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Modular Carpets - Retail | Interface

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Interface’s modular carpets for the retail segment, are fabricated with Solution Dyed yarns of Premium brands. They’re high density carpets and are and excellent option for high traffic spaces. Besides possessing anti-microbes protection, effective threw all the carpet’s useful life, providing the end of odors produced by humidity and bacterias, offering better air quality where it’s installed. The Base GlasBac system provides great dimensional stability, and avoids that dirt, dust and liquids pass threw the carpet into the floor, which facilates its maintenance.

Interface presents their retail modular carpet collections. It offers a wide variety of alternatives in carpets for retail spaces, specialized stores, department stores, shopping centers, boutiques, theatres, pharmacies and more. With more than a 100 unique styles that allows to enhance any store’s personality. The modular carpets allow to choose the covering that adapts the best to the establishment, giving sumptuousity, sophistication, safety and comfort. Interface’s products offer high style with maximum flexibility. 


-Modular carpets

-50 cms x 50 cms modules

-Antimicrobial Intersept protection

-Antistains Protekt2 protection

-Installation System: not direct, parquet, brick, ashlar, monolithic (the installation system varies according to the product and design).

-Glue-free installation, exclusive and patented system TacTiles

-15 yeras total guarantee


-Green Label Plus


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Modular Carpets - Hospital & Health

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Modular Carpets - Retail | Interface

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