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Portable and Mountable Fan - Yellow Jacket / Big Ass Fans

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About this product

Yellow Jacket® is a portable and mountable fan. The 18- and 36-inch pedestals allow you to direct the airflow where it's needed. Mount it to a column or other vertical structure to get airflow in areas with no floor space.

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About this product

Using an efficient 1/2 hp motor means that even at full speed Yellow Jacket only uses 400 W. Yellow Jacket's tight construction and efficient airfoils make it very quiet. Even at full speed conversation will not be drown out. 

The heavy-gage steel carriage provides the strength it needs to withstand a moshpit, or a 20-ft. drop. Over-sized wheels and an ergonomic handle provide superior manoeuvrability. 


- Portable Base

- 18 inch Pedestal

- 36 inch Pedestal

- Remotely Mounted Speed Controller

- I-Beam Mount

- Wall Column Mount

- Yoke Mount

- Chain Mount

- Oscillator


Motor rating: 1/2 hp

Motor type: UL/IP45 -Rated

Blade design: 3-dimensional progressive pitch blade

Blade material: high performance polyamide nylon

Housing material: High density polyethylene with vibration dampening properties

Fan guards: 1/8 Steel spiral guards (OSHA compliant)

Locking position mechanism: 180 degrees of vertical adjustment without tools

Input voltage: 100-125v/200-250v

Average power usage - Min/Max Speed: 13/400W

Input current - min/max speed: 0.38/6.8 A

Motor speed: RPM range: 300 - 1160

Power cord: 10ft (115 volt version only)

Controller speeds: 11 variable speeds

Weight (fan and yoke): 105 lbs

Warranty: 3 years electrical components, limited lifetime workmanship

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