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Terracotta Rainscreen Panels - Glazed Panels | Shildan

  • Use

    Terracotta Rainscreen Panels glazing
  • Applications

    Institutional, commercial, residential buildings
  • Characteristics

    Extruded, double leaf panel, 16 standard base colors, 9 glazing colors
  • Colors

    White, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, grey, brown, black
  • Guarantee

    The full system is factory guaranteed for ten years

More about this product

The Shildan Terracotta Rainscreen Façade system merges the advantages of two worlds of construction technology, making it a building technique of the future. The warm, natural look of terracotta is combined with a more modern, highly-articulated rainscreen curtainwall system to produce a truly advanced “masonry” exterior wall system.

LONGOTON® and ALPHATON® Terracotta Rainscreen Panels are available with a glazed surface. The glazed surface provides a brilliant finish in a wide variety of colors. Custom colors are available upon request.

Standard color palette

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