surpasses the standard limits of comfort of the city-dweller; a low-cost house requiring minimum maintenance; a house for any number of habitants, flexible in its uses and configuration; a house that can open up completely to the exterior or close in on itself; a beach house that can be built (read more…)

4Dupli Casa / J. Mayer H. Architects
The geometry of the building is based on the footprint of the house that previously was located on the site. Originally built in 1984 and with many extensions and modifications since then, the new building echoes the “family archaeology” by duplication and rotation. Lifted up, it creates a semi-public space on ground level (read more…)

5Brione House / Wespi de Meuron
The new building is located in a privileged but sprawled urban area above Locarno, with an overwhelming view on the city, the surrounding mountains and the lake. The project is a discrete reaction to a daily subject: to build into a crowded and chaotic urbanized area. Therefore all attributes of a classical house were totally omitted (read more…)

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part IV

Copyright© wojtek gurak -

With over 6,000 pictures from our Flickr pool, we are constantly receiving some amazing photos provided by our readers. Each month, we’ll show you our selection of best pictures. You can check Part I, Part II and Part III. And of course remember you can submit yours right here, and also follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page.

The picture of the Nottingham Science Park in the UK was taken by wojtek gurak. Check the other four after the break. (more…)

AD Round Up: Wooden Houses Part II

Since we started with ArchDaily we’ve published many wooden houses. And our new readers may have missed more than one. So to start this week’s Round Up we bring you our second part (first one here) of previously featured wooden houses.

1Amalia House / GRID Architects
Amalia -named after the grandmother of her owners -is a holiday cabin to host family members spread all over Austria. Located on top of a hill in Styria, overlooking the valley of Kirchbach Amalia offers space for up to six people, without having to spare any comfort. Organised in 2 levels, one of them split, she lets the landscape (read more…)

2Vila Isabella / Brasil Arquitetura
For us it is impossible to imagine modern Brazilian architecture without thinking about the strong influence of Finland in the form of the exceptional works of Alvar Aalto. When we consider our architectural origins, or our referential network, we come across structures, spatial concepts, constructional principles, use of materials (read more…)

3Triangle House / JVA
This house is situated with views towards the sea between the branches of the surrounding pine-forest. The permitted aerial building lines define the plan and even the heights of the roofline. While the exterior views are singularly framed by the window openings, closely related to individual spaces, the interior is treated (read more…)

4House on Lake Rupanco / Alejandro Beals, Christian Beals
The house is located on the edge of lake Rupanco, in the south of Chile. The 160 x 30 meters site has a 36 meters slope and south-facing views of the lake. The house programme was meant to include a lounge and an office where books, photos and fishing tackle could be kept. The dining room, kitchen and terrace were to have visual (read more…)

5Tacna Hill Beach House / dRN Architects
A Beach House must be a place to relax, where one could both rest and gather with friends. It must properly serve, both a simple couple, or a big bunch of unexpected visitors. Also, it must be a cosy off-season hideaway and at the same time, a great place for a Summer barbecue party. It’s here where exteriors become (read more…)

AD Round Up: Health Architecture Part II

Because health is very important for everyone, we bring you our second part of Health Architecture previously featured on ArchDaily. In case you missed it, check the first one here!

1National Heart Center in Singapore / Broadway Malyan
Broadway Malyan’s ten story hospital is formatted to minimize travel distances for patients. The first six floors house the active zone of the hospital, with labs, facilities for surgery, radiology, and similar programs. The upper part of the building, floors 7-10, focus on portions that are patient-free, such as facilities for staff training (read more…)

2GKK Dental Ambulatory / x Architekten
The relocation of various businesses from the Voestalpine steel manufacturer’s premises included the dental clinic of the Upper Austrian regional medical insurance company. The nearby “Service Zone” was chosen as the new location. The task was to create a modern clinic on a 525 sqm plot which offers the dentists the best possible (read more…)

3Santa Rita Geriatric Center / Manuel Ocaña
Geriatric centers should be optimistic places appealing to live in or to visit. The idea is to create a characteristic atmosphere in a vital space where spare time prevails and where residents spend the last years or months of their lives. The fact is that it is possible to build a geriatric center that does not look like a hospital (read more…)

4Ananda Clinic / Forma-i
The clinic construction was completed in December 2008 and subsequently refurbished and officially opened in January 2009. The project was originally planned as a space to accommodate young patients in three different specializations: orthodontist, physiotherapist and psychologist. The main idea behind the project was (read more…)

5Polyclinic / 3LDH Architects
Our friends from shared their awarded competition proposal for a private medical center for Firule in Split, . The Polyclinic is situated close to the sea and its fresh air, near an existing hospital complex. Due to the programmatic and functional demands of such a project the architects developed (read more…)

AD Round Up: 3LHD

Since ArchDaily’s David Basulto is currently in participating at CIP Talks 2009, we decided to show you some croatian architecture. So to start this week’s Round Up, we bring you previously featured projects from 3LHD.

1Sports Hall Bale
Bale is a small place with a population of 1000 people. The new sports hall is adjacent to the old school, and due to the size of the village itself where this building is the second largest after the church, it will also be used as a public facility for various social gatherings. The size of the building has been defined by the basketball playground (read more…)

2House V
House “V” was designed in order to satisfy the needs of a family. Applying communication between the common and individual rooms, the facilities and functions of the space have been connected into a single unit that creates a comfortable living area for a family. The house is situated beneath Zagreb mountain Medvednica (read more…)

3Spaladium Center
Spaladium Center, sports and business complex is located on the northern part of the Split peninsula, in the vicinity of Poljud, a sports complex with a football field and pool built for The Mediterranean Games in 1979. Spaladium Centar consists of a handball arena for 12,000 spectators, a wellness center, a sky bar and a restaurant (read more…)

4House N
Pantovčak, one of Zagreb’s most prestigious streets, which rests below the gaze of Sljeme, has been lined with freestanding family houses for decades. With its sculpted gardens and comfortable spaces between buildings, it exudes all of the admirable qualities of a pleasantly livable urban residential drive (read more…)

5House K
Family house K is situated on a large residential plot on a moderate eastern-facing slope at the edge of a forest near the base of Sljeme hill. By placing the object next to the street in the north-western corner of the plot, preference was given to a beautiful forest view; the uneven terrain was used as a means of developing the object’s volume (read more…)

AD Round Up: Leisure Part II

It’s Friday. Time to relax. So are these great leisure projects. And in case you missed it, check our first part of leisure Round Up right here.

14 Islands in Maldives / OFIS arhitekti
The government of Maldives runs every few years a bid for the islands that investors can rent for 25 years. The bid has to contain also a concept and architectural proposal for the resort. The extra challenge was developing environmentally friendly, ecologically sensitive and self-sustaining model of 4 different islands (read more…)

2Showroom and Leisure Center / Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
French architects Manuelle Gautrand Architecture shared with us their new showroom and leisure center design for Cairo, Egypt. The concrete structure consists of connecting circles and spherical cavities that create a flexible interior allowing users to seamlessly flow through different showrooms (read more…)

3Natasha Skin Care / TWS & Partners
The building is about 1,000 square meter building coverage and located at the heart of the city in Bandung. The client want to make something iconic for the architecture as it will be launch as their first new building concept. The program will consist of huge lobby which also serve as a reception and waiting area, a drug store (read more…)

4Beachclub / Spanjers Architect
On the beach of Westkapelle, a small coastal town in the Netherlands, recently a new beachclub called ‘Zuiderduin’ has opened its doors for the public. A building with a maximum outdoor floor surface where people can enjoy a snack, a drink and a beautiful view on the beach and the North Sea, when they go to the coast (read more…)

5Super Sense Spa 2 / KUU
A few years ago, there were many old buildings being demolished in downtown Shanghai. Walking around the city’s streets, one often saw half-destroyed houses with some of their walls ripped off, exposing rooms with peeling wallpaper, faded pastel-coloured walls, rectangles of ceramic-tiles where bathrooms or kitchens were (read more…)

AD Round Up: Awarded Competitions Part II

We are always looking forward to see the results of an awarded competition. As we feature a lot of them, we might as well do a second part of our awarded competitions Round Up. Check out the first one here!

1World Trade Center Iguala Competition
b720 architects won the competition for the World Trade Center at Igualada, . The complex will articulate the existing industrial city with the residential zone, completing a new zone of infrastructure for this developing city. The complex consist of 4 buildings with a total area of 53.000 sqm, including 530 underground parking (read more…)

2Sustainable Design Competition
FARO architecten bv just shared with us their latest project, the winning entry for a sustainable residential tower design competition. The city of Almere organized a design competition for urban villas and a residential tower for the Cascade park. These designs needed to fit within the ambition to develop the Cascade park (read more…)

3Taipei Performing Arts Centre Competition
After a two-phase international competition (with offices such as Morphosis, Abalos+Sentkiewicz, MVRDV and Zaha Hadid), OMA has been awarded the first prize in the design competition to build the new Taipei Performing Arts Centre. The project, led by Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren, is based on 3 theaters (read more…)

4P.S.1 Competition
We just got the news that MOS Architects won the competition to build a temporary installation at MoMA´s P.S.1 during this summer. For this competition the P.S.1 invites each year a group of emerging architects to experiment with new shapes and materials, as Work AC did last year with their PF1 project (read more…)

5Live the Box Competition
The partnership of AIA Newark and Suburban and the Young Architects Forum invited international designers to find innovative, visionary and compelling proposals for container constructed multi-family mixed-use project. The idea was to reuse the thousand of unwanted shipping containers clogging ports (read more…)

AD Round Up: ORDOS 100 Part II

While we keep showing you the 100 houses designed by 100 architects in ORDOS 100, we might as well remember the ones we published quite some time ago. You can also check Part I here.

1 #6: Rocker-Lange
The project called “Inside Out|Outside In” is part of the Ordos 100 project and discusses the relationship and fusion of interior and exterior space. Rocker – Lange calls for an architecture of milieu – that an architecture of the circumstances and conditions by which it is surrounded. An “Architecture of Milieu” no longer strictly (read more…)

2ORDOS 100 #7: MOS Architects
The relationship of the house to the sun is critical. In a climate such as Ordos’ which experiences hot summers and cold winters, it is the architectural form which integrates the effects of the sun’s light and heat with the comfort of the occupied spaces. The house controls heat and light through two primary aspects (read more…)

3ORDOS 100 #8: R&Sie(n)
R&Sie propose the continuation of this legend, to develop a topography which connects these two universes and which articulate the relation between two climates, one outdoor, dry, sandy and windy, and the other luminous, greens, and protected in interiorities. Water and its collecting are generating morphology of the movement of ground (read more…)

4ORDOS 100 #9: Sou Fujimoto
I propose a primordial place to live before a notional ‘house’ became a ‘house;’ when it was uncongealed to be all at once a house, a city, a garden, a forest, a prairie, the natural and the artificial. It is analogous to the ruins of ancient cities, to the natural landscapes, to the network of neural activities in a stimulated mind (read more…)

5ORDOS 100 #10: Johnston Marklee & Associates
The design of House House emerges from an interest in finding the most elemental model for a city. As a type, the gable roofed shed is one that transcends cultures and civilization. The instant this house proliferates bears the seed for the basic model of settlement. Considering pragmatic constraints, the siting of the house (read more…)

AD Round Up: Restaurants Part II

Check out our first Round Up of Restaurants right here. Because today, we bring you five more places where you can have a nice dinner.

1Yellow Treehouse Restaurant / Pacific Environments
The concept is driven by the ‘enchanted’ site which is raised above an open meadow and meandering stream on the edge of the woods. The tree-house concept is reminiscent of childhood dreams and playtime, fairy stories of enchantment and imagination. It’s inspired through many forms found in nature (read more…)

2Ar de Rio Bar Esplanade / Guedes + DeCampos
Skin is not a new theme in the work of our office, neither are concepts such as standardization or mobility but the new pavilion of the bar Ar de Rio proposes a new approach to these matters. Although it may be seen as a step forward, it is really a logical follow-up to the original concept of the Bares de Gaia set, in which Ar de Rio is included (read more…)

3Restaurant 560 / joão tiago aguiar – acarquitectos
The restaurant is placed on the ground-floor of an old building in bairro alto, lisbon’s city centre. By hosting different commercial uses, it suffered some changes in order to respond to different functionalities throughout the 20th century. Its last known use was an internet café and tea house, both functioning at the same time (read more…)

4Lounge MS / Vaillo + Irigaray
The organizational scheme is due to similar patterns of micro-structures, more in line with geometric patterns of liquid and / or aerosols that Cartesian structures. In establishing a working geometry using “soft” and a unified treatment space “airy”. The new space is conceived as a continuation of the existing fence (read more…)

5Jing Restaurant / Antonio Eraso
The restaurant is placed in a 3400 sqft. unit with a full south east view of the Marina Bay. It is subdivided into two main activity areas: 1000 sqft back-of-house area (kitchen, staff room, and office) and 2400 sqft. dining area (main hall, two private dining rooms, ladies powder room). The kitchen layout responds to Chinese cuisine (read more…)

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part III

Copyright© jmhdezhdez -

Our Flickr pool keeps growing at a very fast pace, and you can see many fantastic photos taken by people all over the world. Once a month, we’ll show you our selection of the best pictures we get, as you can see on Part I and Part II. You can also add yours, just click here and learn how! Also, remember you can follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page.

The picture of the London Metropolitan University in London, UK was taken by jmhdezhdez. Check the other four after the break. (more…)

AD Round Up: Houses in Spain

has a lot to offer in terms of landscape. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the beach, an island or in the interiors, you can also find many different types of houses through the country. So to start this week’s Round Up, we bring you our first selection of previously featured houses in .

1252959231-1OS House / NOLASTER
The architecture project is presented under the following conditions. A couple bought one of the few available plots on the Bay of Biscay coastline. After scouting every seaside village from Plentzia to San Vicente de la Barquera for nearly a year, they found the place they where looking for in a residential estate from the 1970′s near Loredo (read more…)

1252959233-2House at Jardin del Sol / Corona y P. Amaral Arquitectos
The basic idea of the project consists in the location of a monolithic concrete and glass volume over a timber platform located at the edge of a cliff in order to enjoy the amazing view of the 300m cliff, a 1000m long black sand beach, mount Teide and all the north coast of Tenerife island. Bedroom and service areas are located (read more…)

1252959235-3House 108 / H Arquitectes
Although located in one of the most untouched areas of the Costa Brava, Rosamar housing development is characterized by a mix of different constructions and auto-constructions of a low architectural interest and a large impact on the landscape. This project looks to respect the natural environment (read more…)

1252959240-4Refuge in the Countryside / Juan Herreros Arquitectos
The project converts an existing vernacular structure that formerly served as a refuge for shepherds into a small residence for occasional use. The approach consisted of replicating the original volume symmetrically to conserve the original conditions and technical function of an apparently innocent construction (read more…)

1252959242-5Garden House 0.96 / Bailo Rull ADD+ Arquitectura
The house has been designed in a parcel with extremely high topography. The parcel is located at the end of the city of Igualada, and the project will look to the landscape at the front. The views are excellent and the mobility inside and outside the house will define the project. The house could be understood like a promenade (read more…)

AD Round Up: Public Facilities Part II

Public Facilities can show great variety in architecture. We featured our first selection a while ago, and today we bring you our second selection of previously featured public facilities on ArchDaily.

1252687155-1Scottsdale First Assembly / debartolo architects
This project strives to create architecture that is regionally sympathetic as well as grounded in the context and community of its place. We can not fall back on superficial fads or historical “styles” that are so common in this region today. If we imitate the form of these historical buildings without recognition of the original content (read more…)

1252687156-2Lorenz / Pedevilla Architekten
St. Lorenzen is a small community in South Tyrol, an area of the Italian Alps that lies near the Austrian border. The newly constructed Town Hall of St. Lorenzen is located in its historical church square, which forms the heart of the village. This positioning of the Town Hall has resulted in the creation of two separate spaces (read more…)

1252687158-3Manresa City Hall / Add Bailo Rull
We have understood Manresa as the city that one day settled itself on a hill bordering the river Cardener, in front of Montserrat mountains. The City Hall building stands near the edge of the platform that, occupied by the historic quarter, juts out towards the river and faces Montserrat. The main facade overlooks the central city plaza (read more…)

1252687162-4Ig Centre / Atelje Desman & Gregorc+Vrhovec
The new Civic Centre Ig creates a lively and bustling centre of the community and makes it possible to do most daily errands in one place while meeting fellow village people. The design is based on the morphology of the village. It’s important to protect and complement the characteristically built village core (read more…)

1252687163-5Rouen Grand Mare / Beckmann-N’Thépé architects
On the basis of a town plan laid down by Nicolas Michelin agency, and more specifically on the site of an old 60s and 70s housing bar, the building designed by the architects introduces a cosiness that should encourage more dynamic social relations on the housing estate. The buildings use an architectural style (read more…)