AD Round Up: Brick Houses Part II

Great houses from Europe and make  today’s Round Up. Don’t forget to check the first part of our brick houses selection!

Dwelling-workhouse HDT / Hoogte Twee Architecten
Dwelling-workhouse is situated in a small quarter with free lots, which form the transition between an industry terrain and a housing estate. The brave five-persons family villa attracts attention in the middle of the surrounding standard houses, but has been created by a clear “image quality plan”. The paradox between the freedom of design (read more…)

Botany Studio + House / Workshop1
In 2002 we bought a dilapidated weatherboard cottage on a corner block in an old industrial area of Botany. Since then we have gradually restored the cottage and opened it to the north and the garden by replacing the exterior wall with a sliding glass and timber door and adding a deck and outdoor bathroom (read more…)

Hervey Bay Farmhouse / Owen and Vokes
Vast and open natural landscapes do not provide the conditions suitable to enduring human habitation. The infinite scale of such a landscape, without limit or border, is also immeasurable to the human body and therefore generally discomforting. When placed in a vast and open landscape, there is a human predilection (read more…)

House 1 + House 2 / TAKA
These two new homes house two generations of the same family (A renovated Victorian House for the parents sharing a rear garden with a new Mews house for one of the daughters). The now grown-up family had recently moved out of their long-term family home and wanted these new homes to maintain some sense of continuity (read more…)

Vento House / mzc archittetura
An ancient house inside the historical city. A four floors house. The principal theme from outside is the section on the facade and the non-colour. The theme inside is the function linked to a colour. White is the internal surface: white is the colour that keep inside the life in the house and the parts of the house (read more…)

AD Round Up: Shanghai Pavillions Part III

Shanghai World Expo will take place this year in China, with several countries designing and building their own pavilions. We’ve featured many of them, and we still have a few left. Check our first and second part if you missed some of them, and enjoy our third part to end this week’s Round Up.

Luxembourg Pavillion
The idea “forest and fortress” comes from the literal meaning of the Chinese term for Luxembourg. The pavilion, built from steel, wood and glass, will be an open fortress around with greenery. The 15-meter-high main structure will resemble an ancient castle with large openings surrounded by medieval towers (read more…)

Switzerland Pavillion
The design by Buchner Bründler Architects, chosen out of the 104 candidates through a world-wide competition, focuses on the sustainable development as well as harmony and balance, which coincide with the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. “This piece of work best shows the characteristics of modern Switzerland (read more…)

Spain Pavillion
The Spain Pavilion will have a steel structure and a wicker cover. Spanish handcrafters will weave out different patterns by using different colors of wicker, said Benedetta Tagliabue, designer of the pavilion. The wicker will be covered by a special material that is water-proof. It will also keep the pavilion at a comfortable temperature (read more…)

British Pavillion
The Pavilion of Ideas, designed by Heatherwick Studio, beat five other short-listed designs, including plans put forward by the creators of the London Eye – the largest Ferris wheel in the world – to becomes the winner. The pavilion looks like a box with thousands of spines that hover without visible support above a public square (read more…)

Belgian Pavillion
Conix Architects in collaboration with JV Realys have won the competition to design the Belgian Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010. The structure of a brain cell is the dominant conceptual image for the pavilion. It aims to evokes the artistic and scientific richness of Belgium and the country’s central position within Europe (read more…)

AD Round Up: Great posts you may have missed these holidays!

Christmas and New Years are times to spend with the family, relaxing and enjoying the last days of the year. In doing so, we understand you may not be able to do what you do every day (check your e-mails, check your Facebook, check ArchDaily). So to start this year’s Round Up, we bring you a selection of great posts you may have missed these holidays. Enjoy!

Za(breg) 2012 / njiric+ arhitekti
njiric+ arhitekti’s design fora large stadium has been nicknamed as the “Blue Volcano” by the public and the press, an overwhelming built form that creates a presence in the city, a new landmark for the area. The stadium was conceived not as a building typology but rather as a topography. Using the natural undulation (read more…)

Zig Zag Towers / MZ & Partners
The West Bay Lagoon Plaza proposes two identical towers whose structure is obtained through a rethinking of the rules, manipulating basic forms in an unconventional way to produce buildings that are functional, yet also visually striking, favoring simplicity and denying decorative gestures. Located on the seaside (read more…)

Vila Hermína / Sepka Architekti
The building is situated on a sloping terrain on the outskirts of Černín, taking the same slope into its internals for floors. The interior layout is based on alternating straight and sloping floor surfaces that create the overall spiralling character of the interior and define the building’s external appearance (read more…)

House in Casa de Campo / A-cero
The benign climate that prevails during the whole year in the Caribbean island, as well as the situation of the plot of 7.000 sqm first coast line, they determine in advance the project executed by A-cero Studio. With a singular architectural idea and a certain level of risky, peculiar of the team that Joaquin Torres directs (read more…)

Centauro Concept Store / AUM Arquitetos
The project for a concept store for Centauro at Shopping Cidade Jardim in São Paulo, Brazil, exploit some strong elements that the brand already has. The idea started from a design that shows, somehow, similarity to the existing brand and not a complete rupture. The use of the red and white colors (read more…)

AD Round Up: ORDOS 100 Part III

Many more to come. But for now, let’s go back and see previously featured ORDOS 100 houses. Check the first and second part also!

1 #11: NL Architects
Ordos 100 appears to be a typical suburb. It envisions freestanding houses in an abundance of public and private green. But large part of the year, the site could be considered a desert. A desert covered in snow. Once the conditions are right the grass takes over, the best grass in the world. Still the temperature will drop below zero (read more…)

2ORDOS 100 #12: RSVP
we decided to relocate our faith in architecture in terms of the discipline itself. We removed ourselves from any sarcastic, ironic or cultural contextual position in order to “Design” a house that will not only respond to the program but also to a more abstract order of complexities. Because our site culminates the perspectival axis (read more…)

3ORDOS 100 #13: NAO
Ordos 100 will be a collection of architecture. NAO designed Villa 62 to collect the changing weather of the desert. The outside of Villa 62 can best be described as a continuous shelving system. The skin is designed to keep weather elements on the facade: snow, sand, rain and moss, changing during the four seasons of the year (read more…)

5ORDOS 100 #15: Rintala Eggertsson
The landscape of the Ordos plateau in Inner Mongolia is wide and open, characterized by dunes of sand and low vegetation. The climate is stable and dry, with only 200-450 mm of annual rainfall, which has made livelihood in the area a great challenge throughout the centuries. Still today, the land is threatened by droughts (read more…)

4ORDOS 100 #14: Encore Heureux + G Studio
French architects Encore Heureux & G Studio didn’t send a text for their Ordos villa, but the renderings are quite expressive. Judge for yourself (see more…)

AD Round Up: Andrew Maynard Architects

Andrew Maynard Architects was established in 2002 following Andrew’s receipt of the grand prize in the Asia Pacific Design Awards for his Design Pod. We’ve been featuring several houses of this Australian office, all of them in the state of Victoria.

1Vader house
Emerging from behind its high boundary wall, the distorted roof form of Vader House interrupts the symmetrical roof line typical of Fitzroy, and breathes new life into this Victorian Terrace. The extension is a framed steel skeleton which envelopes the unusually high boundary wall built prior to height restrictions (read more…)

2Tattoo House
The Tattoo house is Andrew Maynard’s latest built project. The building is a small extension to an existing 3 bedroom house in Fitzroy North, Victoria. The client’s brief was delightfully loose; provide new living and kitchen space for a growing young family and create an open plan with plenty of natural light and high ceilings (read more…)

3Barrow House
The Barrow extension appears as an arrangement of timber boxes, each independently rotated and subjected to varying amounts of extruding and manipulating forces. These separate actions result in a variety of shapes, which united, create an interior of differing volumes and organizations, providing an interesting double story (read more…)

4Anglesea House
For ‘ latest design, a holiday home in Anglesea VIC, the clients’ requirement was simple: more space for their growing and aging family. With the need of the client always in mind, set out to create a multi-generational vacation home whose “versatility…allows it to be inhabited (read more…)

5Beachcroft Orth Residence
Andrew Maynard Architects present this residential alteration and extension to an existing double fronted weatherboard house in Melbourne, Australia. The brief required 2 bathrooms, a bedroom, living area, kitchen and increased connection with outside areas. The context is typical of inner suburban Melbourne (read more…)

AD Round Up: Snow Houses Part I

Merry Christmas to everybody! And to celebrate the day Santa visit us from the North Pole, we bring you our selection of previously featured snow houses from all over the world. Enjoy!

1Holiday House on the Rigi / AFGH
Holiday house on the Rigi, Scheidegg. The building was arranged on the periphery of the property so that the distance to the neighbouring houses was as large as posssible and so that the option of constructing another building could be left open. The concrete cellar anchors the building in the sloping terrain (read more…)

2Los Canteros Mountain Refuge / dRN Arquitectos
The site was an existing void in the middle of a slope, bound on two sides by magnificent old containment walls built of stone. These walls defined a level area of approximately 12×10mts, 7.5mts below the level of the road. A few scattered trees seemed significant, as vegetation is hard to find at 2000 mts high (read more…)

3Broken House / KWK PROMES
The building is located on the outskirts of Katowice, Poland, near a forest, on land deteriorated by 4th category mining damage, where tectonic faults are a possibility. Hence the connotation of uplifted layers of soil, interwoven with one another, which was the inspiration for the form of the house (read more…)

4Fjällhus Residence / PS Arkitektur
The Mountain Lodge is a modern take of a traditional barn of the region in Härjedalen, Sweden. The Lodge comes as prefabricated wooden units. It was originally designed in 2005 by architect Peter Sahlin for his own family, as a vacation retreat in the fells of Härjedalen. Five houses have since then been produced in the region (read more…)

5Villa Old Oaks / OFIS arhitekti
The residence is situated in a new neighborhood of six larger villas. The unique feature of the site is a splendid view of a stand of oak trees that are over a hundred years old. The terrain slopes down towards these trees. To guarantee that most of the major spaces will have access to this view, the house is organized in stepped levels (read more…)

AD Round Up: Housing Part III

With several housing projects featured since we started, I think it’s time for the third part of this Round Up. Check the first one and second one before this one!

1de Plussenburgh / Arons en Gelauff Architecten
The design for seniors aged 55 and older was inspired by the forthcoming retirement of the hippie generation. The project embraces its target market’s denial of aging by proposing a playful, coloured apartment block. The building is an exciting configuration of a tower and an elevated slab. The slab volume is elevated 11 metres (read more…)

2Switch Building / nArchitects
Switch Building is a 7 storey apartment and art gallery building at 109 Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side, New York City. The building consists of four floor-through apartments, a duplex penthouse, and a double height art gallery on the ground and cellar levels. nARCHITECTS provided full architectural services for the project (read more…)

3Carabanchel Housing / dosmasuno arquitectos
Despite the guidelines drawn on the plots, places need to express their own personality, to arise naturally, to construct themselves. And concretely this one is aligned against a green area, against the concatenation of public spaces that link the old Carabanchel district with its forest through the new neighborhood (read more…)

4Social Housing in Granollers / Bailo Rull ADD+ Arquitectura
At the city scale Granollers is a town which has been growing along the Congost river. For that geographical reason, the city has two different street typologies. On one hand there is one kind of street which goes parallel to the river. These few streets are longitudinal and structure main part of the city (read more…)

5Gabriel Mancera Building / at103
Being charged by an architect client, on a 12.5 meters front by 25 meters long site 8 apartments are projected, 2 per floor arranged longitudinally and interrupted by three voids: a central one for services and two lateral ones for terraces that will be covered by climbing plants working as filter in-between public and private spaces (read more…)

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part VI

Copyright© Luis Alfaro -

Our Flickr Pool is just short of 9,000 pictures! So choosing the best five may be a little difficult. Don’t miss any so check every photo right here. Otherwise, you can check our previous selections to find some great pictures submitted by our readers. As always, remember you can submit your photo here, and follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page to find more features.

This amazing picture was taken by Luis Alfaro in Brasilia, Brazil. Check the other four after the break. (more…)

AD Round Up: Interiors Part III

Enjoy Part I and Part II of our interiors Round Up. And to start’s this week, a third part of some great interiors projects. Enjoy!

1Mameg + Maison Martin Margiela / Johnston Marklee & Associates
The two fashion boutiques Mameg and Maison Martin Margiela sit side-by-side, in a single building. Their characters are different. Whereas Mameg creates an atmosphere of domesticity and comfort, Maison Martin Margiela creates a jarring world of collage and reflection. That the two boutiques, linked by a reflected-gold corridor (read more…)

2TBWA/Hakuhodo Offices / KDa
The finished design for the new T/H office space was a creative adaptive reuse enterprise and a joint venture between TBWA, a global advertising company, and Hakuhodo, Japan’s second-largest advertising agency. Their new office space is located in a rather atypical and unique building: a large, eight-story amusement complex in (read more…)

3Kiev L’oreal Academy / m2r
The L’Oreal Group has been present in Ukraine since 2003 – first as a Representative Office, then in 2005 as a full Subsidiary of the L’Oreal Group worldwide. The company has grown quite considerably – where in 2003 there were less than 10 employees, today the company employs over 150 people throughout the country (read more…)

4Apartment Refurbishment in A. Vespucio / Enrique Browne
The Project is the transformation of a 20 year old apartment in a historicist building. Since it´s located in the 6th floor, it has excellent views to the west guaranteed. The remodeling considered a program different from its original, plus a guest room. This and other reasons influenced in the desire of generate bigger spaces (read more…)

5Lant Street / Dow Jones Architects
The project involved the conversion of the top two floors of a Victorian former clog-making factory into a home for a filmmaker. It makes somewhere in the city from which to withdraw from a busy working life, and a place of reflection which takes advantage of the wonderful city views around it. The existing roof structure is removed (read more…)

AD Round Up: Patio Houses Part II

Of the hundreds of houses we’ve been featuring, there’s some really nice houses. So enjoy our second part (see the first part here), of our previously published patio houses.

1OUTrial House / KWK PROMES
A green clearing surrounded by forest was the only context for the proposed small house. Hence the idea to “carve out” a piece of the grass-covered site, move it up and treat it as the roofing to arrange all the required functions underneath. When the whole was ready, the client came up with another request (read more…)

2Bianna House / Hidalgo Hartmann
The house is composed by two concrete volumes that are inserted in the territory getting fused to it. Both volumes of diferent sizes are set firmly to the ground by the enlargement of the containing walls that define them. These walls modify the topografy of the territory to get the volumes more integrated in it (read more…)

3Casa Wakasa / wHY Architecture
Casa Wakasa, home to a young family of four is located in the suburbs of Osaka, Japan. The house attempts to be both a reflection into contemporary Japan’s family life (sense of family vs. privacy) as well as a solution to balance individual freedom and space with collective activities and time. The basic unit of the house is an amalgam (read more…)

4Chilean House / Smiljan Radic
These two houses -actually there´s only one built- recall the houses of tenant farmers in the Chilean countryside: the existing walnut trees haven´t been touched, the outside has been denied thanks to a whitewashed perimetral wall. An inner courtyard with the possibility of being covered with an agricultural tarpaulin (read more…)

5Parr House / Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects
This is both a huge and a small house. It doesn’t have extended rooms but instead a series of rooms that repeat themselves and some functions that are doubled according to the traditional Chilean country life. The house is located in a small farm where, until not long ago, stood the owner’s old house where his childhood was spent (read more…)

AD Round Up: Australian Houses Part I

is big. Very big. And you get to see some really cool houses too. So to start this week’s Round Up, we bring you previously featured houses in .

1Glenburn House / Sean Godsell
The house is located at the top of a hill and enjoys panoramic views of quintessentially Australian landscape. It is partially embedded into the hilltop as a means of protecting the occupants from the prevailing weather and buffering the west side of the building from extreme heat in summer (read more…)

2Cape Schanck House / Jackson Clements Burrows
Programmatically the house considers the needs of a retired couple and their extended family who regularly visit with grandchildren. The primary upper level form (conceived as a hollowed out log) contains the kitchen, dining, living, garage and laundry. A secondary upper level form contains the study, master bedroom and ensuite (read more…)

3Separation Creek House / Jackson Clements Burrows
The treehouse is sited in the bush fringe of Separation Creek, perched on a steep forested hillside above the Great Ocean Road and Bass Strait. It is a site that enjoys a unique combination of bush environment with intimate views of Separation Creek, the beach and the Wye River Peninsula to beyond (read more…)

4The Eyelid House / Fiona Winzar Architects
Turning this tight and difficult inner city site into a home for a family of five is an important contribution to contemporary and sustainable design practice, where issues of energy efficiency and waste loom large in society. The starting point for this project was a typical single fronted Victorian terrace, pokey and dark (read more…)

5Klein Bottle house / McBride Charles Ryan
The Klein bottle is a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians. Klein bottle, mobius strips, boy surfaces, unique surfaces that while they may be distorted remain topologically the same. I.e. a donut will remain topologically a donut if you twist and distort it, it will only change topologically if it is cut (read more…)

AD Round Up: Stadiums Part I

Today, the draw for South Africa’s World Cup 2010 took place. So for today’s special Round Up we’ll show you our selection of previously featured stadiums, including Soccer City Stadium, where the final game in South Africa will be played.

1Inside Herzog & de Meuron Bird’s Nest
We´ve seen tons of pictures of both the exterior and the inner court of Herzog & de Meuron’s bird nest in Beijing during the Olympics. But what we haven’t seen is the intermediate space inside the nest fibers, a space which looked amazing on the early renderings. But thanks to Edgar Gonzalez, we can see the colorful inners (read more…)

2Taiwan Solar Powered Stadium / Toyo Ito
Construction is finished for Japanese architect Toyo Ito’s Solar Powered Stadium in Taiwan. The stadium’s roof is covered by 8,844 solar panels. The stadium is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and it was built to coincide with the opening of the World Games, to be held this July. The “World Games Stadium” holds 55,000 spectators (read more…)

3South Africa World Cup 2010: Soccer City Stadium
The 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa is less than one year away. Being perhaps the most important international competition in sports in the world, we would like to start featuring some of the stadiums that will host this magnificient competition. Soccer City Stadium is located in Johannesburg (read more…)

4London 2012 Olympic Stadium / Populous
The Beijing 2008 Olympics happened less than a year ago, but the preparations for the next games in London already started. Beijing’s Bird’s Nest made quite an impression for everyone who enjoyed the 2008 Olympics so Populous faced a difficult challenge in designing the Olympic Stadium for London 2012 (read more…)

5New Dalian Shide FC Stadium / UNStudio
After winning a limited competition, UNStudio will move forward with their design of a 38,500 m2 stadium for the Dalian Shide FC, China’s most successful club in the Chinese Super League. The new stadium will be located in the Shide’s hometown of Dalian, on the southern tip of Liaodong peninsula (read more…)

AD Round Up: Interviews Part III

Since we started, we’ve interviewed many great architects worlwide. Check our third part of our previously featured interviews Round Up, and don’t forget to see our first part and second part also!

1Phil Bernstein
We had the chance to talk with Phil Bernstein, faculty at Yale and currently the Vice President of AEC Industry and Relations for Autodesk. Given his background and current position, I immediately scheduled an interview with him as I wanted an architect on the industry to tell us more on how BIM is helping out architects (read more…)

2Craig Hartman / SOM
Anyone who has taken an Architecture History class already knows SOM: Skidmore & Owings & Merrill. This practice played a key role during the so-called “International Style”, in a time where the modernism was being consolidated around the world. The practice, which opened in 1936, is behind the centers (read more…)

3Whitney Sander
During Postopolis! LA we invited a group of architects from Los Angeles to be interviewed by us, in front of a live audience. This turned out to be very interesting, as the attendants got the chance to do their own questions. One of these architects was Whitney Sander, principal at Sander Architects (read more…)

4Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee
We invited Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee (principals at Johnston MarkLee), mostly because I wanted to know more about the practice behind some interesting projects we featured prior to the event: The Hill House, the Sale House, the Mameg + Maison Martin Margiela store and their villa, along with the View House (read more…)

5Alexis Rocha, I/O Platform
At the beginning of the summer we visited SYNTHe, a urban rooftop garden designed and built by professor Alexis Rocha (I/O Platform founder) with SCI-Arc students. The SYNTHe project is a 3,000sqf structure located on the top of The Flat, a mid rise residential building in downtown Los Angeles, and its the first green garden (read more…)

AD Round Up: Green Roof Part II

Sustainability Round Up to end the week. Some really interesting projects may be done using . Here we show you our second part (see the first one here), of previously featured projects with green roof.

1California Academy of Sciences / Renzo Piano
The building recovers two and mixes it with a whole new structure, which is actually very transparent, connecting it visually with the Golden Park, away from the old conception of dark museums. Shade will be provided by a canopy that goes around the bulding, with solar panels on it. Sustainability was a key aspect of the design (read more…)

2Slowtecture M / Shuhei Endo
This complex is to serve as an emergency staging area in case of future disaster. Relief operations require a vast space enables assumed / un-assumed activities in case of emergency. In Hyogo Prefecture, it has been prepared for various disasters from the experience of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (read more…)

3Barreiro College of Technology / ARX
The building site assigned for the School is located in the outskirts of the city of Barreiro. These are rural territories which were invaded by recent constructions intersecting green-gardens and reed plots. Residence houses are predominant and other functions were not predicted for this area (read more…)

4Museum Liaunig / Querkraft
Planted into the site the new museum emerges more like a work of landart. Only a small part of the outstretched museum building is visible. Cut through the hill, the main body of the museum slices through a densely-wooded, steep-sided embankment, providing an unparalleled view over the river drau seventy meters below (read more…)

5Sports and Leisure Centre / ACXT
The project has been developed within a plan to transform and regenerate the coal-mining area of Asturias, following a deep crisis in a sector that until now had been its main source of wealth: its coal mines. We understood that within this context, the building should have a symbolic, turn-of-the-century appeal (read more…)

AD Round Up: Cultural Centers Part II

From England, Norway, Netherlands and China. Some great Cultural Centers have been featured in ArchDaily. In case you missed the first part, check it our right here.

1Knut Hamsun Center / Steven Holl Architects
This center dedicated to Hamsun is located above the Arctic Circle near village of Presteid of Hamarøy and the farm where the writer grew up. The museum will include exhibition areas, a library and reading room, a cafe and an auditorium. The concept for the museum is “building as a body” creating a battleground of invisible forces (read more…)

2Jewish Community Center / Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands
The 30,000 sqf JCC project will emphasize an arts and community center that aims to bring “light, life and activity back to the street.” Situated on a heavily trafficked road, the JCC will include a three story linear pavilion that will create a “landscaped piazza and relate to the Camden Arts Center’s gardens” opposite the site (read more…)

3Xiaopu Culture Center / DnA
Located on an irregular former industrial lot in the well known art village Songzhuang, Xiaopu Cultural Center is a multi-functional complex including exhibition galleries, five residency artist studios, exhibition workshop, art shop, and administration. The diverse programs are unified through a Tangram layout (read more…)

4De Oostvaarders / Drost + van Veen architecten
Nature-education-centre “The Oostvaarders” is situated in a unique nature reserve in Europe: The Oostvaardersplassen in Almere, The Netherlands. The building is constructed at a junction of various landscapes with the different characters of land, water, forest and reed fields. To serve a wide audience there is an information (read more…)

5Red Diamond / Chiasmus Partners
Located in the historic DongCheng district of Beijing, the project calls for a conversion of old factory complex into a dance center with a performance hall, a practice hall and a saloon. With the intention to emphasize the public character of the new dance center, the concept was to make the courtyard an outdoor “theater” (read more…)

AD Round Up: Kindergardens Part II

Probably, the first place outside our homes where we spend a large time of the day. So to finish this week’s Round Up, we bring you our second part of previously featured Kindergardens. See the first part here.

1Arreletes Day Care Centre / Xavier Vilalta Studio
Els Alamús, a small village of seven hundred inhabitants, is situated on a hill in the middle of the plain of Lleida, surrounded by a landscape where are predominant agricultural fields and fruit trees, a geometric landscape, planned and designed, result of the work of men’s hands and the engineering (read more…)

2Kindergarten Dandelion Clock / Ecker Architekten
The kindergarten ‘Dandelion Clock’ educates children with physical or developmental handicaps. Four similar modules form the building, three of which contain two classrooms and a therapy room. Overhangs shade façades and permit outdoor play in poor weather. The units are radially distributed about an atrium (read more…)

3Kindergarten Sighartstein / Kadawittfeldarchitektur
Situated on the periphery of the site of green meadows and felds, the first impression of the construction site provided the idea for the sculptural facade by way of an elevated grass turf. The oversized “grass blades” communicate the building’s unique identity and provides an orientation marker for the kindergarten (read more…)

4Day care centre de kleine Kikker / Drost + van Veen architecten
The new building is a playful design, joyful and with a lot of colour. It overlooks the grazing sheep in the meadow. Next to the building, to the left, there is a characteristic old farm, a monument, with a thatch roof, on the right, a wooden cowshed. The new building is conceived as a contemporary type of farm (read more…)

5Children’s Recreation Centre / AIR Architecture
The children’s recreation centre is located in a small rural town in the midst of agricultural warehouses. The plan takes into account the particular layout of the site: the building can be accessed only through a narrow path that stretches into it. The main structure follows and reinforces this urban pattern, thereby becoming an articulation (read more…)

AD Round Up: Refurbishment Part I

Sometimes, designing a renovation or repair of a project may be more difficult than designing something from scratch. So to start this week’s Round Up, we bring you our first selection of previoulsy featured Refurbishment projects.

1Los Heroes Building / Murtinho y Asociados Arquitectos
The challenge was the rehabilitation of a ‘70s building for a new purpose: The General Offices of Caja de Compensación Los Heroes. The corporation is privet, independent and non profit institution. Its role is to administrate social security funds for economic help for retired persons and workmen through small and soft loans (read more…)

2White Apartment / Parasite Studio
The apartment is located on the first floor of a building raised in the last century in the central area of Timisoara, within an area of protected buildings. From the first design sketches we tried to get distance from the interventions that have become „standard procedures” in the local scene of designing within old buildings (read more…)

3Performers’ House / SHL Architects
The project – centred on a 19th-century paper mill – was commended for the simplicity of the design, characterised by the choice of materials as well as the successful transformation of an existing historic boiler house. The new building is linked to the refurbished boiler house by a new square where many folk high school activities take place (read more…)

4Council Sport Complex / Vora Arquitectura
The Council Sport Complex is a building situated in a zone with a number of important developments in recent years with others pending. The complex is important for the revitalisation of the neighbourhood, which is historically a run-down area and also has to contribute to the integration of all social strata (read more…)

5Pionen – White mountain / Albert France-Lanord Architects
The project takes place in a former 1200 square meter anti-atomic shelter. An amazing location 30 meters down under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm. The client is an internet provider and the rock shelter hosts server halls and offices. The starting point of the project was to consider the rock as a living organism (read more…)

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part V

Copyright© wojtek gurak -

Each month the selection of best picture from our Flickr Pool becomes more and more difficult. With more than 7,000 pictures submitted by our readers, you can find many amazing places photographed by people from all over the world. In case you’ve missed them, check Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV of our selections. And as always, remember you can also submit yours right here, and also follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page.

The picture of the Vitra Haus, in the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein, Germany, was taken by wojtek gurak. Check the other four after the break. (more…)