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Metal Fabrics - Sambesi | GKD Metal Fabrics
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Metal Fabrics - Sambesi | GKD Metal Fabrics

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With a wide variety of options available, together with our fabric swatch sample shipment program and knowledgeable sales representatives, we can help determine the right solution for your design. Start by ordering a sampling of any of our weaves in either a made-to-order sample box containing just the swatches that interest you the most, or choose our signature sample box which contains our most popular weaves.

From concept to installation, we believe in an efficient, design-to-build process that utilizes collaborative project engineering to anticipate and exceed your metal fabric needs. 

- Retail
- Facades
- Commercial
- Urban
- Outdoors
- Solar Management
- Facades
- Etched Graphics
- Ceilings
- Partitions

- Maleability
- See-through
- Lightness
- Flexibility
- Sun shading
- Durability
- Transparency
- Adaptive reuse

Material: AISI Type 316 SS
Type: Flexible, one direction
Open Area: 42
- Weight: 2.25 lbs/sqft
- Max. width: 26'
  - Visible Light Transmittance Min 0.12, Max 0.45
  - Visible Light Reflectance Min 0.23, Max 0.31
  - Solar Gain Coefficient (SHGC) Min 0.10, Max 0.31

GKD Sambesi: 3/4 View

GKD Sambesi: 3/4 View

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