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Facade Cladding - Microsoft Germany HQ | Corian® Exteriors

  • Use

    Facade cladding
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Non-porous, self-cleaning, pre-fabricated panels, homogenous external image
  • Colors

  • Certification

    European Technical Approval (ETA)

More about this product

For Microsoft's new German headquarters in the north of Munich, enormous Corian® design surface cladding panels resemble gigantic windows opening onto the surrounding landscape reminiscent of the product that made Microsoft one of the world’s leading brands.

Opened in October 2016, the modern office building is the ideal venue for hosting contemporary work solutions. Its layout adheres to all the relevant criteria Microsoft expects in an open and flexible workspace.

Building Design

Designed by GSP Architekten, the staggered building structure has numerous plant-covered terraces and courtyards bathed in natural light with an open campus layout and friendly ambiance for 1,900 Munich-based Microsoft employees. Laid out over seven floors, the 26,000-m2 space has been designated as a “Smart Workplace.” Employees decide when, where and how they carry out their work. Four different “Workspaces” are found in the building, each taking into consideration the varying work demands of staff.

Material Selection

The building’s exterior is characterized by its prominent white facade cladding panels made of Corian®. The material was chosen to create a smooth, homogeneous external building envelope. The effect of the facade is especially fascinating when illuminated by the sun.

The durable, weather- and UV-resistant material is easy to maintain. It features an appealing aesthetic, is friendly to the touch and permits the on-site removal of graffiti. Additionally, the smooth, non-porous Corian® surface has a self-cleaning effect. Therefore, dirt will not adhere to the facade.


Work on the facade was carried out by Hofheim-based HAGA Metallbau GmbH. Thanks to the flexible, three-dimensionally adjustable substructure they developed, the pre-fabricated Corian® cladding panels were installed with the utmost precision.

HAGA commissioned Corian® Quality Network partner Hasenkopf in Mehring to fabricate Corian®. The Hasenkopf team delivered 5,200 m2 of pre-fabricated Corian® facade. The Glacier White color cladding panels came in 1,400 individual parts.

Facade System

The envelope is a ventilated, rain screen-mounted facade with undercut anchors fastened to the back of Corian® cladding panels. They carry the dead weight as well as all the other forces involved with the exterior wall thanks to a sophisticated rail and hook system.

The frames made of Corian® enclose two- to three-story-high window elements, with narrow, room-high pivot windows providing direct ventilation.


Project Microsoft Germany headquarters
Location Parkstadt Schwabing
Facade material Corian® design surface
Design GSP Architekten Munich
Facade HAGA Metallbau GmbH, Hofheim
Corian® Fabrication Hasenkopf GmbH, Mehring

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