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Marble - Travertine Facade / Duromarmol


Natural stone composed of calcium carbonate. Extracted from quarries in Calama, located in the northern region of Chile. Being extracted, subsequently laminated after and then polished, guarantees a natural, luxurious and exclusive product.

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About this product

Each marble slab's dimensiones are approximate: 2.40 mt. x 1.50 mt. or 2.40 x 0.70 mt. Tone differences slabs may exist. Maintenance: Once the cover is installed, before you start utlizing it, it's important to add a waterproof product for natural stone surfaces. This will avoid the surface getting soiled and prevent the rapid absorption of liquids present in bathrooms. 

Never clean your deck with abrasive products that may contain granules, it would only scratch the surface and atempt to undermine the surface's brightness. We recommend that before using a new cleaning product on your surface, test it in an inconspicuous place, in order to prevent any possible unwanted reactions. Avoid prolonged contact with products that can stain your deck.

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