AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Nigel Young

A gallery by Foster + Partners, a theater in Portugal, a temple in India, a museum in the Republic of Korea, and Thomas Phifer’s Millbrook House. Great projects you may have missed last week. Check them all after the break.

Sperone Westwater Gallery / Foster + Partners
Nearly 35 years after its conception, Sperone Westwater continues to exhibit the work of prominent artists of diverse nationality and age, who work in various media. The concept for the Gallery is both a response to the dynamic urban character of New York’s Bowery and a desire to rethink the way in which the public engages with art in the setting of a gallery (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

Great projects from Thailand, USA, Spain and The Netherlands you may have missed last week! Check them all after the break.

Autostella Showroom / Supermachine Studio
From early period of the last century, automotive industry have always influenced architecture (but not so much the other way around). In modern history, different aspects of “automobile” has been inspiring architecture, whether as a material, shape, speed of the way cars are manufactured. We learn so much from the classic examples of architecture like Fiat’s Lingotto factory in Turin, (Mattè Trucco1923) in which the testing track is located on the roof top of the building (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Roland Borgmann

Here are five great articles you may have missed last week! Check them all after the break.

Horse on the Ceiling / Zauberscho(e)n
The Leonardo Campus in the north of Muenster forms with the academy of art, the muenster school of architecture and the school of design a creative-campus on the site of a former trooper barrack. the book inventories of all three institutions are merged in a library and stand behind the walls of a part of the former horse stables. the shelves required more space. but where? (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Nelson Kon

You didn’t check ArchDaily last week? You may have missed an incredible horizontal skyscraper, an opera house by Zaha Hadid, a pavilion for La Biennale, a fantastic house in Spain and my own personal dream vacation house. Check them all after the break.

Paraty House / Marcio Kogan
There is a legend which says that the region of the colonial city of Paraty and Angra dos Reis (between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) has 365 islands, one for each day of the year. Two boxes of reinforced concrete, rest fixed connected on the mountainside of one of these islands; two modern prisms between the large colossal stones of the Brazilian coast (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

Last week we had many different kind of articles. So in choosing the best from last week, we came up with a small “mix”. Your usual great project, another one in progress, a fantastic kind of wallpaper, an introducion to your architecture library and a funny story on zombies. Check them all after the break!

In Progress: Sperone Westwater Gallery / Foster + Partners
We took a few shots of Foster + Partners’ latest addition to the Bowery – a new gallery to house the Sperone Westwater’s growing collection from prominent artists of different nationalities and ages. Sitting a few steps away from SANAA’s musuem, this new gallery’s CNC milled glass facade elegantly responds to its neighboring art museum (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Hannes Henz

You woke up today and realized that you haven’t visit us in a week? Don’t worry, here’s our selection of the best from last week for you to have a quick look. Check them all after the break.

Camping Bois-noir Guest Facilities / Bonnard Woeffray Architectes
The reception building emerges from pine trees at the centre of the campsite. It accommodates all the communal functions – reception, catering and showers/toilets – as well as the services essential to the campsite’s operations. The building’s materiality helps it blend with its surroundings, and its composition of volumes is in keeping with the elements of the site (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

Three amazing houses, an educational project and an office building are the five projects you can’t miss from last week. Check them all after the break.

Ecole Professionnelle Viège / Bonnard Woeffray Architectes
The new class building of the Viège/Visp College of Further Education achieves a transformation in terms of context and enables the linking of the neighbourhood’s schools, the creation of a training campus, and the integration of the future workshops and gyms. Associated with the new building, the former school playground becomes the benchmark public space of the campus (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

In case you missed anything last week, here’s a selection of some interesting projects we featured during those days. The development of 4 projects in The Netherlands by Studio Fuksas, an amazing wooden house in the forests of Sweden, a new Winecenter in the South Tyrolean wine route in Italy, the new building Jean Nouvel is finishing in Qatar and a housing refurbishment in Iowa, USA, are just a few examples of our latests articles.

Admirant e 18 September Plein / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas

Following the definition of the Masterplan in 1998 for the center of Eindhoven in Holland, studio Fuksas developed the four projects associated with it: the 18-Septemberplein, a square of 7.000 m² with an underground parking lot of 2.300m² for 1.700 bicycles, the Piazza Shopping Mall, a shopping center covering approximately 20.000m² with 6.000m² of office space, the Media Market, a store for sales of electrical appliances and electronic equipment and the Admirant Entrance Building (read more…)


AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Andrés Valbuena

Last week we featured projects from all over the world. We understand that you may have missed a few, so our selection of last week’s best projects come from Colombia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, and Australia. Check them all after the break.

Argos, Building for an Electrical Generator at a Cement Factory / Felipe Gonzalez-Pacheco
In July 2006, the project is the winner of an architectural contest, for the resolution of a “skin” for a technical building containing an self generation electrical plant for cement factory. The Factory wanted to generate also a corporative image with the building. Their purpose became a mutual opportunity to generate an experimentation laboratory of technical possibilities with the material they produce, with very low density concretes (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Bharath Ramamrutham, Courtesy of Khosla Associates

A zoo nursey in Chile, a winery in Argentina, and three really amazing houses in India, Portugal and Singapore. Just a few selected projects of what you may have missed last week. Check them after the break.

Cliff House / Khosla Associates
The house is located in Chowara, a fishing village, 30 minutes from Thiruvananthapuram, in Kerala, South India. Perched 200 ft. above an expansive stretch of green along the Arabian Sea coast, at the edge of a cliff, its most prominent feature is an asymmetrical sloping roof set against the fronds of a coconut plantation. Opening its embrace to the warm sea breezes, the home covers an area of 1397 sqm (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

An amazing building in progress, a yellow loft, a Japanese institute, a classic building by SOM, and taxes on S-Corporations. That’s our latest selection of every post we had last week, just in case you missed them. Check them all after the break.

In Progress: Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA tops out
We first heard about the new Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) building by OMA during the peak of the new chinese construction revolution. Then we saw Rem Koolhaas breaking ground together with the Chinese government, and capitalism in China started to have a tangible representation. The new building for the NASDAQ equivalent (730 high tech companies & startups, moving over US$500 billion) has now topped out at 246m (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

Haven’t been in ArchDaily for a while? Maybe you missed some great posts, like newest restaurant at Ground Zero, a movable pod that brings lunch to the workers. Check the other four in our selection after the break.

Ground Zero’s Newest Restaurant
As workers labor over the newest development at Ground Zero, moving, bolting and welding the 46,074 tons of steel can be tiresome and, well, make a person hungry. With an allotted 30-minute lunch break, workers wait anxiously for the hoist that descends dozens of stories, making their 30 minutes often times extend to 60. The solution – bring the lunch to the workers (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

Did you miss the amazing Palmyra House by Studio Mumbai? Last week we featured some great projects you may have missed. So here’s our selection of the best. Check it out after the break!

Palmyra House / Studio Mumbai
Located outside of Mumbai on the Arabian Sea, Palmyra House was built as a refuge from the bustle of the busy city. The 3000 sq ft. house consists of two wooden louvered structures set inside of a functioning coconut plantation. Anchored to stone platforms, the structures overlook a network of wells and aqueducts that weave the site into an inhabitable whole. Living room, study and master bedroom are contained in the north volume, while the south volume contains the kitchen, dining, and guest bedrooms (read more…) (more…)

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Cloud9Photography

The Broadcasting Place, designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios is so amazing that you can’t miss it. So are many other posts we featured last week, like the New Acropolis Museum and the Benidorm Seafront in Barcelona. You can see all of last week’s selection here:

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Stéphane Chalmeau

It was a great week for ArchDaily, featuring amazing projects, some new sections, and some old you may have missed. Like our AD Photographers section featuring Stéphane Chalmeau. You can see all his photos here. Also, read about Frank Gehry vs LEED and one of our latest sections AD Classics, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. See other fantastic posts here:

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© John Gollings

Here are some amazing projects from all over the world you may have missed last week. Also, our latest section: AD Classics! Check them all after the break.

The Mint / FJMT
The Mint Project is the transformation of one of Sydney’s oldest and most precious historical sites on Macquarie Street into a new meaningful public place formed and characterised as much by the carefully inserted contemporary buildings as the conserved and adapted heritage structures. It is a project that seeks to set a new and important benchmark for (read more…) (more…)

Peter Guthrie, Architectural Visualization

Render by

A few weeks ago, William O’brien Jr. shared with us his latest project: the Allandale House. When I opened the “photos” I was intrigued on how fast he came up with this house. But then I noticed they were renders, by one of the best digital artists out there: Peter Guthrie (who is also a reader of ArchDaily!).

I stumbled upon his work on Flickr, and then visited his blog where he has shared several tutorials that might be useful for you.

AD Recommends: Peter Guthrie, Architectural Visualization.

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.

Here are five amazing projects you may have missed last week. Out Best of the Week selection, after the break.

1111 Lincoln Road / Herzog & de Meuron
This mixed use project is currently being built at the corner of Alton and Lincoln, one of the most active pedestrian areas in the city, and it will include residences, retail spaces and parking. Parking takes a central space in this building, with one of the best views I have ever seen on a parking space (read more…) (more…)