AD Round Up: St. Patrick’s Day Special, Architecture in Ireland

Today, thousands celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day throughout the world. Named after the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of , we didn’t want to be left behind in this celebration. So for today’s Round Up, we bring you previously featured architecture projects in . Don’t forget your green shirt, drink responsible and check five great projects from after the break.

Dwelling at Maytree / ODOS architects

This house is in essence a simple bold sculptural form which sits at the foot of a steep escarpment in the Wicklow hills. It is a two storey house with vehicular and pedestrian access from the Bray Road. Accommodation is comprised of a two car garage, boiler room, wc and utility at ground floor level and open plan living, kitchen, dining areas with 3 bedrooms (master en suite), study and family bathroom at first floor level (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Shanghai Pavilions Part IV

It’s getting closer and closer. Shanghai World Expo 2010 is around the corner and we want to remind you some pavilions we’ve been featuring in the post. Check our fourth selection after the break!

French Pavillion

Jacques Ferrier Architects were selected to design the French Pavillion at Shanghai Expo 2010. Their project ‘The Sensual City’ is a simple building with a big style French garden inside. Surrounded by water it appears to be floating. The 6000 square meter pavillion will use advanced building materials and environmental protection technology including solar panels on top of the roof (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Green Roof Part III

From Poland, Spain, , Austria and France. Here’s our third selection of previously featured projects. Check them all after the break.

OUTrial House / KWK PROMES
A green clearing surrounded by forest was the only context for the proposed small house. Hence the idea to “carve out” a piece of the grass-covered site, move it up and treat it as the roofing to arrange all the required functions underneath. When the whole was ready, the client came up with another request, to create some space for a small recording studio and a conservatory (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Restaurants Part III

A fancy restaurant, an ice cream shop, a café, a cool restaurant and even a Kentucky Fried Chicken for the third part of our previously featured restaurants in ArchDaily. Check them all after the break.

Conduit / Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects
Conduit Restaurant emerged from the found circumstances. The ground floor commercial space in a new residential building had a low ceiling and a tangled maze of plumbing, sprinkler and electrical conduits serving the residences above. To cover these pipes would have further reduced the space (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Libraries Part III

Studies have shown that if you like the environment and design of a library, you will spend more time in it, studying, reading and learning. Check out our third selection (first one here / second one here) of previously featured libraries in ArchDaily. All of them after the break!

National Library / KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
KSP Engel und Zimmermann recently designed a 77,000 square meter library extension to accommodate the existing National Library of Beijing. The new addition will hold approximately 12 million books and be used by an estimated 12,000 people per day (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Sports Architecture Part III

Whether you practice archery or you like jogging in a gym with a nice view, you’ll like our third selection of previoulsy featured sports architecture projects. Check all of them after the break.

Archery Center / Atelier Phileas
The archery centre of Chennevières-sur-Marne is located in an area of low density in a green setting. For this reason, we choose to articulate our project around three majors axis: The treatment of the outdoor shooting field is completely part of the building: Its implantation is justified by the need to orientate the outdoor shooting lanes and the targets, north (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Architecture from Estonia

Tomorrow, will celebrate its independence day. So to start their celebrations, we’d like to show you some great projects from . Enjoy all of them after the break.

Guesthouse at Seedri street / JVR Arhitektuuribüroo
The resort town Pärnu is also known as the capital of Estonian functionalism. It is home to the pearls of Estonian functionalism of the 1930s – the Rannahotell (waterfront hotel), Rannahoone (beach building) and numerous functionalist villas from the same period. Since the 1970s, Pärnu has been enriched with an abundance of new neofunctionalist resort architecture, which gives the town its characteristic appearance (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Public Facilities Part III

For the third selection of public facilities (check the first here, second here), we chose four projects from Spain and one from France. See all of them after the break.

Picos de Europa / Capilla-Vallejos Arquitectos
The Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe) forms an enormous karstic complex. Through the years, the action of water and ice on the limestone has generated spectacular canyons, glacial cirques, lakes and moraines. La Liébana is a region surrounded and protected by the three massifs of the Picos de Europa (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Offices Part III

Studies have shown that your work environment can affect a lot your performance. I don’t think the people working on these offices have this kind of problem. Check the other four after the break.

NORTH / Skylab Architecture
NORTH is not an advertising agency. They are a team of designers, writers, creative directors, film, and music makers joined by an expeditionary force landing them in the Pacific Northwest. They asked Skylab Architecture to help them to create a space that was not an office (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Projects in Turkey Part I

A retail complex, a library, a bank academy, a concert hall and offices. A great variety of projects from can be found in ArchDaily. Let’s see our first selection. The other four after the break.

Meydan – Umraniye Retail Complex & Multiplex / FOA
The Umraniye retail development aims to perform not just as a proficient retail complex but as a true urban centre for the future development of one of the fastest growing areas in Istambul. Currently located in a suburb, the site will become in the near future a dense urban fabric built around the expanding retail complex currently located in the site (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Hotels Part III

From Norway, Spain, Mexico, USA, and Chile. Fantastic hotels for you to enjoy your stay! See the First Part and Second Part. Check the other four after the break.

Turtagro Hotel / JVA
The old Turtagrø Hotel, which has been the starting point for climbing in the Hurrungane Mountains for more than a hundred years, burned down in 2001. The owner wanted to create some of the atmosphere of the old building – a recognisable scale, spatial sequence, colours and materials, relating to a nearby timber annex. Outside of this the requirement was for a hotel with a new architectonic expression and an efficient layout (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Lake Houses Part II

Some really amazing lake houses from Norway, Switzerland, England and New Zealand for today’s Round Up. Check the first part of this selection right here. And have a look at the other four after the break!

House in Scaiano / Wespi de Meuron
This house for vacations is located at the border of a small historical village, which is still quite good preserved. There is a beautiful view over the lake and towards the mountains. It’s only possible to reach the house by foot. There isn’t a street leading close to the site, what made the construction more difficult (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Health Architecture Part III

We start this week’s Round Up with Part III of Health Architecture. Check the first part and second part in case you missed them. The other four, after the break!

T-Clinic / Suppose Design Office
With this project we wanted to see what we could do amidst the functional constraints of a clinic. Instead of keeping places normally used for movement such as an elevator shaft or stair wells closed, we wanted to open them up to collect light, using them as lightwells to maintain the lighting coming- in from above (read more…) (more…)

AD Round Up: Miscellaneous Architecture Part I

At ArchDaily we also have place for those projects or ideas that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else. Ideas, toys or rankings, these are the posts we enjoy for their creativity and of course, sense of humour. Enjoy!

LEGO Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright Collection
Just in time to commemorate the 50 years of the death of Frank Lloyd Wright, LEGO released two of his master pieces on their architecture series: the Guggenheim Museum (who opened 50 years ago) and the Falling Water House. These sets were designed with Adam Reed Tucker of Brickstructures, Inc (read more…)

The Architecture of Star Wars
Many of us, long before we even knew about architecture dreamed about a fantastic world in a galaxy far far away. Nowadays, Star Wars continue to surprise people all around the world, and we can now see the movie with a different eye. Perhaps, the architect’s eye. At The Architect’s Journal, they selected the best Star Wars buildings (read more…)

Pie Plan
Why hasn’t this been drawn before? Very shrewd Pie Plan diagram from designer Abi Huynh which is “divided by utilization”. Nice. Simple idea, but can it be made? Our readers told us you cannot take this idea serious. With over 50 comments, have a look at what they think this curious idea. See the comments right here (read more…)

Alphabet City
Artist Scott Teplin has created this superb series of 26 letterpress dream-houses, each designed from the letters of the alphabet: Alphabet City. You can find different uses for each letter. Houses, restaurants, bathrooms, etc. You also see all the houses in the link on the post. Which one is your favorite? Seen at NOTCOT (read more…)

Top 9 Ninja Characteristics of Awesome Architecture Blogs
Linda Bennet, a fantastic arch blogger from Australia, made a great comic showing the top 9 ninja characteristics of architecture blogs. And as you can see, we are very pleased to be included. Also featured in the comic were great blogs such as AMNP, A Daily Dose of Architecture, Inhabitat, Super Colossal, Designboom (read more…)

AD Round Up: Industrial Architecture Part II

From Italy, Chile, Austria, Taiwan and Argentina. Here’s our second Round Up from our previously featured industrial architecture. Check our first part here!

Cabel Industry / Massimo Mariani
Just out the edge of the town of Empoli, the building is the Cabel headquarters (a company dealing in computer systems for banks), it covers an area of approximately 4.500 square metres and it is incorporated on the local industrial estate. Partially set into the ground, the building is composed of two extended floors (read more…)

Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility / tec Design Studio
The Asia Pacific region, an evolving hub for advanced technology and creative intelligence, benefits from a unique juxtaposition of hi-tech development and natural environment. We seized this opportunity, investigating strategies that integrate the latter two and bring the human being back to the center of all deliberation (read more…)

Olisur: Olive Oil factory / Guillermo Hevia
A volume of architecture simple and emphatic, which reinterprets allegorically anonymous architectures of the central valley, sits on the softer mountains of olives, looking subtly with its wooden facades and colors that stand out with the luminosity of the place. The body will mimic the geography and planning lines of trees on their facades (read more…)

Industrial Plan in Junin de los Andes / Alric Galindez Arquitectos
On a valley placed on the right margin of river Chimehuin, we can find the city of Junin de los Andes. It develops along N°234 national road, part of the Seven Lakes turistic circuit, and it is the main entrance to the National Park Lanin. The Industrial Plan´s terrain is on the roadside, and is the very fisrt building we meet (read more…)

SSC voestalpine Stahl Service Center / x Architekten
The building functions as an interface between road, rail and waterway transport. The delivery and outgoing goods sections embody the dynamism and efficiency of the company voestalpine SSC. Architecturally, the financial success of the enterprise is symbolised by the wide open access gates (read more…)

AD Round Up: Projects in China

For today’s Round Up, we wanted to show you the inmense variety of big scale projects (houses were not included), in . Enjoy!

CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom / Vector Architects
The project is a “temporary” Green Technology Showroom of 3-year use for one of CR Land’s (华润置地) residential projects in Beijing. The idea is to develop the concept of “Temporary” from a meaningful perspective, to design a piece of floating “installation” in the garden, which could be built, demolished, and recycled (read more…)

Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center / BURO II + CITIC
This project recently won the civic category at the World Architecture Festival. The local authority of Guangzhou decided to develop a congress centre at the edge of the historical landscape of the Baiyun Mountains. The new congress centre will function as generator for the further urban development of the city of Guangzhou (read more…)

Chongqing Library / Perkins Eastman
For the largest city in China, comprising 30 million inhabitants and more than 3,000 years of history, a new library had to be much more than just a collection of books. Chongqing, often called “mountain city” for its majestic natural features and geography, realized this early on in its plan to develop a world-class library (read more…)

New Academy of Art in Hangzhou / Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio
Iwan Baan shared with us the photographs of the New Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China, designed by Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio. Also our friends at 0300 recently released a very interesting video on this project. You can watch it in the following link.  All the photographs by Iwan Baan after the break (see more…)

Ningbo Historic Museum / Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio
Iwan Baan shared with us one of the latest works he photographed, the Ningbo Historic Museum designed by Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio. An amazing stone work, more pictures after the break (see more…)

AD Round Up: Stadiums Part II

Designing a place for 50,000 people to enjoy a sports event may be quite a difficult task. In this second part of stadiums (check the first one here), we include a Winter Olympic Games, Asian Games and the biggest and most spectacular stadium ever built for an NFL team. Enjoy!

2014 Winter Olympic Games Stadium / Populous
The global design practice Populous announced this week that they have been selected by the State Corporation ‘Olympstroy’ to design the main stadium for the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Populous has also designed the master plan and overlay plan for competition venues (read more…)

2014 Incheon Asian Games Main Stadium / Populous
The competition-winning design of the main stadium for the 17th Asian games in Incheon, in South Korea, illustrates a new level of sustainable design in stadia in Asia. The stadium will hold 70,000 people for the main event in 2014 and will reduce down to a single sided grandstand for 30,000 afterward as a People’s Park (read more…)

Dallas Cowboys Stadium / HKS
The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, designed by the HKS Sports & Entertainment Group opened June 6 for it’s first public event. The new venue, located in Arlington, Texas, is the home of the Dallas Cowboys, one of the National Football League’s (NFL) most watched teams in the USA. At over 3 million-square-foot (read more…)

Horsens Stadium / 3XN
The Danish town of Horsens brands itself on cultural events with a national as well as international appeal, not least when it comes to football and music. Home ground for AC Horsens, the local football team, and venue for mega- concerts with artists like Madonna and Rolling Stones, the Horsens Stadium required (read more…)

Za(breg) 2012 / njiric+ arhitekti
njiric+ arhitekti’s design for a large stadium has been nicknamed as the “Blue Volcano” by the public and the press, an overwhelming built form that creates a presence in the city, a new landmark for the area. The stadium was conceived not as a building typology but rather as a topography. Using the natural undulation of the landscape (read more…)

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part VII

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10,000 pictures are available through our Flickr Pool! We’ve already features six selections that you can check right here. As always, remember you can submit your own photo here, and don’t forget to follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page to find many more features.

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