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Tiles - ArchConcept / Apavisa

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About this product

Archconcept “Architecture without limits”, is based on the latest manufacturing technology and the research of current trends in architecture, which has enabled Apavisa to create a new philosophy of coatings, revolutionizing the traditional concept of porcelain finishings.

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About this product

Archconcept brings new patterns in stone, metal and cementitious finishings, improving the role of porcelain in the design of interiors and exteriors. With new three-dimensional attributes, this collection reinterprets the style, elegance and sophistication of bygone times.



The result is a varied collection of remarkable reliefs and surfaces, allowing the creation of the most diverse range of proposals in placement, enriched by the unique qualities and perfection of Porcelain.



It has also improved with the collection Archconcept placement processes, which provide depth and intensity to the spaces, ensuring the flexibility of any elevation.

Archconcept is a new approach to architecture. ..Archconcept is “architecture without limits”.

Bump 60x60

Bump 60x60

Dimensions & Colors:


15X60cm (white, anthracite, moss, vision, grey, ivory, beige, black)

22,5X90cm (white, grey, beige, brown)

30X120cm (white, anthracite, moss, vision, grey, ivory, beige, black)


15X60cm (white, anthracite, moss, vision, grey, ivory, beige, black)

22,5X90cm (white, copper, titanium)


42x60cm (white, copper, black)


60x60cm (white, copper, black)

Pulpis Gold /Silver:

22,5X90cm (gold, silver)


60X60cm (bronze)

APAVISA Porcelain Stone

  Length & Width : +/- 0.2%

  Surface Flatness : +/- 0.2%

  Water Absorbtion : +/- 0.1%

  Bending Resistance : 45 N/mm2

  Resistance to deep Abrasion : 131 mm3

  Temperature Shock Resistance : Durable

  Frost resistance : Frost Proof

  Anti Slip : > 0.6

  Chemical Resistance : Resistant

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